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  1. cpap

    Just got my CPAP machine today a Little nervous on using it for the first time tonight and excited too to finally get my Breathing under control and being able to sleep less at night eventually until my body adjusts to the machine and maybe after a week or two I wont be sleeping as long right now I sleep 12 to 15 hours would like to cut it down to 9 to 10 hours sleep or less instead of waking up at 11 or 12 noon I would like to wake up at 9 am every Morning and be rested and not feeling hung over or doped up my meds will do that Abilify5mg I take at night makes me sleepy and I gained a lot of weight on it but I will work on my weight after I getting my Breathing fixed where I can breathe more freely first things first then I am moving on to my next goal and that's losing a lot of weight 50 pounds at most give or take maybe more but start out small weight loss then lose it gradually slow so I can keep it off forever.
  2. Topamax

    thanks so much what you wrote is very informative and got me thinking Weight gain has also been a terrible side effect for me as well I gained over 100 pounds in all the years I have been on antipsychotic meds and antidepressants and it really sucks after I get my approved for my CPAP Machine and get my breathing under control I will start working on losing some weight.
  3. sleep study

    thanks for the info @jt07
  4. sleep study

    @SavannahDid you have to pick your CPAP machine up from some company or did they send it to your house?
  5. sleep study

    Just went for my second study they will call and set up for me to have a CPAP machine I don't know if I go and pick it up or that it will be sent to my house its up to my Provider and up to what my Family Dr. wants to do.
  6. Going for Second Sleep study

    @jt07Thanks and I know I will start feeling better
  7. The Sleep center just called me this morning and got the results back from my Frist Sleep Study stating I have Severe Sleep Apnea and that my oxygen Level was very low they want me to come back tomorrow night at 9pm for another sleep study only this time I will be fitted with a cpap mask and machine and sent home with one so wish me Luck that this experience is better than last time and that the tech I have is a a little more tolerant of my situation and isn't a complete ass and treat me like something is wrong with me when I flip and flop at night that's how it is. That's just what I do I cant sleep still sorry its not going to happen and I don't care if they have to come and put the wires back on if they come off during the night they just need to deal with it or I will leave and come home and that's a fact. Hopefully this will be the last night of staying over at the sleep center now that I have a diagnoses I can treat it at home once I am shown how to use the cpap machine.
  8. The Last time I went to see my Psych Dr. she said she was going to add Topamax sometime in the near future in addition to my meds I currently take which are Abilify5mg and Lexapro10mg plus I also temporarily take singular10mg as well which I hope to not take for long once I find out about the sleep study I had done to see whether or not I need to have a cpap machine I hope I get approved for one so I can drop the singular anyhow my appetite is through the roof and to the sky I eat anything and everything that's not nailed done and my mom has noticed me getting bigger in my arms and waist and belly area and she's worried about that I am too and I am thinking of what my Dr. mentioned that would possibly help me control my appetite and lose some weight and that's Topamax I am not on it yet just wondering if it would help me to lose weight has anyone taken it for that reason? I am going to discuss my situation with my Dr the next time I see her and see if shell add Topamax in addition to my meds I already take. Abilify I think is bad for weight gain not so much Lexapro I don't think it causes weight gain too but I am fed up with being fat and getting fatter as I speak. I have been fat for way too long in other words and I don't want to die fat I want to be thinner and live longer not die because of something so trivial like my weight. I am worried more worried than I have ever been its not showing up on the scales that I have gained weight but I feel it in my clothes my clothes feel tighter on me. I have some Alli I am thinking of trying in the mean time just to get my weight down some before going on Topamx what do you guys and girls think I should do finish the bottle of alli I have or wait to talk to my Dr. in a few months about trying Topamax?
  9. horrible experince with sleep study tech

