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  1. Thank you blahblah for the kind words. I just feel so stuck and it's so hard to do anything these days! I even feel bad complaining about how I am feeling but I know that their are other people on here that can relate. My kitties are my world! I love them to pieces!! Thank you amskray for the kind words. I hate feeling like this and having all this negative chatter in my head sucks. My meds are not working and I am going to do genetic testing in a month to see if we can figure out what is going on.
  2. I'm glad some people responded to your post. I can definitely relate to what you're feeling and if it wasn't for therapy, doctor appointments, and groups I wouldn't leave the house at all! I never thought at 47 years old I would feel like a complete worthless single loser that lives alone with her 2 cats! Pathetic! 😶
  3. I am going to email the nurse practitioner and let him know about the headaches and possibly a side effect of the melatonin and see what he suggests. I might just try skipping a few nights to see if the headaches go away.
  4. I have been taking 50mgs of doxepin, 15mgs of remeron and 6mgs of melatonin. The past week I have been getting headaches in the afternoon and I am wondering if it is from the melatonin. I didn't see any headache side effects from the doxepin or remeron but I did read that the melatonin can cause headaches. Has anyone experienced headaches as a side effect from these medications? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Thank you. I was thinking about gabapentin and I will talk to the dr about it when I see him next. I tried buspar and it made me feel like I was jumping out of my skin.
  6. Well I'm glad that I wasn't the only one! (Sorry Mike)
  7. The doctor doesn't want to increase the klonopin because it is addictive and causes early onset dementia. I tried the Thorazine and I didn't like the way it made me feel. I have tried vistrail and it doesn't work for me. I even tried 10 mgs of Thorazine to help me sleep and all it did was give me nightmares! UGH!
  8. I only took 1 pill the other day and it made me drowsy. I don't know if it worked for the anxiety or not. I can take them if needed but I guess I'm just stubborn and I want to fight the anxiety on my own. I will hold onto them just in case.
  9. Thank you Crazyredhead for the information. I am not familiar with the anti-psychotic medications so I wasn't sure what to expect. I start taking them tomorrow so I hope that they can give me some relief!
  10. So I am currently having lots of anxiety and I am taking klonopin .5mgs twice a day. My pdoc doesn't want to increase it because of addiction blah, blah. He wants me to try thorazine 10mgs 3 times a day for the anxiety. I am a little nervous because when I was hospitalized they gave me the lowest dose of haldol and the side effects were unbearable. Are these medications simular or do they work differently? Any information would be great.
  11. I used to keep up with hygiene but now that I am older and my depression is worse I just don't care to shower or put on clean clothes. Everything I do takes so much energy and I can barely take care of my 2 cats let alone wipe my ass and brush my teeth.
  12. Hi guys! So I met with the nurse practitioner and she was nice and actually listed to me! I told her about the Cymbalta pooping out and getting terrible night sweats to the point I was scratching my head and it was starting to bleed. She gave me some options and I chose to slowly wean off the Cymbalta and I increased the Prozac to 30mgs. I see her in a month to discuss how I am feeling and explore going on Vyvance to help with the eating disorder and my treatment resistant depression. I felt good leaving her office and I haven't felt like that in a long while. Thank you all for reading and responding to my post. It's nice to know that their are other people out in the world that support and offer their opinions. Beth
  13. Hi Melissaw72, Thank you for responding! I appreciate the input. I plan on talking to this new nurse practitioner tomorrow and see what she has to say.
  14. Hi, I have been following along behind the scenes and now I would like to share a little bit about myself and get some advice. I have major depression, anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorder. I am currently taking Cymbalta 60mgs, Prozac 20mgs and Klonopin .5 mgs. I changed psychiatrists a year ago and my new doctor weaned me off of Wellbutrin XL 150mgs and started me on the Cymbalta and I was feeling better, had energy, started taking care of myself and eating better and even joined the gym! The doctor started me on 20mgs and wanted me to work up to 60mgs. I am sensitive to medications so I need to start out slowly. I increased the Cymbalta to 30mgs and stopped because it was working for me. It was taking away my appetite and I didn't even want to drink liquids and I could go all day without food and water. I knew that was not good especially not hydrating myself. It started to poop a few months later and I was going back to my negative ways and habits of eating junk food, isolating and having tons of negative thoughts swirling around in my head. By that time my doctor was moving his practice to another hospital and he wasn't going to start seeing patients until March. I tried to stick it out but I was starting to feel like crap so I ended up making an appointment with a nurse practitioner at his old office. That was a huge mistake because she wanted to start me on something new and increase my current medications. I was not happy with that so I left and didn't go back to her. I was finally able to see my doctor in May!! I waited 6 months to see him. I told him about the Cymbalta and how it wasn't working well and seemed to poop out on me. He told me to increase it slowly up to 90mgs. He kept the Prozac and klonopin as is. Once I increased the Cymbalta I was starting to feel better and felt like I could function in life, well that was short lived. I got up to 80mgs and I started to have terrible night sweats just about every night. I would sweat so bad that I was getting dehydrated and brief dizzy spells during the day. I also noticed that it was starting to poop out on me. The sweats got so bad that I was scratching my scalp and it would bleed and get sore. I saw my doctor in September and told him what was going on with the side effects and he told me that the cause of the sweats were from the weather and that I shouldn't be sweating because i have been on the medication for a while. He also told me that he is leaving his practice and moving back to New York! Great!! Now what am I supposed to do? I made an appointment with another nurse practitioner at his old office and I see her soon. I was prescribed Prozac 20+ years ago and it worked great for a few years. I even lost 100 pounds. I haven't really felt those "sorta normal" feelings again until I started the Cymbalta but it just poops out to quickly. I have also tried Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, welbutrin, impramine, busbar, effexor, lamictal, lexapro, and celexa, luvox. I feel like I am running out of options. Has anyone else had this problem before? Any advice on what I should do next? It took a long time to type this because I don't like to ask for help/advice. I would rather help everyone else except myself. Thank you for reading and responding to my post. Beth