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  1. So after my boyfriend went to work I was running non stop trying to do some errands. I left my phone in the car for a few, and when I ran out to get it my boyfriend was calling me for the third time in a row and I had a few missed texts from him. He started screaming about how I was trying to start a fight with him, how he was frustrated at work and about to tell his boss off and get fired from me, and like everytime I upset him by missing his calls his hands were shaking uncontrollably. This is his usual reaction if I miss a call or text from him. I know probably none of you are psychiatrists, but what the heck is this about? I've never met or heard of anyone who has this reaction. He can be a real sweetheart in real life, but this has to be some kind of insecurity or personality disorder. It's so weird. Opinions and insight wanted.
  2. Why is it that when I have the most going on in my head, I get stuck. And there's 100 thoughts at once that all cross each other so I'm stuck with a stupid look on my face. Don't know what to say , thought I'd share this stupid thing and make anyone who reads it that much dumber for doing so
  3. So I only called one of these places once of that I can remember. It was a few years ago. I drove back from my boyfriends house speeding the whole way, running red lights and wishing I could get myself to crash into a wall. Needless to, when I called the hotline I was screaming with anger,crying my eyes out and panicking all at once. Instead of replying to what I told her, the operator asked me to quit cursing. Like she was my kindergarten teacher. I kept ranting on, so she hung up on me. I never once attacked her, I was lamenting my situation. Is this supposed to happen? Should she have got in trouble?