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  1. I'm sorry if I've offended. This was not meant to come across as body-shaming. Not by any means. But I'm afraid I've worded it wrong or something. I'm pro-body diversity and body positivity. I liked that in the article the writer acknowledged that the fear is irrational and asks why we're even ashamed of it. I don't wear thongs either. But I also don't think there's anything wrong with if someone wants to wear thongs, it's their choice.
  2. I'm sorry, I feel like I've painted myself as something I'm not. I am with you about there shouldn't be taboos on how our bodies naturally are. This wasn't intended to be a body shaming article, I picked it because the writer was challenging why it's a taboo to begin with and I liked that. I don't wear leggings, but if I do I wear them as a substitute for tights. I actually don't have tights or leggings right now. Women have proven that you can wear pretty much anything now, and miraculously no one has died. 😌
  3. Awe cute!! I love those soft coloured Siamese cats, one of my old friends had one and it was extremely friendly and cute. 😊
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  5. Omg, thank you so much Melissa! Wow, I can't believe they have these. Awesome. 😊
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  7. Oh that's great! Thanks jimjam, I'll definitely keep an eye out for those.
  8. Omg I fucking love sautéed mushrooms! Mmmm so juicy and yummy! 🤤
  9. Omg, me too! That saying bothers me hugely, just ugh, no! Having a crush on someone is never an excuse to treat someone terribly. 😤 Oh man, Ananke I'm so sorry about that university neighbour! That would have been hard to deal with. Yeah, my neighbour's son is sporadic in behaviour, so I keep getting a false sense of everything being fine for a couple of days, and then he does something that stresses me out. I am hoping he will leave soon or will just calm the hell down. Man.