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  1. I have gastritis from Abilify. I did not find PPI's to be effective. H Blockers like Tagamet or Zantac are more effective for me.
  2. There is definitely a sweet spot for Abilify and Abilify needs to be introduced by slow titration and at a low dose to avoid some side effects. 2 mg risperidone is more like at least 10 mg Abilify. Getting on Abilify can be rough to do. Most seem to experience insomnia. It does go away for most, it did for me once I was on a stable dose and had finished titration. So you really have to hunker down and get through the titration. I took a benzo while I was titrating, that really smoothed over things. Bumped up the sleeping meds but I found Abilify insomnia hard to treat, even high doses did not yield good sleep.
  3. I don't think it is different in Texas. You can get a DUI even if the med was prescribed if your driving indicated impairment.
  4. Help me sleep

    I would try raising the Seroquel to 200 mg, Trazodone can go to 300 mg. I've taken as much as 600 mg but I was using it as an antidepressant. You do realize when you make those large dose changes you will have rebound insomnia for several nights. i've done sleep hygiene for decades and for me the 2 biggies are cool room and dark room,
  5. I was NEVER talking about cigarettes. http://discovermagazine.com/2014/march/13-nicotine-fix
  6. Mental illness tends to be for life, especially if there are multiple episodes.
  7. I pay $450/Hr (in 15 or 30 min chunks) to see the best pdoc ever. He has me in long term remission.
  8. Lithium is classified as an antipsychotic, BTW. Lamictal as an anticonvulsant. I am suspicious of people who say they are intolerant to whole classes of meds, meds that are not chemically related.
  9. My lawyer had questionnaire for each medical specialty and said getting the docs to fill them out was the single most important thing to do to get disability. My pdoc was not real supportive but I did not care. It is a fact he has me on a boatload of meds. You do not get to this point having mild mental illness. I also have physical disability and my generalist was in full support and wrote I was 100% disabled and there was no job I could do.
  10. IF you know you will be on pred you could increase your other meds ahead of the start of the mania/insomnia as prophylaxis. Your doc should come up with a cocktail for these times you have to take pred. I would increase the Ativan. Sleeping is hard for most on any corticosteroid, I have to take pred. or a stronger steroid from time to time or I risk serious illness or death. I have to load myself down with different benzos and still all I get is broken sleep. This on 6 mg Lunesta, 3 mg Klonopin, and 4 mg Ativan. For me I have to keep treatment ahead of the side effects of pred. That means the time to medicate is not when you can't sleep or are having mania. It is before this happens.
  11. I suspect your parents are at loose ends on how to handle your mental illness. They seem to be trying to give you the tools you will need for employment and to be sucessful. You just need to get the mental illness under control. A medical leave would give you some time to sort things out.
  12. Some people have a drug resistant depression that does not respond to traditional meds. Among other off label prescribing, stimulants are sometimes used, especially for anhedonia. They are not first line treatments but for the right patient who has tried the traditional meds and failed they can be effective. It is important you not exceed the dosage instructions you were given. Exceeding that dose is one of the indicators doc's use to help identify patients who are not suited for scheduled meds.
  13. Actually psychiatrists are the poorest reimbursed when it comes to insurance.Even my allergist gets more from my insurance($90) than a psychiatrist($25). That's why so many psychiatrists don't take insurance and are moving into private practice. There is no money in insurance for a psychiatrist. And with that mesley $25 comes reams of paperwork for the doctor to fill out.. Billing is a sore point, doctors don't get paid to fill out forms. many times. My pdoc now charges a fee it you have lots of paperwork. A long form from my Social Security advocate, several pages had a fee of $91. I think it is totally wrong to ask someone to work (doctor filling out forms; .it is work) and not get paid. Generally it is illegal. All of this relies on the unique skills a knowledge a doctor has access to. You get to charge more because you gave up a decade of your life just to learn how not to kill people. To get an MD it takes about 8 years of study and large student loans, for most. Plus 2 more years for a specialty. "to money".... actually why do people work ? They don't do it for fun, they do it to earn a living because the economies run on money