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  1. Hi everyone, I had a bout where I drank everyday for a month. Super stupid I know. Now that I have been clean for over a month, I still find that I crave the occasional drink. How long did it take for others to stop craving alcohol? I started drinking last year, so am relatively "new" but can still put away 4 drinks a night without getting drunk. Any anecdotes would be helpful. Thanks, Poem
  2. I should try that...
  3. BP and sleep

    My circadian rhythm is a mess, so I hear ya. I either have horrible insomnia or I sleep practically all day. Neither is really refreshing. The only time I get deep sleep is if I get a two hour nap in the afternoon. I have tried multiple drugs for sleep at high doses as well and none of them have touched my insomnia when I am in that stage. I'm sorry you have to go through this, but my Pdoc says the insomnia is just part of the illness. I hope you can find something new to help. Poem
  4. I know the feeling. Technically everything is going your way, yet you can't fill the void inside. I struggle with that feeling a lot. You are not alone in this. I hope you find a way to get through this.
  5. Yeah, tomorrow. Sometime between 10am and 2pm. That really makes me anxious because I don't know for sure when they will arrive! So I end up sitting on pins and needles watching the clock. Lol. Luckily my neighbor downstairs has a dog and it usually starts barking when the inspectors come by, so I get a little head notice that they arrived! But yeah, my apartment looks great...I just keep thinking, what if I forgot something. But they give us a checklist of what they are looking for and I had everything checked off. I just need to take a deep breath. I feel like hyperventilating.
  6. Can't stop cleaning....Ugh. I'm so tired. It is always one more thing to clean.
  7. I, too, am a HSP. I get anxious and nervous in seemingly normal situations. And breakdown over "nothing." I just get so overwhelmed by everything, it is ridiculous. Clonazepam has helped me a lot, but it hasn't changed who I am. I think being a HSP is more of a personality trait than a disorder. But that is just my opinion. I'm still learning to cope, so I can't give solid advice. However, I wish you the best. Poem
  8. Anhedonia and Me

    Nothing seemed to help me much except time. It is just part of my depressive cycle of bipolar. And it sucks, I know. If you can find a med to help, that is great. Good luck!
  9. Lunesta?

    Well, I've stopped taking it. Not because of the bad taste, but because of the way it made me feel. I could not remember anything and I fell into a depressive state. The day after I quit it I felt much better. So much for that. But I did score one victory and had a full night of sleep last night...no interruptions, no meds. Whoot!
  10. Lunesta?

    @CrazyRedhead True, I've actually been getting some sleep the last few days. I don't intend to stop if it works this well, but man, that taste is something else! Glad it wasn't my imagination though.
  11. Lunesta?

    I don't chew it. I can't even imagine what that would be like!
  12. Hi all, So I just got put on Lunesta the other day and took it for sleep that night. I managed to sleep with only waking up once. Yay. But it tasted horrible. I thought Lithium was bad, but this stuff stuck in my mouth all night long and I only was able to quell it a bit with some tea in the morning. Has anyone experienced this with this particular sleep aid? I am really hoping this will work out for my because my Pdoc said I have tried everything else. And I believe them. I should also note that I am on a generic, if that makes a difference. Thanks, Poem
  13. Anyone else have a hell of a time on Saint Patrick's day? I kept thinking about all those people at bars. Ugh.
  14. Thanks everyone. Still in avid cleaner mode of late. I stay mostly at my place, which is my castle. You have to fight through me to get in. Lol. But I am seriously freaking out because of mandatory apartment inspections in a month. This is a very stressful time of year for me because of the the series of inspections they have here. Eep. It means even more avid cleaning. Oh well. At least my hands got a break. P.S. Glad the kitty situation is being taken care of!