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  1. Can't escape jerks no matter where I go. Once I'm at the new apartment I probably won't find it any easier go outside there than I do here. Fuck this shit.

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    2. nervousbat


      I would definitely like to be stronger, have a thicker skin so that it doesn't effect me so much. I'm going to bring this up with the new psychiatrist. So far I've been reading this book called the six pillars of self esteem but find it hard to absorb from how depressed I've been lately. Hopefully they can help me.

    3. jt07


      I think I have that book and I will admit that I didn't get through it either. I think your best bet would be a tdoc to learn a set of coping skills. It's a lot easier to have someone to talk to and give you real-time feedback than trying to study a book.

    4. nervousbat


      Yeah, it's so true, I agree with you. Especially the way my brain has been lately, it's hard to read anything. I used to love reading.