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  1. I heard about the book "Humanizing the Narcissistic style" By Steven Johnson a few years ago, and I have finally got around to reading it. It is aimed at therapists, but I am finding it useful for myself. It is actually quite rough going, precisely because it is much more "soft" on narcissists than the pop psychology one usually sees splashed all over the internet. By encouraging the patient to get in touch with the archaic needs of the true self, all kinds of defenses are exposed. In particular, one reads that some of the most energetic defenses are not to protect the grandiose false self from reality, but to protect the neediness of the infant "true self" from being accessed and the disappointment and disillusionment of the original empathic failure both in terms of lack of mirroring and not being a good enough figure for idealising. There is the identification of three types of transference: mirror, twinship and merger transference. The first one is the one most popularly ascribed to narcissism. Following Kohut, Johnson says that the merger idealisation is at the lower end developmentally. This rings true to me, based on my experiences of people who seem very narcissistically diturbed: the "what´s yours is mine" form of thinking is to me the most striking feature of such a person. Johnson describes such individuals as typically more borderline, and notes that in some ways they are more in touch with the true self whose needs keep bursting through, compared to the more defended individual. The latter is what he calls the "narcissistic style". There is hope for everyone in this book. My therapist had not heard of it but i hope there are some out there who have read it. The discussion of the "symptomatic self" was very useful especially the discussion of psychosomatic symptoms and apathy towards work, which in one place was described as an act of spite by the inner child towards the enforced achievement focus of the grandiose false self. When I read that i found myself getting very angry and indeed hateful towards this inner child, which is a reaction which the author also describes. The latter chapters contain various case studies which I have not finished reading yet. The only questionable point seems to be the author´s advocacy of bioenergetics, which seems to involve some quite uncomfortable physical procedures and i am not sure many people would recommend that these days.
  2. Thanks for that mikl_pls. I will see what other options I have, because this stuff is not really working for me.
  3. -

  4. Sleepy all the *$%#"ing time except for a short window around 2-4 am when i am wide awake.
  5. Well I have been taking it for a week. It is making me sleepy, but so far no other obvious ill effects.
  6. Dreamin a Dream by Daevid Allen :-)
  7. In my opinion, the prosperity gospel stuff is highly manipulative, both psychologically and in its handling of the bible texts that are used. They tend to ignore typology (for example when considering a promise made to Abraham, you have to consider his special role as father of many nations and how it is interpreted in new testament terms, as well as Abraham´s status as an ordinary believer.) This is what I had in mind when i say that they miss the systematic theology. p.s. I should add that i am not really anl Archbishop:-)
  8. Sounds like the guy is an exponent of prosperity gospel. These people tend to be big on doctrine but miss the systematic theology. That is why they seem obsessed with "proof texts".
  9. Hello. I have been prescribed amisulpride 50mg in addition to an SSRI (fluoxetine) for depression. Going to give it a shot. Last year I tried zotepine and then abilify in small doses but both times they made me sleepy all day and after a week or so i felt like i had high blood pressure or something. Hoping the same wont happen with this stuff. Did anyone else have this medicine? Just wondering what to expect. thanks
  10. Here is the full footage: It shows that the woman introduces the theme of mental health as well as Learning disabilities. I am no fan of this Conservative government on mental health or healthcare generall. And I am no fan of the prime minister. But I think the Guardian has been a bit misleading in their coverage of this incident, especially in the Opinion piece by Paul Birrel.
  11. Sexual violence by women against men is not uncommon. I saw some statistics on it the other day. Here are a couple of links I found:
  12. Hello cloudmonger. Sorry for the delay in replying. It sounds like you are in quite a different situation to me. I am single, coming up for 40 this year. I moved away to a different continent for work reasons. It didnt work out well for me psychologically. It was like every single thing i did was deemed to be wrong and offensive by definition. After 3 years i had a breakdown and went back to live with family. But without a job or independence i felt awful so i went back. After another 4 years i finally got a job back nearer home. And it has been a lot better for me here. It is still a foreign country with a different language but the mindset is different and less uncomfortable for me. Regarding relationships i have no idea because i have been in relationships for a total of about a week and a half. I am not sure if i could hang onto anyone. But i can certainly see your point.
  13. Hello cloudmonger. I found I could relate to some of your experiences. I dont seem to be able to think clearly to make a sensible response right now. I just wonder why you say it would be a failure to leave that place? Maybe somewhere else would be more suited to your way of life and that could be regarded as a success couldnt it? I say this because I went through similar kind of agonies a few years ago, altghough my situation was not exactly the same I admit.
  14. Hello Schizollenial. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Good luck with your new treatment.