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  1. my family reached a new low today. dunno if I'm going to post details here, but I just. I don't know how to deal with this right now. I barely feel anything about it

  2. funny enough, my gp says I need a new therapist, and my therapist says I need a new gp :/
  3. Listening to the Fun Home soundtrack... and realizing her dad is my brother. The closet messes you up. I'm not excusing either. But. It messes you up when you're that scared of being seen.

  4. Thanks for the information. I honestly feel like I'm flailing in the dark and no one knows what to suggest. So thanks so much for giving me answers, guys
  5. Brooklyn 99! Why did I wait so long to watch this show?
  6. 2 comics: 1) Lighter Than my Shadow: a diary comic about a woman with an eating disorder and trauma 2) My Brother's Husband: a manga about a man realizing that he held prejudice against his brother, and trying to get better God, they're good comics. They handle their subject matter really well.
  7. Not bad, but low on motivation. Trying to be kind to myself for not getting one thing on my list done
  8. I may have started vaping. DON'T JUDGE ME. I figured aromatherapy+deep breathing would be helpful. I know weed is better, but I'm TERRIFIED of getting arrested.

  9. Dr is gonna try and refer me to psyches at hospitals. Unfortunately she knows very little about neurodiversity. She wanted my therapist to guide her, but my therapist is still a student so her hands are tied - _ - I'll look into Homewood. Thanks
  10. I've heard of people using leaves. just gotta be careful which ones
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into it
  12. I'm surprisingly good??? I felt calmer than I have in months. It made me want to cry. Maybe it was placebo effect, but I don't even care. It was like I was just. Okay. Today, I exercised, did laundry, cleaned the fish tank, and wrote. I also took time to play some video games. I haven't been this productive in weeks. I haven't done more than 1 chore in a day in weeks (if that), unless my fiancee really pushes me. I did all this on my own. I even cleaned the house a little for guests tomorrow. Maybe having a few hours without fear last night made today easier. I still had a depression spike today, but compared to my usual fare? Miraculous. There's no way in hell everything is magically fixed. That's not how my brain chemistry works. But for today, I'm going to try to relax. I deserve to relax.
  13. Thanks for the support, everyone. I honestly keep waffling on what to do about this. Probs gonna be a while before I really decide
  14. She said that she thinks I couldn't get a job or keep one as I am. Right now my parents support me, but because of that, I feel like I need to include them in every aspect of my life. But they enabled my abuse so I just can't deal with that right now. Hence: odsb. But I'm still thinking it over`
  15. Probs not the right place to post this but w/e. I'm getting the distinct impression no one knows how to help me. Including me. I'm considering going inpatient. I have chronic issues and see no end to them, but I have to change something so I can at least function. My dr told me to try to get on disability. Wanna try this first. Still holding it hope I can get a job at some point soon (unlikely). has anyone been impatient at camh? Or another ward in Toronto?