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  1. Sometimes when an acquaintance posts the absolute craziest shit on fb I wonder if I am really crazy, or if they're in need of an intervention of some kind

  2. What or who is your spirit animal?

    I say a horse. They can run fast and will spook at the dumbest things like a plastic bag blowing in the breeze. They're skittish beasts.
  3. Incels are Garbage.

    My happiest times have been when I was single. I don't understand this so called identity. It's just extreme mysogyny under another name. I sometimes read stuff from reddit and have become familiar with r/inceltears and some of it is so extremely out there I just can't read it.
  4. Our fathers......

    My biological father left when I was very young, and I know little about him. My stepfather after him was abusive in different ways. When he left the picture the damage of his words and actions triggered an eating disorder. My mom had the odd bf here and there afterwards. Some were nice; one was skilled at domestic abuse and physically abused my mother. My mother allowed my brother to physically abuse me. Then my mother met a nice man and then her craziness sort of lessened but not completely. I feel largely abandoned by my family and friends. Some friends did very hurtful things. Others drifted out of the picture. There is a hole in my heart that feels as if it will never be filled. I feel I missed some major milestones and enjoyable things due to MI and abuse. It's not even about having a good father but a stable consistent parent would have been nice. One that truly advocated for my wellbeing and was there for me at my most vulnerable; not one that doled out abuse.
  5. Friends and isolation

    I have been really trying to be social. I joined a yoga studio and am now jogging with a friend atm. I think I had been self isolating alot because my meds weren't working well.
  6. 100mg of seroquel IR is the ultimate cure for taking pity dick out of your mouth

  7. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    My life is dead and stunted. I am never going to get things back.
  8. Not in a good place atm

  9. Oops didn't realize the original post date but fwiw I can relate
  10. Yes indeed. I had it so bad one day I got into a road rage incident and drove at the guy's car while calling him a cunt out the window. I told my partner I was getting out of the car. This would have been comical since I am 5'1.
  11. Not so screwed now. I went with my partner to the hospital and we worked on a plan with the doctor. Here is what they said: They set me up with their rapid care clinic which I will go to in two weeks. As well as a crisis "bridge" if I need something sooner. The doctor prescribed me 25 mg of Seroquel IR to be taken at night. I slept like a baby last night. Addendum: the emergency doc thinks it is possible bipolar 1 and that if I have it I am high functioning at least. Hey at least I never did any hardcore drugs or got any regrettable tattoos.
  12. Gabapentin made me so anxious and depressed. I feel so screwed right now. Trying to get in to see someone at the hospital. I am guessing I have to saw my own arm off to get rapid treatment.
  13. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Woke up feeling anxious
  14. My doctor seems to think Lyrica is a mood stabilizer. Is this right? My meds don't seem to be working. Zoloft 125mg and Lyrica 300mg
  15. I feel like I have gotten worse on this journey.  Everything is a struggle and I just wonder if I'll feel better by just disappearing.  

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    2. wookie


      I've lost so many people.  All I feel is shame.  If they loved me they would've tried  to help me.

    3. BipolarSpinster


      If you disappear, you'll never get the chance to make more friends. And you will.

      I'm on the verge of sleeping, but please know I care. Things always get better even if it takes awhile.

    4. wookie


      Thank you internet stranger