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  1. This begs for a visit to your doctor, is this something you can do?
  2. It is good you have a doctor to guide you in the dosing as there are reports of liver damage from kava kava. So it is impossible to say what dose is safe.
  3. Yes, with emphasis on starting. That indicates you should try higher doses if 12.5 mg does not work. You still are limited to the max dose of 62.5 mg. I was doing some research on paxil, in a study of users of paxil the average dose over time was 35 mg. This was for regular paxil and the study suggested an equivalent dose would be 37.5 mg for Paxil CR.
  4. No I don't think it rude. The simple fact is that until you try the range of doses available for the med and have been at the max, tolerated dose for a while poop out is not in the picture. We all know that doses are not set in stone and it is common to need to adjust the dose. sometimes up. If you tried a handful of AD's at half the lowest dose suggested by the manufacturer you will have lousy results.
  5. The starting dosage is set in the PI at 25 mg/day so this is not poop out, just too low a dose. The dosage range is 25 mg to 62.5 mg/day. Come back when you have been at 62.5 mg for a while and it quits working.,
  6. Abilify for it's published indication, antidepressant augmentation. Propranolol for it's published indication, hand tremor/EPS. Secondary effects, hypertension control, heart rate control, anxiety. The 2 benzos; it is common practice to take a long acting benzo to cover symptoms day to day and use a short acting one for rescue/exceptions. Secondary use of Ativan is in seizures, Ativan stops them cold, good to have for status epilepticus. Secondary use for insomnia if Lunesta fails. Take Ativan rarely. Zofran for it's published indication, nausea. I have GERD and you would too if you took as many meds as I do. Take Zofran rarely. Like many here I have hard to treat insomnia. I am taking twice the max dose of Lunesta, occasionally it does not work. I can't take more Lunesta, taking Ativan will leave me groggy in the AM if it is after 12. Belsomra uses a totally different method to induce sleep so there is no danger in taking 2 sleeping pills. Belsomra does not interfere with my other meds so it is my rescue med for insomnia, when it is 3 AM and I can't sleep but do not want to take something that will hangover into the morning. Take Belsomra rarely. Keppra is for it's indication, seizures. Mixed Amphetamine salts, for its indication, ADHD-PI. See, it makes total sense as nothing is off label.
  7. Your doc can't read your mind, you need to communicate with them if you are not doing well, not self medicate.
  8. I would guess Brintellix as this symptom, which is not uncommon, is Serotonin modulated. Take a look at previous discussion:
  9. I lived in the country for a long time in the southwest. It was so quiet I had to have the TV or radio on as background noise or tinnitus would drive me crazy. However real quiet environments are a real luxury. Finally I got tired the streets being rolled up at 6 PM so access to something like gasoline was 20 miles one way and a Walmart 30 miles away. I hate Walmart but never want to be far from one. So I live on the edge of town, between the city and the desert.
  10. Keep in mind "private doctor" means different things in the US or the UK. I much prefer private doctors who don't take insurance, things work better and what needs to happen, happens faster when there is not insurance involved. My experience is that HMO's will require monthly or every three month appointments for all psychiatric cases. I found that a "private" doc, one who does not take insurance, was costing as much or less than the insurance taking doc's , like HMO's, because the "private" doc was free to decide how often you must see them and what meds you can take based just on merely being a psychiatric case. I used to see my pdoc every 5 months because I was taking no Schedule II meds and just had stable depression in remission; I was not being treated for ADHD in a formal sense. This made my "expensive" pdoc cheaper than my HMO pdoc, who was required to see me every 3 months just because I was a psychiatric case. The insurance company is covering their butt, making the docs take a larger case loads and less money per patient but requiring more patient visits. This was supposed to make up for the shorter patient visit time. I think patients would prefer getting enough time to be heard, this will vary widely from case to case. I have had 3 minute HMO pdoc visits. With my pdoc I always get the time I paid for thought I would not get kicked out if I needed more. I get same day returned calls generally even if it was minor but always same day if serious and the rest next day. I have never not had a script not called in or made available to pick up when it was promised. If you have out of network coverage on your insurance they handle the paperwork for free as do they do PA's for free. They say they will charge you a copay if it gets complex or lengthy but I've only been asked to pay for paperwork once in 11 years. Most importantly I have the doctor's cell phone number and 24/7 access to him. My Internist has 24/7 coverage but it is to a service after hours. You do get to talk to a doc, just not your doc.
  11. Doxepin used to do this to me. After a few trials of "opps, I can't have sex, I took my meds" and then becoming useless my boyfriend at the time would find my doxepin med bottle and dole out the med after we were finished with sex to his satisfaction. This seemed to work well, he never fell asleep without giving me the doxepin. (I hid some just in case).
  12. 5 months ago (the day after Trump's inauguration) I started to have neck pain, called Cervicalgia. Dull and stabbing pain in the neck, worst in the morning when the stabbing pain is murder. I have been through 1) take pain meds and wait and see, 2) 8 weeks of PT and now 5 months latter it is no better. When it is bad I can't drive as I cannot turn my head fast enough when the traffic is bad or I have to Interstate drive. Can't clean the house. I've just seen the pain doc and after looking at my radiographs and MRI thinks they can fix it with some steroid injections to the spine in the neck. I really perked up when they said they could fix it. This has ruled my life for the last 5 months. I am just waiting for the insurance to approve the PA but they issued a PA for the MRI and steroid injections for this condition are standard. Yea !
  13. Just to note, lots of illnesses are adult-onset. I have adult-onset epilepsy, and adult-onset allergies. Never had a seizure or allergy problems in childhood. In fact if you had seizures as a child there is a good chance you will never see them as an adult. So it works both ways.
  14. Depakote is an anti seizure med and first introduced to the market for SEIZURES. MILLIONS take it for that indication. It is what I will take next since Lamictal (a seizure med) did not work and Keppra may not work.
  15. Depakote is a godsend for the epileptics who can't take the newer meds. Trashing it because YOU had a bad experience with it is , well, trashy.