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  1. The States are free to make more restrictive rules/laws at the State level for drug laws and prescribing than the Federal laws. The States cannot have less restrictive rules/law than the Federal. Peruse the website for your State Boards of Pharmacy: https://nabp.pharmacy/boards-of-pharmacy/ and you are likely find information on what the prescribing laws are in your state.
  2. It depends on the state. Here schedule II can't be called in. Schedule IV meds can only be called in with a quantity of 10. That may change if the doc can do escripts. I know in Louisiana if the doc is doing escripts they can send a schedule II - IV to the pharmacy. My state does escripts but not for Schedule II, yet.
  3. https://www.bloombergquint.com/business/2018/07/17/u-s-to-make-more-drugs-easily-available-cutting-role-docs-play Common maintenance meds may become behind the counter where you only have to talk to the pharmacist to get them.
  4. You have benzos, which should take care on the start up anxiety. Are you taking them ?
  5. MY first degree was before the ADA. I went back to school at a Community College some time after the ADA became law. They did not have a health clinic. I was already established with an Internist and pdoc and had insurance. They did have staff that handled ADA matters. I simply provided a letter from my pdoc and they gave me extra time for tests. That is all I needed. I got a letter from the ADA office to give to my teachers, I did not have to disclose anything. If the teachers objected or had questions I referred them to the ADA office director. As this was a community college many of the teachers were new to teaching and did not know the ADA well. I had to call the ADA director about one teacher, otherwise there were no problems.
  6. As mental illness does not remain static over time, tending to get worse if left untreated, the illness you had 20 years ago is not the same today. Your reaction to drugs will change, too. My first try at Metformin did not get above 500 mg without GI distress. Years later I accidentally took 1,000 mg for several months before I realized it and had no problems. There is also something to be said for giving a med a long enough trial.
  7. The problem with Zyprexa, if taken daily over time, is likely to raise your blood sugar by increasing insulin resistance, mess with your lipids in a negative way, cause weight gain, and induce Metabolic Syndrome. Other than that it is a great drug. Unless you have diabetes occasional use as needed probably will avoid these side effects. Acceptable as a rescue med.
  8. Lamictal titrations are usually difficult, sleep issues are common unfortunately. Things tend to get better at your target dose or at least at 100 mg. Then Lamictal tends to be well tolerated. It tends to have a narrow window, dose wise, at which it works best. I would wait to talk with your doc. I took Lamictal for several years and tolerated it well up to 400 mg. Above that was not pleasant. Dosage changes caused the side effects I had while titrating to come back for a few days.
  9. I don't think your doctor is accepting pay for prescribing Trintellix. It does happen and the doctors go to jail for it, lose their medical license, etc. Doctors tend, especially in psychiatry as all the meds suck, to go with the new. They know what the standard meds offer and they are trying to find something that has fewer side effects and works better. So they go with the new. This is standard medical practice. My doctor has a whole room for samples and she helps patients who can't afford their meds and with samples to start new meds so if it does not work you are out no money. Does this affect her judgement ? She treats me for a number of chronic conditions, I take lots of meds for non-psychiatric issues. I take 1 brand among 14 meds. It is one of my diabetes meds, the others are generic. Brand diabetic meds offer me the chance to not have to go to insulin with self-injection. I do not want to deal with needles.
  10. I have found going to the Social Security office is the quickest way to make changes or ask questions. I make a appointment online because they are required to meet me at that specific time. I don't have to take a number and wait.
  11. That does not matter. I was mom's representative payee but not in any means, as I lived 2000 miles from her, was I her primary caregiver.
  12. Get another representative payee as you are unable to handle the duties of this task.
  13. I would be dead without regular medication., I don't see why it sucks. I am glad for it and for my life.
  14. That is not useful. It measures NT's that are used in metabolism and not NT levels at their receptors. This one come up agains and again. Folks it is beyond our technology to test for NT levels in the CNS.
  15. Only the tolerance follows not side effects unrelated to tolerance. I've never heard of rotating benzos. Given they are cross tolerant with tolerance and dependence I don't see why. Nurses are not qualified to give you advice like this, get advice on this from your doctor. Nurses, except some specialties, can not write a script.