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  1. It is just for a specific children's Epilepsy here.
  2. I would get to the ER right now to get this checked. They probably have more experience with SJS than some dentists.
  3. Which ones ? You really should post a list or put your present meds in your sig line.
  4. I'm now on the best combo I have ever been, and that spans decades. I tried several extended release formulations plus a PM IR booster. My doc suggested we switch to an IR based 3 times a day method. I get 3 30 mg pills a day taken in any way I would like to. 2 in the morning and then whenever I want. Or not. Or divide the three pills evenly. I find myself going back and forth from doing 2 pills or 3 pills a day. My needs vary so my dosage needs to, too.
  5. IIRC methamphetamine is metabolized into amphetamine. Quite a bit of methamphetamine is excreted by the kidneys, unchanged, where pH affects rate of excretion. Methamphetamine lasts a long time as it is slowly metabolized into amphetamine. I would suspect methamphetamine is active itself.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    bach's unaccompanied cello suite no. 1
  7. Thyroid disease (autoimmune, Hashimoto's) are lifetime illnesses requiring a lifetime of treatment. The goal in supplementation is to return levels to normal, which is a range. It sounds like this is not a mental health question.
  8. There is nothing wrong with the Sandoz generic, I take it.
  9. Gastric reflux has nothing to do with this. I take Zantac for reflux every morning and have not noticed a difference but taking Tums just prior to taking my amphetamine makes a difference. Zantac and especially Nexium take time to work (hours), you don't take them and suddenly your stomach contents don't change in pH. Taking Tums causes a quick change in pH. Tums is basic so it lowers acidic environments. Keep in mind the pH of the urine has a lot to do with elimination. Nexium, Zantac and all the acid reducers lower the amount of acid but don't change the pH. Sorry but this is basic high school chemistry. You learn about pH and acid/base reactions in high school.
  10. Me too. My advocate prepared detailed questionnaires (not required by SS but oh the difference) for all my docs, three of them. I saw them they were detailed. I noticed these questionnaires were what the judge mainly looked at and used. The advantage of having an attorney represent you cannot be expressed. Even though I used an Advocate I still had an attorney represent me at hearings. My judge interrogated the attorney, not me. I only spoke if they needed clarification, the judge talked manly to the attorney.
  11. For treating mental illnesses the idea is to push the level(s) to the top of normal or higher.
  12. I don't find 7-8 meds, in general, excessive. I take 16 a day and am in long term remission from depression. Take a look around at peoples signatures.
  13. There is nothing that can negate amphetamine that you eat or drink. pH has a lot to do with absorption. If the urine or stomach contents are too acidic there will be less absorption. Too basic and there will be more absorption. The ER treatment for amphetamine "OD" is to make things acidic, some other stuff, and general supportive measures.
  14. We only have meds to treat symptoms not diagnosis. So this means the important thing is getting the symptoms under control. Given how sensitive people say they are, often it is not what works but what the patient can tolerate.