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  1. How do you access the free testing? I don't see anything on their site about depression studies or getting a free kit.... I've wanted to do it for awhile, but they now charge $200 for the testing that includes the genetic health-related reports. I don't care about my general ancestry.
  2. Thanks for asking @theredthread I feel better today compared to Wednesday. I can never seem to get my hopes up however. With this illness, we never know how bad the day will be, sometimes I wake up and feel like everything is wrong (no matter what I do to fight it), no one would notice if I disappeared, no one cares, life is empty and meaningless.... very isolating thoughts/feelings.
  3. Strange. Usually, Lamictal is neither activating nor sedating for the majority of people. The only reason I remain on this med is because it has the least amount of side effects (compared to the 30+ other drugs I've tried). I felt waaaaay more zombie-like/drugged on SSRI's and A/ I could feel absolutely no emotions whatsoever. That being said, Lamictal has a wierd titration for most people, it really takes a long time for your body to adjust and get to a stable level. I felt sort of "fluffy headed" for several weeks, like in a bit of a brain fog but that went away. I started noticing positive effects at 75mg and pretty content staying at 100mg for the moment, but some people need between the 100mg-200mg range.
  4. @jt07 I just went on the BC pill. I read online (and someone here confirmed) that birth control pills (Estrogen) can decrease levels of Lamotrigine (online it says it can decrease levels by 50%!!) So I'm assuming I'm feeling a bit of a withdrawal perhaps? I will ask my pdoc to increase my Lamictal and see if that helps.
  5. Dull never ending headache Although, gotta admit, sometimes physical pain is a nice reprieve from mental anguish!
  6. If Adderall isn't cutting it, Ritalin probably won't do anything (it's effects are weaker). I would think the sleepiness is indeed caused by the Clozaril, maybe even Lithium? So you cannot go lower on either or switch one of them out for something else less sedating? Are you able to force yourself to exercise during the day (I know it's a challenge when you are tired) but the thing is, it can really get your sleep & energy levels back on track.
  7. Thanks @notloki This is what I figured...I will try to get into my pdoc asap and get my Lamictal increased.
  8. I hear you and I completely understand the sick of trying, wanting to give up in hopelessness. If I had answers and remission from my issues, i wouldn't be posting here myself several times per day. Yes, there are days (maybe weeks) where I find stability, I try to grasp on, and yet inevitably, it never lasts. I've never managed to get to the place I want to be. In my 20 years of seeking help, I've been hospitalized 3 times, tried 30 different meds/combos, gone to at least a dozen therapists (all different modalities) and half-dozen psychiatrists. (Note, I'm not in anyway trying to "one-up" people here, I just want to give you an idea of how hard I'm trying and how difficult this road is for everyone here). I really hope you can find a therapist, decent pdoc, meds or something that at least helps a little bit - and SOON!!!
  9. Horribly depressed, upset, alone. I don't think I can leave the house right now.
  10. Anyone have any cure for brain zaps (that works asap?) I'm getting the swishing feeling/noise in my head, along with nausea and body aches. Waiting to see pdoc to ask why all of the sudden I'm getting them. I haven't changed my meds. People mention large doses of Omega3s (which I already take everyday along with multivitamin) Magnesium (hopefully Magnesium Citrate which I have), Calcium, superdose of vitaminC?? Is there any other product that helps and is widely available/can easily get on Amazon?? (I don't live in the US)
  11. I have the same issue (particularly with Gyns - triggers PTSD stuff.) Only thing I can recommend is getting a referral to someone who is "very sensitive" and has dealt with these sorts of situations/patients in the past. Is there a way you can mention beforehand that you've had past trauma (or do you feel that the doc would be invalidating/insensitive? Unfortunately, I've had this happen as well) Do you have any PRN medication (such as Xanax) to take before the appointment to relax you? My pdoc recommended this, however I am still panicked to have to go get any procedures done. I am also worried that the med won't work well and I'll freak out again, things will be a real mess, I will feel utterly ashamed/traumatized.
  12. I recently started on Birth Control pills and suddenly, I'm getting small "brain zaps' and a strange lightheaded feelings throughout the day. Has anyone noticed this?? I'm wondering if the Pill is suddenly causing a decrease in my Lamictal blood levels? If so, has anyone increased dosage and found relief? I wonder how much my pdoc would increase the dose?
  13. ECT

    @lifequake I am so sorry to hear this!!! you did both unilateral and bilateral? I can only imagine how beyond devastated I'd feel if I tried ECT and it didn't work, or made me worse. Did the docs say that the side effects will go away eventually? Thinking of you, hoping you get through this.
  14. Good to hear it's working well! Is there a reason you went with Focalin instead of Ritalin? I take Ritalin and it has the same effect that you've described - strong pure focus and the extended doesn't make me feel like it's an abrupt comedown.
  15. Tired and cold. I want to go back to bed.