    Yeah That machine they hooked me up to was something similar to c-pap called something else it was wonderful I felt energized and rested the next morning and not at all that tired and it lasted the rest of the next day when I came home. I hope they will send me a Machine how does that work or do they recommend the machine to my Dr. then he sends me home with one? I mean how do I get a c-pap machine so I can use it every night at home. My Mom and dad could tell a difference just from that one night of me getting some oxygen. I made it through just have to wait at least two weeks for the Sleep study results and then I can go from there.
  10. Well I went to my Sleep study and stayed over my first night and it was a horrible experience for me the tech either had a bad attitude coming in or just to me anyway he was aggravated I think because he had to rewire my wires or plug them back in where they fell off during the night he had to do this at least three times I know of. The Last time he came in and the Sleep tech very rudely told me to get up and that I was flipping and flopping in the bed way too much his exact words not mine. And asked me what was wrong with me? He apparently doesn't have any social skills and should not be working with people I was uncomfortable after he told me that I wanted to leave but didn't want to look like a baby so I stuck it out for the whole 8 and a half hours I was there to stay and wasn't going nowhere I could not let this guy win if I left I may have not got the help I needed as far as c-pap or the v cap or whatever that thing is called to help you breathe if anything good came of this experience it was that machine it helped a lot during the night I didn't gasp very much for air. I will know the results in two weeks maybe longer if I don't hear back I will call them and see what the hold up is I hope and pray to God I don't have to go back again so they can fit me with the right mask and right machine I think he did that the first time you would think but knowing my luck I wont get off that easy without another stay over. Anyone else ever had a sleep study done or had a bad experience with a sleep techs attitude I am curious to know or am I the only one that had this horrible tech from Hell?
  11. My Dad just found out two weeks ago that he has bipolar and he is 69 years old weird huh that its just now starting to show up I think but I guess it can happen stresser's in life most likely caused my dads symptoms to show up after he was able to maintain for years he may have had it all along they say you get diagnosed with bipolar in your 20s and 30s I was diagnosed in my early 20s with having bipolar and Schizophrenia its called schizoaffective disorder also I was diagnosed as having GAD as well. Luckily my Dad is getting help now and is taking Depakote500mg and Lexapro10mg.We have noticed that he was getting manic last year and then again this year and we got him in to see his family Dr. Sometimes it takes family to see what's going on with another family member my mom doesn't have any mental illness at all except she's a bit OCD at times. But who doesn't have problems we all do no one is perfect. My Dad has been on these meds for a few weeks now and my mom and I can already tell its bringing him down some before he was really manic. He just needs something to even him out not too high and not where he'll crash and burn. I have been pretty stable for many years now since being on Abilify5mg and Lexapro10mg.Been on this combo for at least 13 years now and it works wonders sometimes I forget that I do have a mental illness That's how good these meds work for me and the weight gain I will deal with that once I have my sleep study completed and then Will I work on losing some weight first things first If I have too many things going on I get a little annoyed so I will see how my sleep study goes then work on my weight once I find out if I have sleep apnea which I know I do just need it comfirmed I will know after the 2nd of January that's when my sleep study is.
  12. I could of already been done with my Sleep study but unfortunately it had to be canceled due to me being sick and still sick after two weeks at first I had a fever now I have Head and neck sweats and a bad cough that I cant shake off so I made my sleep study appointment for January the 2nd next year at 8pm.If I am not better by Monday I will make an appointment to see my Family Dr. to get some medicine that will knock this thing out for good it seems to want to linger on and on. What's the best medicine to buy for a severe cough? I have been taken tussin which only works for 4 hours and The generic Mucinex I need something stronger that works longer for at least 12 to 24 hour medicine so any ideas would be appreciated thanks?
  13. having a sleep study done for first time

    Thanks I hope so too @jt07
  14. I am having a sleep study done for the first time December 7th,2017 at 8pm until 6am they will wake me up at that time to go back home. Then after that I may have to come and stay again for another night if it is determined I have sleep apnea. The Lady I talked to today said it sounded like I may have sleep apnea by the way I answered a lot of the questions she asked me. Today I went for my first sleep study consultation. So I will know more information once I have the sleep study done at the center. I will keep everyone in the loop and updated once I know if I will have to use a cpap machine and wear a mask. Hopefully this will help me feel better and more energized once I start breathing better and having more energy I will start working on losing some of this extra unneeded weight that I attribute to either having sleep apnea or my meds or both could be the cause of so much weight gain. I am on the lowest dose of Abilify and lowest dose I can be on for Lexapro. My Dr. told me that Lexapro and Abilify were the only two meds that caused the least amount of weight gain out of other meds and the lower the dose the fewer the side effects. I don't have many side effects the ones I do have are bad enough like weight gain and fatigue that could be the cause of not breathing right at night too. I would love to lose at least 40 to 50 pounds then see where I am at as far as my weight and go from there later on. Hell I would even be happy at 150 pounds at 5ft4 still chunky but not as fat as I am now though. Well see how everything goes with my breathing first then I will work on my weight got my mood where I need it to be and that's balanced and stable.
  15. sleep apnea sleep study

    @jt07good advice I hope I lose the much needed weight I need to lose if it is determined I have sleep apnea I know I have it just have to have it confirmed so I know for sure that's what's causing my extreme fatigue and weight gain what else could it be I do take antipsychotic medicine and a antidepressant which are also known causes of weight gain all psych drugs do which sucks big time for someone who cant afford to gain anymore weight I have been fat for years and maybe just maybe its not my meds but the sleep apnea causing the weight gain when I thought it could of been my abilify5mg that I take or the Lexapro but I was told abilify5mg causes a little weight gain and yes it also depends on the person taking the medicine someone else could take the exact same meds as me and not have nay weight gain at all don't you hate those people who can take anything and eat anything and not gain any weight at all I am not as lucky and I envy those and hate those people who have no side effects at all and especially when it comes to psychotic medicine. But it is what it is I am fat and I have to deal with it and keep my mind sane as well which is just as important and healthy as losing weight which I will start exercising by the way and losing weight after I have more energy on the cpap machine I just have to wait and see what my Sleep study says and if I need the machine I know I will I just have to have it confirmed what I already know and what people tell me about having sleep apnea I sleep 15 to 16 hours a night so I am not up very long before I am extremely tired and have to go to bed again and sleep another 15 to 16 hours and when I wake up I can still be tired way through out the day and its effecting my chores not getting done and effecting my exercise routine that I did start 6 months ago then I stopped after that I need to stay motivated its hard to do though and say to myself this is for life and I have to make myself do it if I ever want to lose any weight diet pills wont get it plus some diet pills I cant take because of the medicine I am on I also like grapefruit juice And I read where its also dangerous to take especially when you're taking meds for anxiety depression and so forth.