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  1. As a person with an anxiety disorder I can attest to not being sure whether I'm psychotic or really anxious. The situation is irrational but it's really due to anxiety because I'm frightened of public sitiations and the fear of panic itself. I can't pinpoint the exact chain of thoughts but it's distressing. Not psychotic but distressing. Delusions (maggots eating you to death) that aren't based in reality that trigger anxiety can be psychotic. You realize it's not real but still distressing all the same. You're still realizing it's not right which is a good thing and it gives you the ability to decide to treat.
  2. I tried Gabapentin 300mg once for about a week and at first it made me anxious and kind of depressed. I would of enjoyed the chillaxed effect but never experienced it.
  3. I had someone storm off in anger because they thought I was shaking my head in disapproval. I was dumbfounded because I am not fully aware of my shaking at times.
  4. I have been taking Ativan almost daily recently. I will be seeing my pdoc in another 2 weeks. Is it bad to take it daily? I don't have melt down panic attacks but I do get skaky and nervous. I feel like it just takes the edge of my anxiety and lets me relax while I'm working. Is this appropriate use or is there something else better. I suffer from essential tremors as well. Also getting rechecked on that issue this Thursday.
  5. I responded poorly to it. I seemed to get more ocular migraines on it. Topomax was great except for the non stop uti's.
  6. Nope. Going to ask my doctor. Requested an appointment.
  7. Clonazepam does wonders for anxiety but nil for my tremor. I have low bp and hr and propranolol was tried but my migraine aura acted up (because it caused to much flux in bp for me). Just I am taking on a job that is hospital work and dealing with people. I swear someone mistook my tremor as me shaking my head in disapprovement and got angry with me.
  8. I have essential tremor of my head/neck that causes my head to shake in a no-no pattern. The sad part is I think it is affecting my work where I confused a client into thinking I was shaking my head in disdain at them. Any useful treatment options out there?
  9. What did your therapist say? It sounds like a symptom you shouldn't just wait on to go away.
  10. I have been watching the media a little since the grenfell building fire in London. I found a live stream with a live chat. It seemed that it was possibly not a real live stream. What seemed disturbing was the moderators of the chat were essentially trolling people with anti-muslim rhetoric and then banning anyone who was muslim or in disagreement with their views. Like if you told them to have some empathy and quit using this tragedy to spout their bullshit you were banned. WTF is wrong with people? In a situation like Grenfell we all bleed the same.
  11. I think I am not that good with setting emotional boundaries. Don't think my skin is thick enough.
  12. Good. Experienced it before with citalopram.
  13. I just started it recently. My pdoc doesn't know yet.
  14. I had gone back on cipralex because I was still having mood swings and anxiety on Remeron. I feel less depressed but I can't sleep. Took 2mg ativan to help me to sleep. Still awake.
  15. I have been exposed to more extreme ends of so called "Christianity" where people use it to justify their own assholery/prejudice/homophobia/mysogyny. If you lie to me while I sit in a pew, it really isn't any different if you lie to me in the street. Scaring me with damnation and hellfire and for being a woman isn't going to work either. When I am being manipulated I know it. And I will call bullshit on that. Fear doesn't make me feel spiritual. Sitting peacefully in my backyard while I meditate and let my mind wander on it's own does. Going for a walk in pure quiet nature makes me feel warm and fuzzy. God doesn't speak to me. I do.