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  1. sleep apnea sleep study

    @jt07good advice I hope I lose the much needed weight I need to lose if it is determined I have sleep apnea I know I have it just have to have it confirmed so I know for sure that's what's causing my extreme fatigue and weight gain what else could it be I do take antipsychotic medicine and a antidepressant which are also known causes of weight gain all psych drugs do which sucks big time for someone who cant afford to gain anymore weight I have been fat for years and maybe just maybe its not my meds but the sleep apnea causing the weight gain when I thought it could of been my abilify5mg that I take or the Lexapro but I was told abilify5mg causes a little weight gain and yes it also depends on the person taking the medicine someone else could take the exact same meds as me and not have nay weight gain at all don't you hate those people who can take anything and eat anything and not gain any weight at all I am not as lucky and I envy those and hate those people who have no side effects at all and especially when it comes to psychotic medicine. But it is what it is I am fat and I have to deal with it and keep my mind sane as well which is just as important and healthy as losing weight which I will start exercising by the way and losing weight after I have more energy on the cpap machine I just have to wait and see what my Sleep study says and if I need the machine I know I will I just have to have it confirmed what I already know and what people tell me about having sleep apnea I sleep 15 to 16 hours a night so I am not up very long before I am extremely tired and have to go to bed again and sleep another 15 to 16 hours and when I wake up I can still be tired way through out the day and its effecting my chores not getting done and effecting my exercise routine that I did start 6 months ago then I stopped after that I need to stay motivated its hard to do though and say to myself this is for life and I have to make myself do it if I ever want to lose any weight diet pills wont get it plus some diet pills I cant take because of the medicine I am on I also like grapefruit juice And I read where its also dangerous to take especially when you're taking meds for anxiety depression and so forth.
  2. sleep apnea sleep study

    I am not scared of having a sleep study and thanks for the Luck I will need it it may also explain the weight gain I have been having too for years I thought my meds were the cause of my weight gain but actually it may be the cause of sleep Apnea and not so much the medicine I am on currently. I hope I can be energized and start exercising and lose some of the weight I have gained over time when I do and if I do get on a c.p.a.p. mask and start breathing better just have to wait and see.
  3. I go for my First Consultation for a sleep study either at the sleep center or at home November the 29th at 10:30 am at the sleep center here in Beavercreek Ohio I still have my Papers to fill out to take with me to the study consult wish me Luck everyone that I don't have to wear a Mask but everyone is saying I may have sleep apnea because I do snore Loudly and sleep long hours and still wake up exhausted I will keep everyone posted after my Sleep study has taken place to determine if I have to wear a cpap mask at night or not I most likely will have to but for me to be 100 percent sure I will find out after the sleep study is done.
  4. test came back normal

    @sugarsugarthanks I also do have acid reflux but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to I hope this medicine the Dr. prescribed for me works and I may not have to have a sleep study done keeping my fingers crossed that this medicine called singular helps after about two weeks I only been on it a week too early to tell if its helping or not well see
  5. test came back normal

    wearing a heart monitor right now Doctors Orders I take it off tomorrow Morning as far as sleep apnea goes my Doctor prescribed a medicine to help open up my airways in my Lungs and if this doesn't help after 2 weeks of this medicine called Singular Then my Doctor will order a sleep study to be done to determine if I have sleep apnea or not. Everyone keeps telling me that I have sleep apnea because I sleep long hours at night 12 to 15 and still am exhausted when I wake up in the morning and I also snore loudly and make all kinds of gasping sounds and animal noises according to my mom and dad. Will keep everyone posted on what is found out if I have to have asleep study done then if this med helps I may not have to have a sleep study done. I will have to wait and see how this medicine works
  6. test came back normal

    going to talk to my Dr. tomorrow about having sleep apnea and having a sleep study done he should of recommended one the last time I was there with Breathing issues and not being able to catch my breath also I will have to ask for my Lab results from the third time I gave blood and its been over 2 weeks and still I haven't gotten my Lab Results why is it taking so long?? I am losing what patience I have! For a week my breathing got a little better at night well it was tolerable but It comes and goes after about a week of breathing fairly normal it comes back where I am again gasping for air and having to sit up in the bed or prop my head up on three pillows I pray every night to make it through the night which isn't good its scary when you cant even catch your breath or it takes a long time to get air into my Lungs and out. I know and everyone around me knows me to have sleep apnea my mom has it but not this severe. I will make an appointment tomorrow to discuss sleep apnea and a sleep study with my Dr. and go from there. I also have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I am scared I wont be able to get through it because they lay you almost flat on your back in their dentist chair afraid of not being able to catch my breath if they lay me back to much Should I tell them that here lately I have been having breathing problems or wing it and see if I can get through a teeth cleaning?
  7. test came back normal

