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  1. MAOI Diet Effects

    You should get a blood pressure cuff so you can know for sure what you blood pressure is. Here in the US we have ones that automatically check your pressure. All you have to do is stick you arm in the cuff, it does the rest.
  2. A blood test measuring TSA and T3/4. Once you find the right dose you will not need the test too frequently.
  3. You sound very manic. Mania destroys relationships and lives. It can even kill. I would be worried too if I were in your situation.
  4. Klonopin is a very likely suspect, brain fog and fatigue are well known side effects for benzos. 50 mg is a tiny dose of Lamictal, most people are in the 100's of mgs as a daily dose and do not experience sedation or brain fog. I did not have cognitive and fatigue problems until 600 mg/day. Prozac is generally not sedating but to some it is.
  5. It is not an unusual treatment for depression to augment with a thyroid hormone. Decades old treatment for the hard to treat. You don't give enough hormone to push one into hyperthyroid but the range for normal thyroid hormone is quite wide. You dose until you are in the top range of normal.
  6. Meds and pregnancy

    It depends on which med, you can't generalize by med class. There is a rating scale for meds with respect to birth defects, find out where your meds sit and discuss with your doctor.
  7. I would avoid any any antihistamine that is anticholinergic, like benadryl, as they can produce or make dementias worse. This side effect increases as you age as your acetylcholine levels, a neurotransmitter, drop as you age. An anticholinergic will only make this worse.
  8. Just because you find someone taking the same meds it is highly unlikely you will have the same reactions. We are each unique.
  9. Provigil anyone?

    I did for the first week or so.
  10. I've noticed different people experience zaps on serotonin affecting meds, but not all people experience these zaps.
  11. You may tolerate one over the other, even though they have the same method of action.