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  1. had my bffs over for my bday and was terrified that every mistake I made would lead to them never speaking to me again :wall: THEY'RE NOTHING LIKE MY FRENEMIES! yet I fear the pattern will repeat.

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    2. huntforbravery


      I have 3 friends who are amazing angel saints. and a few people left over from school stuff who I don't really talk to 

    3. ladyboss


      oddly enough, had more "friends" in high school. some are more or less acquantinces now because we don't talk as much, etc. really just a hi if we see each other. but being an adult sucks, you don't see people as much because everyone is getting on with their lives .getting married, having babies, going to college, working, etc. i keep my circle small because some people still INSIST on starting drama and i'm too old for it, frankly. so don't feel bad. the only person i talk to that's not a relative is my boyfriend, and the lady i babysat for. my boyfriend's family, and like a FEW of his friends. but in reality, i consider my boyfriend, one of his friends, the lady i babysat for to be my friends.

      that mentality began to set in at 17, when i began college. i graduated at 16. i wanted to grow up so fast. i don't know how old you are, i think you said you were in high school? don't let it slip away. really. bills suck, being an adult sucks.

    4. huntforbravery


      Nah I'm 24. I only talk to my friends online and see them once a month or so, because we live apart. We talk every day online, though, and through text.