    yes I posted before about having a hard time losing weight I know in my mind for sure I Have Sleep apnea so do my Parents I make a lot of noise while sleeping and just recently got over Breathing issues having a hard time catching my breathe. I will see about a sleep study and mention that I may have sleep apnea just need it verified and I am surprised I haven't had a sleep study done. Next time they call me about my lab results I will ask them about having a sleep study done or ask them if its possible to have sleep apnea. I wondered the same thing what a Pulmonary test has to do with sleep apnea I guess when I told them I was having breathing problems they wanted to have my Lungs checked and that's where the Pulmonary Test comes in. Have you had a sleep study done as well? Is it bothersome and can you move around without getting caught in the cords and everything? I always thought my meds were the cause of me being fat and causing me to gain weight that's why I didn't pursue the sleep apnea problem that I have. I take Abilify5mg and Lexapro10mg but I highly doubt it now that the meds are the cause of this much weight gain I have gained a lot my mom thinks I am even bigger now but I am the same weight I was 6 months ago. But I do feel bigger my clothes are tighter yet I haven't gained anymore weight I am staying at 210 which is close to the heaviest weight I have ever been I want to lose so bad and get down to a normal size and normal weight for my height which is 5ft4 and a quarter just shy of 5'5" I would love to weight the weight I am meant to be which is 120 pounds for my height and Body type 120 is perfect but I am a long way from that weight and nothing I seem to do will help me lose and even if I have a sleep study done how can I start losing weight if sleep apnea made me gain in the first place?
  8. My pulmonary Function test I had done August 24th 2017 was normal my Dr. just called minutes ago which is good news but Why am I so tired at night and having problems with my Breathing at times I question that and thought they'd tell me I have to have a sleep study done to see if I have sleep apnea but to my surprise they didn't say anything about having to have that done. My Question is do I get a second opinion or just go with it that everything was Normal?
  9. I had a Pulmonary Function Test done to check my Lungs I too sleep long hours and are completely exhausted all day when I wake up after 15 hours of sleep and I still want to sleep when I wake up I told my Dr. This and he thinks I may have sleep apnea so do my parents and so does the tech I had my Pulmonary test taken by I should know by tomorrow if I have to go and have a sleep study done and I also gained a lot of weight which I thought was due to my meds Abilify5mg and Lexapro10mg is all I take and now a Iron pill every evening which I hadn't taken this evening only because its bitter and so bad awful tasting it lingers in my mouth for several hours the taste does. I am 100 percent for certain I may have sleep apnea I snore loudly at night my mom and dad can hear me over a Fan I run at night which is pretty loud snoring and tired all the time no energy. I too may have to wear a CPAP mask to sleep every night depends on what they find out if I go for a sleep study which I am thinking their going to request I do.
  10. sleep apnea maybe?

    I went and had a Pulmonary Function test done ordered by my Dr. to find out why I am having such a Hard time breathing at night and sometimes during the day but mostly all Hours of the Night I struggle to breathe and make all kinds of noises when I do go to sleep. And the lady who did my Pulmonary Function test is leaning towards me having Sleep apnea but wants to be sure of that after the lung Dr. Reads my Chart and see what he or she says and I will know in three days what my diagnosis truly is. I am thinking I have sleep apnea too and so does my mom who is a Nurse and she also has sleep apnea but refuses to wear a mask being she doesn't like anything on or around her face while she is sleeping its creepy she says. I will update everyone later and let everyone know if sleep apnea is my diagnosis probably will know for sure once I go to have a sleep study done.
  11. weightloss

    I will ask when I go see my Dr this week thanks for the advice
  12. weightloss

    @melissaw72Yes I had my Thyroid checked and it came back normal my iron levels haven't been checked though
  13. Here is my question I take 7.5 mg and 15 mg of Abilfy every other day and I cant seem to lose any weight I have tried diet pills but a lot of them I am afraid will interfere with my medicine or cause my meds not to work right or not to work at all bee n there done that.My Question is what diet pills and or shakes are safe to take without any harmful side effects or interference with my medicine I currently take I am thinking of going on a diet but don't know if that's a good idea without consulting with my Dr. first or given advice from someone who has experience with certain diet pills.I have taken diet pills that gave me chest pains and jitters and the shakes and it was called garcinia Combodia.Any advice on what to do to lose this extra weight I have gained over the years please help I don't know what to take or what to do about this weight issue of mine plus I have no energy whatsoever to exercise I have talked to my Dr about lack of energy but he doesn't say too much or maybe there is nothing he can do he tried adding meds that would maybe increase my energy but it didn't help none
  14. Doing good still I had a breakdown a few nights ago but it all went away and I feel better now. I been on Abilify15mg for over two weeks now I think And I take Visteril two capsules at night at 50mg a piece.I ooke dup Visteril and its a sleep aid/Antihistamine/Antianxiety med/and depression Lifting Medicine.It has nearly no side effects
  15. I love Abilify15mg It works for me so I am staying with it so far I have come down from my mania after three months of being manic after taking Herbal Diet pills I finally am crashing somewhat still a Little hyper but nothing I haven't handled before its not over the top like it had been. I have lost weight my clothes are baggier on me now 18 pounds according to my bathroom scale dr scale is always wrong I think why because they weigh me on Carpet lol.10 pounds I have lost according to their scale so which is right Dr. scale on carpet or my scale which is a bathroom analog scale I think mine is accurate what about everyone else? I also take visteril a anti-anxiety medicine plus cold pill and sleep aid at bed time helps me to sleep and doesn't have any side effect other than dry mouth that now I can just drink lots of water for that yay a win win for me. Doing awesome by the way so don't reign down on my parade anyone or my inner demons will haunt you just kidding hehe.