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  1. Most that I read about need 9 mg or 12 mg.
  2. Some report it makes them loopy or slur their words, others do not have trouble with this.
  3. 2 drugs that work with dopamine may not work at the same place in the brain. I take Abilify and a version of Wellbutrin without any trouble.
  4. Like most of the Internet concerning psychiatry the worst cases are more likely to be reported and good cases do not make it to the Internet.
  5. Doxepin comes in 3 and 6 mg tabs so I don't see the advantage of Silenor. The pharmacy probably does not stock these strengths but can order it. CVS and Walgreens seem happy to do this. At these low doses I don't think weight gain will be an issue.
  6. You probably are allowed this already by law. Generally it has to be for at least a certain amount of time. You can also make complaints to the regulatory agency for that utility. It varies by state who it is. Names like the Public Regulatory Agency. You should keep some simple records as to when the phone service is working or not. Then simply call the phone company and tell them to pro rate your service due to extended outages. Most utilities have to refund you for lost service but the catch is often you have to ask for it.
  7. At it's core I said " the genetic tests can tell you how you metabolize some drugs". You can interpret this information to identify which drugs the patient metabolizes quickly, moderately (or normal), or slowly.
  8. So do you have any problems with mood being on a steroid (Beclomethasone)?
  9. Abilify causes a tremor in my hands. A little bit of propranolol makes it steady. That is the only side effect I have. BTW Abilify LOWERS Prolactin and is used as a treatment for folks that have to take an AP that raises it. I had no weight gain and no change in my labs for diabetes, which I had years prior to starting Abilify. I take it as an add on to treat depression, only. It really works,
  10. The thing with the slow titration is that Abilify takes 2 weeks to leave your body. If you hit a side effect like a tremor, akathisia, dystonia, etc you will be stuck with it for a while until enough Abilify leaves your body to make the side effect stop. However, your doc is being more than conservative.
  11. Many seem misinformed about these tests. People post that the test tells them which pill is best for them. No, actually the genetic tests can tell you how you metabolize some drugs. This is useful information to identify which drugs to avoid and guide dosing. This is a far cry from "We tested your genes and <whatever> drug is the answer to all your problems." That's the way things are represented on Internet boards I read.
  12. Sure, yes I do. You need to wait at least 2 weeks between dosage changes and you have done that.
  13. You have to be at the right dose. I spent 2 weeks at the wrong dose and got nothing. Once I went to 10 mg it kicked in quickly.
  14. Sometimes prednisolone is the only or best treatment. Congested lungs are serious. If it gets bad enough you suffocate, I have one of the coditions where steroids are the only treatment and very effective. I don't want to take it, I cannot sleep while on it no matter how many drugs I throw at it. I would consult with pdoc, you might have the option of temprarly increasing some of your meds. I up my Klonopin and that takes care of a lot of it.