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  1. Patient assistant programs: Coupons: http:www.//
  2. I'll block you so I will not waste any time trying to be helpful or answering questions that you asked.
  3. Pdoc's are medical doctors. Their tool is meds, they are trained in medication and the medical treatment of mental illness. Don't knock them when they hand out meds, that is what they do. Why did you go to them in the first place if you did not want to be on meds. It is like criticizing a surgeon for offering surgery. If you don't want to be cut, as that is what a surgeon is trained to do, do see them. Or a car salesman selling you a car.
  4. Learning disorders are not personality disorders. They are a significant deficits in specific abilities that affect learning. There are several LD's. How is your handwriting ? In dysgraphia you see grip problems, trouble learning to write related to grip problems. It is common the person can't well control how much pressure they are using while writing and bear down too hard. Very poor handwriting is common to the point of being unreadable. Depression and to some extent ADD are comorbid. In dyspraxia, called the clumsy child syndrome, some have trouble speaking as they have poor control of vocal cords and other vocal functions. Not everyone has the trait. They too have handwriting problems but not as significantly as dysgraphics. Learning the grip things, like a glass or pencil is common. Depression is comorbid and 50% of dyspraxics have ADD. Late learning to tie shoes or ride a bike is common (balance problems) Being mixed or cross dominate presentation is common. My dominant hand is the right one but my left eye is dominant. I have very poor eye/hand coordination. There is a lot of overlap of symptoms and not everybody has all the symptoms. Treatment consists of learning coping skills and learning to capitalize on strengths. LD people may have significant deficits in some things but be in the 90 percentile with other skills. LD does not affect intelligence, many/most have higher than average IQ's. Treating comorbidities is crucial. That is usually with meds for depression or ADD. Otherwise it is learning coping skills so diagnosis is not as important as treating the obvious deficits or things the patient expresses trouble with.
  5. You need to jump on this. Totally not eating can be deadly. Mess up your electrolytes (include calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphate and chloride) and essential functions, like heartbeat and muscles working, stop working and you could die. The only way to get electrolytes is to eat or drink them.
  6. See a pdoc about this, this is beyond a person's ability to work out on themselves.
  7. Klonopin and propranolol work for me. What I hate is I do, what to others seems dumb, but it is just because of my dyspraxic miswiring. I have mixed dominance which leads to being a clutz. I am slow to learn new tasks that are physical. I have trouble with physical tasks that far younger people have mastered and I think this puts me in a bad light. I have great trouble with starting tasks or figuring the order (what comes next) in a task and my ADD (50 % of dyspraxics have ADD) plays into this. Treating my ADD makes a big difference in my quickness to pick up new tasks, figuring what comes first, and the order to do them in.
  8. Have you been checked out by a doc, self diagnosis is not effective. What if it is not the meds but a symptom of a serious illness, as loss of appetite often is.
  9. You have not given it enough time to equate anything to the cause of your depression. 6-8 weeks after you are on a stable dose.
  10. I pick up my lab results at the lab itself, so I get them quickly. Just have to show ID. Per HIPAA they have to give information directly to the patient. I've never been charged a fee.
  11. Glad to help. There is quite a bit of misinformation about interactions and AED's.
  12. That is not that many meds for a mentally ill person. You are not out of options by any stretch of the imagination. The Effexor takes a while to reach steady state as does all meds that have a long half life.
  13. I think kids should be barred from school if they are not immunized. Sorry but your 3 kids who you chose to not vaccinate have no right to endanger 100's 1-000's students every day. If you want to pass around your fake news and scare tactics posts, do it on your own time. The public listens to scientists not lawyers and we do not use pseudoscience to make major choices with you kids that affects everybody (the hurd)