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  1. Without meds I get severe insomnia and terrible anxiety. Marijauna made me hallucinate and makes me super paranoid. Knew someone who had a psychotic episode due to pot smoking. It's not for everyone.
  2. Yeah. Not too badly though. i'm a small framed woman. I put on 10 lbs and nobody except myself noticed the weight gain.
  3. I spoke to my psychiatrist, and I am leaving all the prescribing up to him, instead of my GP. I have been feeling better, and I am on 30mg of Remeron now. I am taking far less Ativan now. I cut back on it two weeks prior to seeing him and my mood swings stopped. So I have reverted to only taking Ativan for an emergency situation as I think it was triggering my depression with more frequent use. I go back again on June 13, with my partner in tow (as a witness) to see how I am doing then. I am doing far better, now that I am off the other antidepressant. We'll see how I am doing again in another two weeks. The crazy train has passed me by for now.
  4. Indeed. Or just one that leaves it to my pdoc. He is a good doctor, but I felt he's tried to meddle with my meds too much. Finding a new doc accepting patients is hard. I'll just ignore his suggestions- he realizes now that he's done nothing to actually help.
  5. "Mirtazipine doesn't cause weight gain." "Seroquel doesn't cause weight gain/ or metabolic issues." Just feel like sharing. Anyone else have a GP that tries to do their psychiatrist's job?
  6. That is totally unreasonable. You work 12 hour days. That is stressful for "normal" people. What more does your husband expect? Does he work 12 hour days? "Cuntface?" Is he a child trying to make up edgy insults?
  7. Happy unmother's day for all the disowned children.
  8. I've heard good things about Rexulti. My effexor trial jacked my anxiety through the roof. I haven't flipped out on ssri's so much so I am okay with them. My psychiatrist is not really creative and neither is my gdoc. I bumped up my appointment until next week. It was either try seeing if they will take me inpatient to try meds or have them send me home with a short term fix that does nothing in the long run. I figure I'd have to saw my own arm off for them to consider taking me inpatient.
  9. I may rant a little. My gdoc kept pushing mirtazipine in addition to cipralex to get me off lorazepam. I ended taking more lorazepam in the end while not feeling too great. I agree that a different class of meds may be a better option. Just getting my psychiatrist to agree with me and see beyond my gdoc's professional opinion is a bit of a challenge. I feel if I come across like I read something on a forum it won't bode too well for me either.
  10. I will ask. I am not sure where I fall in the depression spectrum. It's so hard to tell what form of depression and anxiety I have. I notice anxiolytics cause mood swings when used prn in conjunction with AD's. I felt I was taking more anxiolytics with the additional AD's to counteract the effects. I was sleeping at night but I was not feeling okay during the day. Just can't handle shit I guess. Just have chronic high generalized anxiety which isn't fun.
  11. I am going to run this by him. I just felt like an anxious obsessive robot on two antidepressants.
  12. I am in a hard spot. Meds are not working well. I finished my school certificate with a 97% average grade. I went for an interview. No luck but I had an offer to help with a placement from the company. The school has not set the placement because they're too busy. No idea if anything will pan out. Just trying not to care anymore.
  13. The question I have to your question is do I ever not feel out of place? Much of the time, I do.
  14. I was not given Pristiq. It was suggested but given my reaction to effexor I was afraid I'd experience the same horrible reaction, since Pristiq is sort of a new and improved version of effexor (If I am not mistaken). I am feeling better today but I am watching myself.
  15. I suggested other things but they just offered to double up my ad