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  1. Mood lamps FTW

    Haha. Sorry about that. I didnt mean to be insulting. I just remember a phase where everyone wanted one. I think we had 4 different devices in our house with them. Now days none of us use ipods and we've moved on to bluetooth speakers, or just a nice old reliable aux jack
  2. Mood lamps FTW

    Actually it looks like there is a slightly cheaper Philips one with a remote called 'Aura' https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-LivingColors-Changing-Integrated-Control/dp/B008B4DC84/ref=sr_1_5?s=lighting&ie=UTF8&qid=1516123389&sr=1-5&keywords=philips+iris As for buying multiple - you really wont need to get more than one. Even if your room was massive, you could just position it at the edge of your bed. They go very bright. I can see why they are trying to make an 'eco system' of slightly different lights, but I don't think its needed for the consumer at all.
  3. Mood lamps FTW

    Hey. Glad to see some interest in my thread. I didn't want to put the name in case it looked like a shill trying to flog them. I went for one of these : Philips 'Living Colors' Iris. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-LivingColors-Changing-Integrated-Control/dp/B008B4DCB6/ref=sr_1_1?s=lighting&ie=UTF8&qid=1516123389&sr=1-1&keywords=philips+iris There are a few Philips mood lamps that are sold for a cheaper price than the Iris. But as well as being inferior lights with less colours and brightness settings. They also require: (1) a device (sold desperately) called 'a bridge' to allow access to the lamp's settings and (2) a smart phone that is compatible with the Philips bridge app. If you want to have more than one (which I doubt you really need or will use) then its better to go for the bridge. I went for the slightly more expensive one because it works out cheaper and you get a remote with it which is just more practical. And also who knows how long that app and smart phones will be in use for. Remember ipod docking stations? They were all the rage for a while but who uses them now? Having physical buttons press is just better IMO. Even more so in bed. So yeah, go for the Iris and dont be duped. (Theres really not much info on the Amazon UK store saying "Separate product and use of smart phone is required to use this product" which there really should be) There's definitely going to be cheaper brands out there but sometimes spending a little extra is worth it. The phrase 'buy nice or buy twice' comes to mind. Mine's still doing a great job for me. And as I mentioned before I'm surprised light therapy has never been suggested by my mental health services. I looked very briefly into the science behind it and the basic idea was that blue light tells your brain that its midday. Red light tells your brain that its sunset/night. Red lights are also suggested for people with sleep issues as a way of controlling melatonin (a chemical that helps you sleep). But if you're on anti psychotics its very difficult to get any kind of diagnosis for a sleep problem as the med's are seen as a strong influence on your sleep cycle. And diagnosing and treating a sleep problem is too difficult to do accurately while you're on anti psychotic medication (or at least that's how it went down whenever I tried to talk to doctor or psychiatrist about it). My personal theory is that I probably do have an issue with melatonin. But I can see the point of view of the psychiatrist too.
  4. Mood lamps FTW

