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  1. I have a huge dilemma

    Ok, I'll bite. What if, hypothecially speaking, your brother's baby got infected with a contagious disease and died from it. Would you then be able to look your brother in the eye and tell him: "Sorry for your loss, but your baby deserved to die because he/she was weak."?
  2. I have a huge dilemma

    I was just thinking, there are parallels here to a person with BP who stops taking medication because he has felt fine for a long time.
  3. I have a huge dilemma

    Agreed. Peer-reviewed journal articles trump home-produced Youtube videos showing cherry-picked data.
  4. I have a huge dilemma

    Exactly. Incidently that's also the reason why newborn babys can't be given vaccinations immediately. The baby must be a few months old before the first shots can be given.
  5. I have a huge dilemma

    Even though it's unpleasant, I think that you'll have no choice but to accept the situation as it is. You are within your rights to not get shots, and your brother & his wife are within their rights to not let unvaccinated people near the baby until the baby's vaccination scheme is completed.