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  1. Merry Christmas :) 

    1. jt07


      Merry Christmas to you too, Andy!

  2. I take Lithium myself, been on it since 2008. As far as I can tell, I don't get any sedation from the lithium. I understand you say you only take those 3 medications in the morning, and It's possible that the lithium could be making you sleepy in the mornings, but could it also be possible that maybe the sedation from one of your night pills might be carrying over into the morning?
  3. Here's my updated list: Lithium 900mg (300mg AM / 600mg bedtime) - mood stabilization Clozaril 325mg bedtime - psychosis and mood stabilization Celexa 20mg AM - bipolar depression Xanax 0.5mg 3x/day - anxiety and panic Pantoprazole 40mg bid - gerd / acid reflux Pepcid 40mg bedtime - gerd / acid reflux Colace - PRN constipation Miralax - PRN constipation
  4. I was just diagnosed with lactose intolerance and I'd like to learn about different things I can do (diet, etc) to help prevent further upset. I know (from doc) that I have to avoid milk that's from a cow, and that almond milk is ok. If you guys have any suggestions or feedback please let me know.
  5. What Did You Accomplish Today?

    I got 2 doctor's appointments done today. One for pdoc and one for my GI doctor. They both went very well.
  6. Anybody ever take Topamax as a mood stabilizer (for bipolar)? If so, please share your experiences. Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm seeing pdoc on Monday.

  8. Is it possible that you could explain to your doctor that this combination of meds is sedating you and maybe ask if you could try something that is less sedating?
  9. Bifocals vs Trifocals vs Progressive Lenses

    Sorry for "reviving" this old thread, but I figured since the questions related to this topic, I'd keep everything in one thread. It seems that progressives are the most favored by people here. I just have 2 follow up questions for right now. 1. How is the intermediate/computer vision in the lenses? 2. How much did your progressives cost? This is all I can think of for right now. I appreciate all responses.
  10. coffee is a wonderful thing. :)

  11. When I go to have my lithium checked, my pdoc tells me to take my dose as normal at bedtime and to skip my morning dose until after the blood draw.
  12. IMO, with the fasting tests, I think it's nothing past midnight. I don't know the answer to your thyroid test question, I'm sorry. (hoping someone knows the answer)
  13. Z-drugs are medications used to treat insomnia. They include such medications as Ambien and Lunesta.
  14. Brillitex

    Do you mean "brintellix"?
  15. Bifocals vs Trifocals vs Progressive Lenses

    I know this an older thread, but since the question is semi related, I didn't want to open a new thread. If I chose bifocals, I know they only have 2 focal points (distance and near). With the distance on the top and the reading on the bottom, which portion of the lens do you use for computer work? Do you have to tilt your head a certain way (ex. tilt head back to utilize the reading portion) to use the computer with your bifocals? Thanks in advance.