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  1. So...I'm like a cluster-fuck of problems, but here goes. I have BPD (with anxiety and major depression) and seizures (amongst other crap). And take meds out the wazoo. I used to take Tegretol for my seizures and that stuff was nasty for me. I had so many problems. I found that it also didn't "play nice" with some of the anti-depressants I was taking back in ye olden days I also gained a TON of weight from it. I have taken almost every seizure medication on the market and currently take: Trileptal 600 mg 3 x day, Topamax 200 mg 2 tabs 2 x day, Keppra 500 mg 2 tabs 2 x day. And then for fun I also take: Cymbalta HCL 60 mg 1 x day. I guess they figure that all the seizure meds should be playing nice and making me feel better with the Cymbalta. Except? My arms show a different story.
  2. AMAZING self-regulation link

    Holy crap!! I haven't even eaten. Gotta start somewhere.
  3. What age did you start cutting?

    Started cutting at 20 after being date raped. 30 years later (yep!!) Still cutting.