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  1. I took my meds. It helped me sleep, the fever is coming down and now I am only running a low grade fever. Still feel like crap. I got worried when my fever jumped and my heart began racing. My doctor told me a fast heart was typical in someone running a very high fever. Had my fever not come down from 41 C I would have checked myself into a hospital. My pdoc pulled me off the second antidepressant because I was getting more anxious and socially phobic than I was previously. Remeron Sol-tab 45mg has a pretty calming effect and puts me to sleep. The combination of Cipralex and Remeron sort of jacked me up.
  2. They did throat swabs and determined that it's viral. if my fever keeps fluxing i go back in another 2 days.
  3. I started feeling sick this morning. I decided to go into urgent care when my fever spiked to 40.5 C. My doctor encouraged me to drink fluids, which I am. I took two extra strength tylenol so far today. When I went into my doctor he clocked my fever at 41 C. My heart was racing and I just felt like hell. I ache all over but my fever is starting to come down a bit (38.9 C). When you're sick as a dog do you take all your meds. I feel kind of awful. I recently stopped cipralex per doctors orders. On 45 mg remeron. take ativan slow release between .5 and 1.5 mg when needed. Yeah I am bit of a worrier.
  4. Prescribing 4 different benzos, in addition to Topiramate, and chloral hydrate seems highly irresponsible. It sounds like she took enough drugs to kill an elephant.
  5. . If I recall Heath Ledger died from a combination of different benzos, cold medicine and pain meds. Anna Nicole Smith took a scary amount scrips that ultimately led to her death.
  6. I get floaters and dots and migraine auras. It could just be floaters as well. I tend to get them in my left field of vision. I find my glasses help a bit since I my left eye is weaker.
  7. Not being from the US I am guessing that this is good news for those who need the insurance coverage for meds who otherwise would not have it without Obamacare.
  8. I have been an insomniac on and off for my whole life. I can remember staying awake into the wee hours of the morning when my family would be asleep as a child. I used to sleep walk. I had terrible insomnia in college, and this summer I suffered through bouts of insomnia so severe that if I didn't take anything to knock me out I'd be awake for a couple of days. This is how bad it can get for me. And I want to sleep so badly when I feel like that, but I can't- unless I take an anxiolytic or sleep med.
  9. I regard anticonvulsants as a class of meds you don't mess with because if you stop taking them suddenly you could have a seizure and die. Could ingesting large quantities for kicks cause the same problem?
  10. I have applied to 200 jobs or more over the last 4 months. I feel like I have been treated like absolute shit on two jobs where I had temporary employment. I've had interviews where it looks like the manager would rather be elsewhere than interviewing me. I have handed out resumes. What am I doing wrong? I fear I'll never find a job. I've applied to so many jobs and yet nothing. I feel it is putting stress on my relationship.
  11. Being of northern european descent and from Canada I can so understand your itchiness. I've gotten much better over the years but for the longest time I would develop sun hives/heat rash on my arms, stomach, legs, hands, feet and neck. I would be an itching irritable mess on summer vacation. I took benadryl (anti-allergy med in Canada/US) and experienced some relief. I also got hydrocortizone cream for skin that didn't heal well after I had a flair up that worked.
  12. This is why diagnosing a serious disease like bipolar requires time, and a good investigation into the person's behavior. And if you get on a good medication regardless of what it is supposed to treat and it works, stick with it.
  13. This is pretty much my dilemma. Really my behavior when things were good just appears like normal behavior for what was typical amongst other people my age. I did have a lot of sleepless nights mostly due to anxiety, not partying. And yeah I can be a cleaning devil when the house is in disarray. I don't seem too bipolar these days because I am doing pretty good with two antidepressants. What I take might send someone with a more severe case of bipolar through the roof. My meds help me sleep at night.
  14. I only had this one episode, and then something that was drug induced (Topiramate). Most of the time I suffer from atypical depression and anxiety. I was diagnosed with dysthymia as well.
  15. when I started my AD's I always go on a cleaning spree. It feels like I am organized. It usually wears off. AD's bring my sleep back. pre-meds I'd get horrible insomnia and I would fixate on something and wouldn't be unable to get my mind off it. It's like my wheels were in a deep rut.