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  1. No, I think it indicates I'm not very dependent to Klonopin.
  2. I seems you have already been checked out, which is good. Trust the answers they gave you.
  3. Do you often lie to your pdoc?

    How about something like "I have something I would like to discuss" at your pdoc appointment ? Don't worry, they have heard it all and should not be phased in the least.
  4. Meds that have the potential to be hard on the liver are identified in the PI. People should be getting liver function tests yearly, it is routine care. More frequent if you take meds. This is a blood test. I take 14 or so meds and have not hit one that has changed my liver function test from normal.
  5. A longer acting benzo, such as Klonopin, should solve this. No, I do not think having migraines between doses to be acceptable. At all.
  6. Beware, poor attendance is one of the most common reasons for work firing people. Most employment is "at will" in the USA, which means they don't even need a reason to fire you. However, unemployment insurance is based on the reason for termination. You will are unlikely to get unemployment if poor attendance is the reason they terminated you.
  7. Alcohol has wide ranging effects, along with being a toxin. The meds are not tested with alcohol, the same for illicit drugs.
  8. There is a sweet spot, the right dosage, with Lamictal. If you are not at it you will have increased side effects. Common side effects are side effects in the language area (word finding) and memory. I was fine up to 400 mg although too little and I had language and memory problems. Above 400 mg I had far worse side effects, still in the language and memory areas. I was trying for 600 mg, the standard dosage for seizures, as the lower doses did not control my seizures.
  9. Look, I already told you that. But here goes. These genetic tests predict metabolism. THat's all they do. They don't tell you what meds you should take. They DO tell you if you are a slow or ultra fast metabolizer of the med. If you are a slow metabolizer, normal doses will be too high for you. You get side effects. If you are a fast one then normal doses are too low, normal doses do nothing or little for you. In some cases you can simply take less or more, but this does not apply to all meds.
  10. Money makes all the difference in mental health care. If you have it your chances of getting good care increase dramatically. Same thing with our legal system. Having money (and I do not mean rich) increases your chance of having the favorable outcome. This applies to the USA.
  11. I agree with JT. Dreams are random electrical activity which your brain cobbles together into a story.
  12. There is a whole world of meds that can help you sleep. Try another and keep going until you find one that works for you. It is the adrenergic effects of the AD that are pushing your heart rate up. The heart is regulated in part by noradrenaline so when you take a med that increases this neurotransmitter you have a possibility of having heart effects.
  13. Unless someone says they think you are an alcoholic because you don't drink I would not assume anything. I don't drink, I never drank. I don't experience pressure from others to drink when I am out. I planed for it to happen so I came up with 2 simple excuses. "I can't drink with my antibiotics" or I have the bartender make me a fake drink of tonic and water with a garnish. Unless you let others have a sip of your drink no one will know. I can nurse this drink for several hours.
  14. Well the meds are making you asymptomatic, you should not take this as a sign you need less meds. If you are asymptomatic you should stay at that dose, if possible, as IT IS WORKING.