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  1. It varies by court. Here are some guides from
  2. I just called the pharmacist and he said as they are 24 hr pills, take both together in the AM. My doc was not specific in the instructions, which say "Take 1 tablet every day".
  3. The pills are 24 hr, not 12 hr.
  4. I switching to generic bupropion XL and I take 450 mg. So I take a generic 300 mg XL and a generic 150 mg XL pill. Can I take them at the same time or do I need to let at least 8 hrs pass between doses ?
  5. I have B-12 and folic acid checked once a year as my levels are always normal.
  6. You can take too much and you have to watch that with the stored vitamins. Testing is essential if you are taking large doses and you should not take high doses without being under a doctors supervision. It would take a lot of pills to get a toxic dose so it is rare to happen.
  7. I take 2,000 IU every day or 60,000 IU a month. Perhaps you are not taking enough. I'm not so sure about a large dose every other month. I took 50,000 IU twice a week for a few weeks to build up my stores (Vitamin D is stored) and once tests showed me back to normal levels we worked out how much I would need to maintain my D level (2,000 IU) and I take this every day. My doctor said there are several reasons for low D levels, those need to be checked if aggressive supplementation does not do it.
  8. Wallgreens has compounded several things for me, I don't know if they would do Ketamine.
  9. Wellbutrin is usually stimulating however 300 mg is the official standard daily dose
  10. Right. I don't talk about my diabetes or epilepsy and generally I assume most people are not interested in hearing about my medical issues. My medical power of attorney, however, has a good understanding of my health issues. Medic Alert has all my health info so all one needs to do is hand the necklace I wear to the medical professionals treating me if they have not already found it for detailed information about me.
  11. Drugs such as Benadryl and Vistaril are anticholinergics. They have negative effects on memory, especially if you are over 50. There is a possible association with dementia.
  12. It is not unusual in BP folk to react to certain antidepressants in the manner you mention. Otherwise, no it is not a normal reaction. This is not definitive but more adds another symptom that might suggest some form of BP.
  13. Manufactures have patient assistance programs for many meds. Usually they have income requirements or other requirements. There are programs for those with insurance where the med is not allowed. There are copay programs that pick up some or all of your copay. There are 2 websites to hit to see if your med has a program or coupon.
  14. Make sure you checked the generic, eszopiclone. It is pretty cheap, I pay cash for 60 tabs every 30 days for about $36.