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  1. I am being assigned a link worker, I wanted to know how long this takes?
  2. Which antidepressant?

    tried to do it today psychiatrist said to call him in session didn't pick up his phone GP wouldn't give personal number or email to give to the psychiatrist so that they can get in contact... tired of sending emails to my psychiatrist i know they find that annoying so officially I give up I'll just stay in my dark room and wait for my brain to waste itself and snap from reality so ill go crazy and kill myself bye
  3. Which antidepressant?

    nothing because the NHS is rubbish
  4. Which antidepressant?

    What can you tell me about Abilify? Would it help with intrusive obsessive thoughts being negative?
  5. Which antidepressant?

    I CAN'T LEAVE MY HOUSE I spent months in my room in the dark with curtain drawn paranoid that people will see my weight gain and body. I didn't shower for two months... I barricaded myself in my room and I was peeing in bottles. when i say i cant leave my house I cant i physically will breakdown and cry hysterically if i was to go in public. i know this sounds crazy
  6. Which antidepressant?

    I'm scared it will make me want to binge
  7. Which antidepressant?

    ITS RISKY!!!
  8. Which antidepressant?

    I can't afford a psychiatrist right now, my GP is prescribing my meds and getting to see a psychiatrist on the NHS can take months. Im dead af
  9. I know all antidepressants are more or less the same and for this reason I can't tell if any have actually been of use to me but it seems I can function more when I am taking them, compared to these last few months when I thought it would be a good idea not to be. All in all I am just really trying to get better and need some advice on a new therapy for me to try as I've tried Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, Cymbalta, Lexapro and Brintellix and Wellbutrin 1. Prozac - I only got up to 40mg and had to stop because I attempted suicide and they took all my meds away from me and then I was put on Effexor by a different psychiatrist. I don't know if Prozac is good, I hear it takes a very long time to start. I didn't really notice a change to make a comment about. 2. Effexor XR - I noticed some changes but I can't remember it being groundbreaking - I started getting headaches when I was somewhere around 225mg and then stopped because I was having a mental breakdown and thought I needed to change meds 3. Cymbalta - Felt like Effexor, had no headache, I went all the way up to 90mg on this because I was on 60mg for months and I just didn't feel much 4. Lexapro - REALLY HELPED MY ANXIETY AND DARE I SAY depression? But MADE ME CRAVE CARBS SO BAD - I have a severe issue with binge eating since I was a child. I even was scheduled to have brain scans when I was a child because I genuinely would not stop binging and I still have this issue - it's now an eating disorder because if I'm not binging I am controlling my food intake very harshly. Also, my sister reacted the same way, it made her gain weight. 5. Brintellix - dumb... 6. Wellbutrin served as an add-on - didn't really feel much of a change?
  10. No, my agoraphobia is linked to my weight gain. I'm scared to go outside because people will see the weight I've gained so maybe it's more of a social anxiety thing? Also, I've been on amphetamines for close to a year and some months... never have I abused them. I wouldn't enjoy the "alertness" and "anxiety" I've always liked the low calm feeling of Clonazepam. I have an extreme binge eating disorder which I've had since my earliest memory of being a child. I do need therapy for it but right now we are just discussing medication
  11. I have severe agoraphobia right now
  12. It's very like it makes me sick and warm headed
  13. I can't explain my eating disorder. At one point yes I was diagnosed with anorexia + bulimic tendencies but now it's very binge eating disorder + bulimia. I still have anorexic mindset if that makes sense?????????
  14. I really need the amphetamine my binge eating is out of control. I was on Abilify 2.5mg I was too scared to go up to 5mg because I've heard of weight gain stories. What is Abilify good for?
  15. I need help! I've been on Prozac (questionable as some circumstances arose), Zoloft (definitely have tried this), Lexapro, Effexor XR, Cymbalta, Brintellix, Wellbutrin SR (300mg total) I'm suffering from intrusive thoughts that can cause panic attacks, make me nervous, depressed. I have bad social anxiety linked to my body image and eating disorder. I've developed agoraphobia because of my latest binge eating episode which caused me to gain a lot of weight. I have severe depression - the kind where you don't leave your bed for months, you don't go outside, you don't socialise, you draw your curtains and are in the dark all day. I need an antidepressant that can help energise me without making me incredibly jittery and anxious. I'm going to pair this with an amphetamine for my binge eating disorder, but if the antidepressant has properties which helps binge eating disorder then that's good too I guess? Please help me! My last cocktail was Concerta, Wellbutrin 300mg, Brintellix 10mg and 100mg Naltrexone and I've got to say the Brintellix was RUBBISH. I have not been on meds for months now.