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  1. I just don't think there is time to really learn psychology to the point of being able to do therapy. Med school is 8 years and a specialty 2 more. A masters level psychologist has a 6 year degree on just psychology.
  2. None of mine since 1985 have offered therapy.
  3. Around 20% get the bad taste in their mouth with Lunesta.
  4. Yep, anything that touches Serotonin is a no-no with MAOI's at least starting up with them.
  5. Seroquel is a real possibility, Lamictal less so.
  6. If you see psychiatrists you will get pills because they are medical doctors so they approach things from the medical viewpoint. Their treatments are largely going to be meds. If you want to talk therapists, psychologists, and social workers are who you usually go to. Decades ago it was more common for psychiatrists to offer psychotherapy.
  7. If you are on an AP of any kind your doctor should be doing the AIMS (Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale) once a year. It is used to detect movement disorders sooner rather than later.
  8. At least my generalist researched it and may have talked to my pdoc and then removed from my chart any mention of bipolar.
  9. As to taking 2 AD's and Serotonin Syndrome(SS), you are unlikely to have major problems until you get to the MAOI's. It can be life threatening mixing MAOI's and many psychiatric and non psychiatric meds. SS seems to need two dissimilar agents and not just more of the same.
  10. I agree, it is a redundant combination.
  11. I used to take Lamictal for seizures and Abilify for depression augmentation and got into an argument with my dermatologist, he was saying that because I took that combo I must be bipolar. Why he made it his business when all I needed a mole check was beyond me. My generalist assumed the same thing and had me listed as having bipolar.. I corrected her and she finally redacted that part of my chart. I do not want to be seen as bipolar by mistake, the outcomes are worse with bipolar than MDD. So my neurologist got the full list of meds, after all he knew why I took Lamictal but I skipped listing these meds for the dentist. I'll tell them about the diabetes and epilepsy but not the mental illness drugs. The forms I filled out asked several times if you had a mental illness diagnosis and they seemed very focused on depression. I'm not giving my dentist that info.
  12. In some cases where I felt I would be treated differently if they knew I had MI I chose to not list those drugs. Far from ideal but some will treat you differently.
  13. The problem with Zyprexa is it commonly causes weight gain and metabolic syndrome. It's great taken PRN or for short periods, though.
  14. Well, Lamictal for anxiety would be totally off label prescribing. It is not even sedating for most.
  15. Feeling of dread sounds like akathisia. There are treatments for that.