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  1. Quite sad, slightly anxious. Doing the best I can to stay busy and get stuff done.
  2. 300 mg Wellbutrin--depression 90 mg Cymbalta--depression 5 mg Abilify--hypomania Metformin 1000mg--metabolic syndrome, possibly from Abilify Lisinopril 10mg--high BP 4000 IU D3--deficiency 50-100mg trazodone--middle insomnia
  3. Yeah, there are DBT skills that help with addiction. I don't know if you saw this in your materials as I don't think it's included by default, but there's a bunch of modified distress tolerance stuff (since DT is pretty much what resisting cravings/urges is) that can be used. Here's what my binder says are the skills you can use--let me know if you want more details about any of them: 1.Plan for Abstinence 2.Plan for Harm Reduction 3.Clean mind behaviors vs. clear mind behaviors 4.Reinforcing nonaddictive behaviors 5.Burning bridges and building new ones 6.Alternate rebellion/adaptive denial Right now, I am focusing on my sex addiction, which I don't mention in my sig. I am married so being a sex addict is quite problematic, to say the least. I have managed not to engage in any unwanted behavior for a couple of months now. Anger turned inward is tricky to deal with. If you think it's ultimately depression, though, I would use opposite action skills for depression to take mental attention away from the angry ruminations. What do you think about that idea? You could try it a few times and see how it goes. No, I never noticed any decrease in appetites when I started WellB many years ago. In fact, I restarted a cigarette habit while taking it--wtf?! Thankfully, I have since quit the cancer sticks. I'm probably doing enough damage to my lungs with the pot as it is.
  4. Hi Blahblah! Yeah, certain parts of PLEASE are very difficult for me. Avoiding ("A") mind-altering substances altogether is not really possible at this point. I've been working with my therapist for some time on this. I really think rehab is the ideal solution but my husband doesn't think I need it, so that's out of the question for now. Also, sleep ("S") is the other thing I struggle with. I don't sleep a consistent schedule, and often wake up multiple times a night and get out of bed. I've got some ideas on how to correct the issue, I just need to implement them. As far as pleasant activities go, I have a hard time making myself do them due to the inertia of depression, but when I do, I usually get at least a little enjoyment out of them. I do stuff like paint my nails, put on makeup, watch Youtube or TV, go shopping or window shop, and read magazines. I think your self-soothing ideas are great! I might be able to add a few more but I think it's a pretty individual thing in terms of what you are going to find soothing. About anger--there are a few things you can do to act opposite to the emotion. You can try looking at the situation from the other person's point of view, being as charitable as possible (I find this VERY difficult though). You can try progressive muscle relaxation. You can do willing hands and half-smile. You can do paced breathing. You can exercise. I wouldn't recommend screaming into a pillow because it's thought to feed into anger. I think any of the other ideas you listed might work though. Thanks for bringing this up because anger is a big issue for me and it's good to review what to do about it.
  5. Good work! I haven't been feeling too great and have been lazy about practicing skills...therapist wants me to focus on PLEASE and pleasant events for now.
  6. What are we working on today? I'm still working on ABC PLEASE and the describe skill.
  7. I gained 50+ pounds on Abilify and have metabolic syndrome....I asked a similar question in the antipsychotics section. Lithium could be a good alternative. I'm going to ask the pdoc what she thinks about that idea.
  8. You can start by simply observing judgmental thoughts and saying to yourself, "That was a judgmental thought." Acknowledging that you are being judgmental goes a surprisingly long way in placing some distance between yourself and that mindset.
  9. Use DBT skills. I can teach you them if you haven't done DBT and a program is not available/not financially feasible for you. I'm in what's regarded as one of the best DBT programs in the country, EBTCS in Seattle. DBT was developed by Marsha Linehan from the University of Washington. How much are you drinking and what's your poison? I drink cocktails, mostly gin or vodka based. I am trying to cut back because it's just not good for my health in multiple ways--and it costs a lot! I set a goal to drink no more than 7 drinks in a week. At one point, I would drink four a day...yikes!
  10. Weed and MI don't mix (I say...look at my sig!). Studies are pointing towards depression and psychotic symptoms being potentiated by mj. I wish I could get myself to quit smoking. It IS psychologically addictive for SOME people, yes. And I wish the average joe would fucking understand and acknowledge that, but no, they keep pushing the myth that it's never addictive. I have HORRIBLE psychological withdrawal symptoms when I try to quit cold turkey...I became suicidal within days while I was in HAWAII, FFS. So I smoked it illegally and man, was that nerve wracking as f.
  11. And let's look at the diary card and see how many skills I've practiced in the past week: 1.Describe 2. Nonjudgemental stance 3.Effectiveness 4.Values 5.Pleasant Events 6.Building Mastery 7.Cope Ahead 8.PLEASE 9.TIP 10.Radical Acceptance 11. DEAR MAN Blahblah, would you like to practice nonjudgmental stance with me today? I'm simply observing judgmental thoughts as they arise. It's hard to remember to do when it's a skill you have to use on the fly.
  12. Thanks everyone! Sounds like lithium might be good to try to replace Abilify. I'll propose it at my next appointment and see what she says.
  13. Since I am still in a DBT program, yep, I fill out my diary card. A: it sounds like you are picking the wrong things and possibly trying to do something too big? What about something from the Pleasant Events list? I would start with small things several times a day. Alternatively, you can practice radical acceptance of the fact that sometimes, people are flakes and that not every "pleasant" event is necessarily going to feel that pleasurable. B: Do easy stuff at first! It can be something as simple as doing your laundry. What about mindfulness of thoughts and/or mindfulness of current emotion as well? It sounds like there's lots of emotionally-driven rumination going on. C: I LOVE Cope Ahead! You imagine something painful that might happen in the future and make a skills plan for how you are going to deal with the unwanted emotions that arise. Hope that helps!
  14. What DBT skills did you practice today? Today I am practicing ABC PLEASE and nonjudgmental stance.