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  1. The peak time for abilify is 3 to 5 hours after taking it and you are describing twice that time for your headache to start. I would expect a headache to happen sometime during the peak time. I know I did not get headaches from Abilify, just insomnia. I waited that out and it quit. Often start up side effects go away with a little time.
  2. It is a hoax trying to get you to download malware. It resides on your phone. Don't download the app as it asks you to do, that will infect you even more.
  3. A bad idea all round. Lithium carbonate is easier on your kidneys, far easier than Lithium Orotate. Regardless of the kind of lithum you take you need regular tests, kidney function for one.
  4. Yes, it is a rather weak AD in terms of receptor binding so it takes a significant dose often to get effects. That's not to say that everyone has to take 300 mg for it to be effective, some do get effects at 150 mg. The generic can be quite cheap, it's $23.78 at the albertsons up the street for 30 300 mg XL tablets. You can also order through the web. The sticky part is getting an Australian script accepted here. I know it can be done, I just know nothing about the process. Albertsons is a major corporation with brick and mortar stores throughout the US. Certainly reputable.
  5. cyproheptadine (an old antihistamine) is one option to temporarily reverse antidepressant sexual dysfunctions.
  6. Unless you can get to 300 mg, as the manufacturer recommends, it is doubtful 150 mg is going to do much.
  7. If you have started this med recently I would hold making these kind of associations until you have been on it for 4-8 weeks. These side effects can go away with a little time. 150 mg is just the starting dose. The US Prescribing Information says for depression the starting dose is 75 or 150 mg and the standard dose is 300 mg.
  8. Lots of people report they do not like the extended release amphetamines and just take the IR. This allows you tailor the dose to your needs. I've yet to meet an extended release amphetamine last as long as it is advertised to and I have taken all of them.
  9. Try and find someone who uses it, I doubt you will. The rage/anger side effect is generally overblown by some. I don't feel anything mood wise or otherwise from Keppra. Keppra is a racetam and there are many racetams, several labeled as "smart drugs". All of them have anticonvulsive effects at the gram dose level. Maybe one of them has mood stabilizing effects, too.
  10. As Wooster said in the middle of this thread, this is common. Lots of people hear music.It is so common as to not be considered a disease or disorder. I have constant ringing in the ears and it seems weekly that a new song is chosen and I will hear snippets of this song when my brain is not overly occupied. Some consider this kind of stuff as being a sub-sign for a seizure disorder of some kind. I always chalked my music as being related to the epilepsy I have. Now, if it is interfering with daily activities or you just can't stand it anymore certainly see your doctor.
  11. You are on a low dose and I don't think you can tell anything at those doses. Abilify did not work at all until 10 mg and then boy it did work. People report agitation at lower doses which goes away once you raise the dose.
  12. It is not your job as a patient please your doc. Mainly it is your doc who has an assignment and the responsibility of making you better. Part of that is dealing with a few bumps in the road. Do you think you're the first patient who stopped their meds on their own ? Of course not.