    Ive been taking anti psychotics for ten years and throughout it Ive had horrible issues with sleep and struggled to wake up at any regular "human" time. So much so I have not been in college or work throughout those ten years. I'd take my meds around 10/11/12(PM) and wake up around 1/2/3(PM). 11 hour sleeps are probably the minimum. 14 wasnt that weird a thing. In winter time this becomes even more of a problem because I am not seeing sunlight. I've tried all sorts of things to combat this sleep problem: A deaf persons alarm A light alarm (which was definitely helpful but didn't fix the problem) Drinking copious amounts of water before bed Depriving myself of caffeine/chocolate/alcohol/(life itself) for a couple of weeks Not using TV/PC/phones in the evening And of course the classic: "why don't you just take the drug at 8PM and then you could wake up in the morning". (Yes and why don't I just kill myself while I am at it. All my friends are working adults and I will happily take shitty lifestyle over never having the ability to meet up with friends. I did try it for one summer and it just upset me leaving get-togethers and events before they barely got started. I would say it made me feel suicidal. I may as well be walking around with "lunatic" printed on my forehead. Add to that I do music in a band and often don't get home until 10PM so Id have to give up my passion too.) Recently I got a mood lamp (for Christmas), it shines all kinds of colours and varying degrees of brightness. For the last week as soon as I go to bed I turn the lights off and the lamp on to a dim orange/red and keep it on until I wake up in the morning. I have to say every day I am waking up early. No more 3PM starts. No more 1PM starts. I wake up when I set my alarm. Often even earlier. Its so weird. Its like its erased the problem absolutely. I also actually feel tired in the night and that I want to go to bed so I can sleep. Now it could definitely be complete fluke. Also I have considered the fact that I may have just reduced the quality of sleep I am getting, thus waking up to my light alarm more easily. I will definitely make sure to post an update in 2 weeks time, and perhaps another 2 weeks beyond that to see how things progress. If it does stay like this I will be writing to my mental health services and telling them that the need to be prescribing this to people who have sleep problems induced by anti psychotics At the moment has literally changed my life and I cant emphasise that enough. I wish I got one ten years ago when I first started taking anti psychotics.
  5. I get this all the time too. As others said, drink a lot of water. Not an ideal fix but it works. The thing to really worry about is that dry mouth affects your teeth. A few years ago I went back and forth to the dentists getting more and more fillings and he kept telling me I was eating too much sugar. In hindsight I can't see how that would be true, and it's only recently I found out that dry mouth can cause tooth decay.
  6. Earbud fetish?

    For me its all how it sounds. (I play music in a couple of bands and am a bit of a nerd when it comes to music). For the price, they sound amazing.
  7. Definitely. When my parents have clear cut emotional issues that they cant deal with effectively, it completely destroys any good mood that I would otherwise have.
  8. Earbud fetish?

    Welcome to the world of audiophiles. Where there is no price too high for rich sounds. I too spend a lot of money on earphones. It helps me feel focused and awake and distracted when Im out and about. These are what I use and Id definitely buy them a second or third time
  9. Tyrant only you can judge if your drinking is a problem. But I'll give you my 2 cents regardless: My personal feelings on the matter (for myself) is that when its regularly more than two times per week, its a problem. If you are saying you are having 1 drink per week, I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  10. Lets stop acting like innocent minded kids: S+M or BDSM have always been popular! I dont want to go searching for it, but Im sure if you look up the history you'll find it goes back at least 100 years. I actually find it weirder when people have zero tolerance for pain. What have you been doing all your life that you never got hurt? In a non sexual context - I sometimes fine pain helpful to clear my mind as others say. Only pinches or prods though. I had a friend who believed in picking a pressure point and subtly manipulating it when you are under social pressure to trick your body into responding better. Hasn't really work for me but I do go back to it sometimes. Its tough to know when it turns into self harm. I used to punch myself a lot when I was depressed as a young child (under 10). I did it because I thought 'I deserve this'. But I was very unhappy and would not say this is normal or healthy behaviour. The best advantage was I grew up as a teen and adult never really ever feeling much pain whenever someone thought I was a good target for bullying/fighting. I don't like cutting. I think if you are cutting yourself its a problem. Even if you are doing it for the 'pleasure' and 'release' through feeling pain.
  11. I get like this too. Its hard to explain to people who don't have MH problems what it is. Essentially low energy and a desire to do nothing and be left alone. Not neccarily depressed about anything just a little low.
  12. I didnt speak to my doctor but reducing acidic foods from my diet solved the problem. Thanks for the concern.
  13. Sometimes you dont see eye to eye enough that it affects treatment. When you distrust your handler its time to request someone else.
  14. I've always had a 'clicky' body. From my ankles and knees, to my toes and wrists. In the last year though my thumb has started clicking whenever it is moved. It getting to a point where I just want it to stop. Changing my activities to try and help it but its all the time all week :'(
  15. Resenting the well people in our lives

    Close friend of mine that i see regularly sometimes upsets me deeply from gloating/boasting over his sexlife. Short story is growing up we argued over the same girls a few times with him being the backstabber. So when he bigs up new romantic partners it brings me right back to where i was as a teen, only with even more envy over his life/family/relationships and achievements. I don't think Ive ever spoken out about it. I see it as myself bringing up old problems in a new light, some kind of unresolved feelings of blame/resentment.