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  1. I was pretty sick on Monday, missed work and slept all day, and then I was pretty sick the last few days; but I'm feeling physically and mentally better now.
  2. I tried ebay and paypal, they are both giving me the same runaround, making me wait 11 days. It started as a dispute and now it's a claim and won't process until next week and they told me they can't make it go any quicker.
  3. I try to stay busy with TV shows, and a lot of the time I play video games, just sometimes I get in the mood that I don't care about anything.
  4. I've done this before, usually after starting on my medicine and getting some sleep I feel as good as new. I guess I feel like nothing and a nobody because of a particular ebay representative that tried to say I should have known it was a scam because it was too cheap. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think an item that costs $400 brand new should sell used for $400+. I was all set to have a very good weekend and then this ebay/paypal BS ruined it. I guess when I feel really badly I wanna drink myself stupid so my brain shuts down and I don't have to think about my problems; I know it's not a good way to deal with things and I should stop
  5. Yes, what will happen will happen, I'm not doing anything besides trying to fall asleep.
  6. Idk what's gonna happen to me; but I drank like 1/3rd of a 1.75L of regular strength vodka, took my regular medicine (Seroquel XR and sertraline); and 16 zzz-quill pills, I have never went this extreme before, but maybe I can handle it because I'm quite overweight and strong; but if not, please try to give my life some sort of meaning and please let everybody know how much ebay and paypal sucks. I paid $250 for a ps4 pro and some B told me I should have known it was a scam and that due to a technical error (that they won't admit is a technical error, never mind I've done the same mistake half a dozen times, basically I paid with the wrong card, got a refund and then repaid with the right card and it simply says I have a refund, never mind 1 refund and 2 payments = item paid for). Anyways either CYA in the morning or maybe in another life.
  7. Difficult? More like impossible, the seller is clearly a scumbag with nothing better to do.
  8. It's a playstation 4 (video game system if you really didnt know) that has a better processor and does higher resolution graphics
  9. I ordered a ps4 pro and got a magazine
  10. Just to let you guys know, I'm persistent and will not give up until I get my refund, if they keep going for 11 days I will be their biggest nightmare/headache for 11 days.
  11. It's no mistake, another guy thought he was buying some rare expensive tube amplifier, paid like $2800 dollars and their feedback says they received a "dirty book"; this guy meant to send me a magazine for like 1% of what I paid, now I gotta wait 11 days for a refund because they believe the seller should have a chance to try to work things out with the buyer. Never mind this guy only has positive feedback from buying and only negative feedback from selling (i took a chance because I thought ebay and paypal were gonna take care of me, not wait almost 2 weeks for giving a new seller a chance to do the right thing and build themselves up).
  12. Well, I tried ebay and paypal customer support again, they basically said I'm gonna have to wait almost 2 weeks to give the seller the right to respond and stall the process of refunding my money in this clear case of fraud. Pass along the below video to everybody so hopefully ebay and paypal will see how wrong they are and start to actually care more about the honest buyer rather than the fraudulent seller.