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  1. I agree with @Iceberg on this one. If you have blue lips, that's not normal. I would go to ER on this one.
  2. I thought I would post to share that there are 2 FDA approved medications for treating TD. Ingrezza: https://www.ingrezza.com/ Austedo: https://austedo.com/td
  3. When I started taking Lithium, I had a hand tremor, but it went away over time.
  4. In the past, I've had my WBC numbers be above normal. That's totally fine. You can continue to take clozapine. In some cases (according to my pdoc), your WBC can go up for something as simple as a cold. Liked said above, only need to worry if the count goes low.
  5. Effexor XR Issues

    I've never taken Effexor, but I do have acid reflux (either on its own or as a side effect from a medication I take), and I take Pepcid for it.
  6. I'm not sure if it's from the lithium, but I have acid reflux/heartburn. I take Pepcid for it.
  7. As mentioned, the numbers fluctuate. Mines fluctuated over the nearly 9 years I've been on it.
  8. I don't know the specifics but I think it works differently in the brain compared to other antipsychotics.
  9. Benzo Mess

    Well, I saw my pdoc (forgot when) and she said she is comfortable with me being on Xanax, since it's working for me. I know they make Xanax XR but 2 things: 1. I don't know if insurance will cover it 2. They don't make a 1.5mg tablet (since I take 1.5mg a day; divided 0.5mg TID) (I would have to take 2 separate tablets (1mg + 0.5mg) Is it worth asking pdoc about?
  10. In the beginning of mania

    Addendum: I forgot to report yesterday. (and still the same today), no psychotic symptoms/hallucinations Had a lithium level - normal at 0.8
  11. Xanax does help with my anxiety, but I'm talking about the "over-energy" I'm getting as a result of my mania. I have tried stimulants in the past (before clozapine; I was in my late teens) and they worsened my mood status.
  12. Clozapine is the best medication I've ever taken. It helps w/ so many things for me, such as psychosis, mood, and anxiety.
  13. I don't pay anything to have my labs done for the clozapine. (insurance pays)
  14. To help keep me calm and "on an even keel" during the daytime hours.