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  1. What are experiencing is extremely common for those stared on seroquel. Seroquel is a severe drug. It also causes extreme weight gain- even in those who are not already obese/ overweight. I would consult with your perscriber about these side effects.
  2. Well, I cannot disagree with this part of you. I completely validate how you are feeling right now.
  3. Trust me, this is NOT the place to gain logical information on that topic. The members here are extremely uneducated and bias.
  4. Yeah.. I know what you mean. that totally sucks. Maybe she just want to feel power over you.
  5. Message to single mod against me. :)

    I realize that you are searching for power and control. But, I refuse to let you have control over me. If you can prove that I have done something wrong, do it. Otherwise, leave me the hell alone and stop bullying me. Thanks!
  6. Hmm. I'm not sure exactly what you mean. But, if you want to discuss it with someone, I wanted to let you know that you can talk to me.
  7. That is good. Then my resources will be helpful to you. Okay, you can also use the resources I have provided to her.
  8. Apparently all of my contributions hear are combative according to gearhead. I wonder why I have not heard that from the thread's author's. Oh, maybe it's because I have done nothing wrong? 

  9. I know. I'm sorry for what you are dealing with! How are you dealing with it now? Have things gotten any better?
  10. I can't tell you what to do. So, I'll just tell you what I do. I tell them that I do not want to attend a church. If they persist I begin to talk about how they love to molest children and abuse women and children. I tell them that I have morals and it is against my values to belong to something that accepts that behavior. I explain my ethical boundaries. They then usually start spouting off biblical verses justifying their abuse towards women and children. If it gets too crazy I threaten to call the police.
  11. Lol yeah. Religious people will always find some ridiculous reason as to why it is your fault. They love to victim blame. Even if you pray to their standards, they will still try to hurt you. It's all about power and control. They just need to feel that they control others.
  12. Your defense attorney was an ass. Clearly not sleeping with a door locked doesn't mean you wanted to be raped. He is ridiculous. Hopefully the other people saw that. Idk why they think that it's okay for men to rape you. It doesn't make sense that just because a victim wasn't able to stop it that the rapists had the right to rape. It isn't even logical. Also yeah, I didn't get any preparation either. My prosecuting attorney blamed me for everything that was going wrong. Every time the judge called a break she would ream me out the hallway. It was great. I really hate her as well because she refused to do her job properly. She didn't want to learn anything about the case, and hated that I was telling the truth about what happened. I guess she just wanted it to be quick so she could go home.
  13. This wasn't towards you. Also I am aware other types.
  14. I don't hate you. Have people been bothering you on here?
  15. I totally understand you right now. I'm probably going to cut too. It sucks when everyone hates you when they don't even know you.