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  1. I've got 4 goals of my past and present Fixing my smile (it was a minor overbite as a teen and I was supposed to get braces back then); it's mostly done, but I still have a little time left in braces and then getting 2 permanent implants to replace missing teeth. Stopping cutting (after I admitted to needing help and sought it) Losing weight, I've been overweight for a while, but after high school is when I really got quite a bit heavier; my heaviest was over 270 lbs, I'm now around 255-260ish and trying really hard to lose weight (i was 238 a few Drs appointments ago, but I got burnt out and rebounded); this week I started doing over 1 hour at the gym (3 miles of Cardio (treadmill with incline) plus working out my legs) every other day. I plan on adding more things next week and trying to just keep at it consistently. And lastly, eventually I want to get Lasik because I hate how I lose glasses and then get so dirty way too easily. How about you guys?
  2. Yes, the wicked cut in my mouth healed within a week once I got the sharp wore end cut off. Now my only annoying and painful problem is my messed up foot, I'll tell the Dr when I go to my appointment, maybe they will do something this time because insoles only multiplied the pain.
  3. Stressed and annoyed. I'm trying to stay in a good mood and trying to work out even a little bit on most days to lose weight . Some days I'm feeling too physically burned out, other days I just don't feel like doing anything. And sadly the only thing that can help is money or enough time to get more money, so I'm gonna be broke for months.
  4. Worst sharp piece of end wire to date, I looked in my mouth to see why and it's a long cut, but not particularly deep, doesn't seem infected and not bleeding either.
  5. Just wondering how much pain is enough to where you complain, go see a doctor, etc. Me, I would likely complain or at least show signs of pain at a 7 or high. To want too see a doctor, probably more like a 9 that keeps hurting for a long time; probably just because I'm stubborn. 3 worst pains of my life, 1. Wisdom teeth, and then the other 2 would be when I sprained my right hand and this big cut in my mouth that's been plaguing me for over a week, but only felt really painful the last two days. Right now I'm managing it and seeing my Orthodontist tomorrow to get the issue dealt with (sharp end piece of wire).
  6. About 1 month until my Dr appointment, since we had to reschedule it; which is good because maybe I will be able to lose a few pounds by then (I'm really trying but it's been hard because of different reasons). Then in about 2 months I have a week of vacation. And in about 3, hopefully I will be getting my braces removed after having them for 2 years, I'm literally waiting on 2 teeth to move to their proper final spots.
  7. So I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday and will be getting bloodwork done in a couple hours. What the chance that I have anything to worry about? I have slowed down on how much I drink for most of this year, but a couple weeks ago on a Sunday when I took it too far I'm starting to worry might have a negative lasting effects (the last 1-2 years I've had bloodwork every so often and it always comes back good, so mostly I'm worrying about whether the last 6 months will end up causing a lasting negative effect). I mean I've felt fine for the most part the last couple weeks, but when I laugh it hurts so much and idk if that's part of trying to lose weight, nothing to worry about, or potentially something bad (i was pretty sick for a whole week but since then thought I was recovered)
  8. I'm a little depressed that I'm in a state of financial ruin until I get my credit card bill paid (which I am going to, but it might take a while and I may end up having to pay some interest on it); and it's not gonna be easy, but I'll get back on track
  9. I was pretty sick on Monday, missed work and slept all day, and then I was pretty sick the last few days; but I'm feeling physically and mentally better now.
  10. I tried ebay and paypal, they are both giving me the same runaround, making me wait 11 days. It started as a dispute and now it's a claim and won't process until next week and they told me they can't make it go any quicker.
  11. I try to stay busy with TV shows, and a lot of the time I play video games, just sometimes I get in the mood that I don't care about anything.
  12. I've done this before, usually after starting on my medicine and getting some sleep I feel as good as new. I guess I feel like nothing and a nobody because of a particular ebay representative that tried to say I should have known it was a scam because it was too cheap. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think an item that costs $400 brand new should sell used for $400+. I was all set to have a very good weekend and then this ebay/paypal BS ruined it. I guess when I feel really badly I wanna drink myself stupid so my brain shuts down and I don't have to think about my problems; I know it's not a good way to deal with things and I should stop
  13. Yes, what will happen will happen, I'm not doing anything besides trying to fall asleep.