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  1. A poll: I'm wondering if MOST SSRI/SNRI-type antidepressants typically cause anhedonia/low motivation/apathy for you? It's a catch-22: For me, A/Ds can prevent severe dips in mood, but they always seem to have this anhedonia as a side effect at the therapeutic dose. I know there are some A/Ds here that are not known to cause this (Wellbutrin, Cymbalta) yet in my case, they did (except Wellbutin which had no effect) Here's hoping that Ritalin will take away this side effect!! I plan to go off the Trintillex, because it isn't doing anything to brighten my mood & remove this apathy. All I want to do is lay around in bed!
  2. Has anyone had this? My new pdoc is prescribing Ritalin (only because i had a previous pdoc give me the initial RX, which I responded well to). However, she said at a later date in order to "officially" diagnose ADD, she would need to do a 3-hour assessment (I'm not required to do it). Plus, she is not 100% covered by my insurance, so this session would be very expensive for me - probably not worth it. I'm curious though, Has anyone done this long assessment? What is it like usually? What are the other benefits of doing this test (other than having individual knowledge of DX)?
  3. So would you say that you made a 360 as far as symptoms? Do you feel in complete remission, brighter/positive mood & everything?? That is so hopeful. I am really struggling with accepting that i may need to be on meds for the rest of my life...especially with the side effects & feeling like I have not recovered adequately, I'm not functioning to the level that I want. However, like you said, meds do offer "protection" from more severe episodes and may be preventing me from becoming suicidal. I guess I should keep this in mind and not expect a magic bullet.
  4. Wow..... Welcome back. What a story. Glad to hear you are doing better. I am surprised to hear that Paxil took 6 months to finally kick-in the 2nd time. That is a long time to wait when you are desperate & suicidal! I would've tried a different med probably. I commend you on your strength to continue on. I bet you won't go off Paxil cold-turkey again. A lesson learned the hard way.
  5. Quick update: I have been on Trintellix 20mg for 1 week (have slowly tapered upwards over the last 6 weeks) It has no effect (except maybe dry mouth/thirst) - I do not notice anything good or bad, everyone reports nausea & a rough titration, but I have experienced nothing.... I will give it another couple weeks and then switching to a stimulant I think, which helped me in the past with anhedonia/no motivation. Maybe I don't experience any effect because my major depressive symptoms have already gone away (due to lamictal/abilify)??
  6. Yep. Lamictal makes my skin very itchy and dry. I never had problems with acne. Now I get these big, deep, angry blemishes that will not go away even OTC cleansers, creams & whatnot. I have yet to find any med that does not have some kind of side effect I often just want to dump all the meds but I know that's not a good idea.
  7. My hair has been thinning a noticeable amount too...I didn't think Abilify could cause that. I thought Lamictal was the culprit. Hmmm
  8. I took Pamelor over a decade ago (can't recall the dosage), didn't do much other than make me drowsy/spaced out. I've been on Trintillex for 6 weeks (20mg now) and I don't notice a thing (most everyone reports nausea and I don't even have that) Absolutely nothing. As with everything, YMMV I seem to be med-resistant also.
  9. Yes - I find this to be completely true. Better to have a really big, full breakfast & solid lunch with fiber & protein and then a light dinner consisting of mainly veggies/light protein like fish. The snacks (such as an apple/peanut butter or hummus with carrots are great suggestions as well). Tea before bed is a nice addition.
  10. Thinking about the future makes me more depressed than anxious, all I think about is negative & bleak. Like my brain just speeds to the worst case scenario (sound familiar?) At any rate, I ruminate about the future way too much and it constantly takes me away from the present moment.
  11. Some symptoms you describe overlap with other diagnosis (for example: ruminations/endless looping thoughts are a huge feature of my depression). I think everyone (no matter what diagnosis) can be pushed towards sabotaging themselves & related behaviors. Overall, I don't think it's uniquely an OCD thing. I think the constant checking of locks, tapping on various body parts because you HAVE to is more typical of OCD.
  12. My BPD friend had a horrible time finding someone that would accept her. She says it was because her "difficult" diagnosis so she started hiding it. She became very hesitant to divulge any history or mention her hospitalization history.
  13. You list Bipolar in your sig. Are you maybe moving towards a bit hypo? (hypomania can present as more irritable/restless thought and motor restlessness) Are you on any meds to smooth the edginess?
  14. First off, thank you for posting this. I have the same exact issue going on right now. My severe depressive crashes stopped, I've been stable for months, yet I cannot get rid of this lingering anhedonia. I feel stuck. I keep very busy so that I do not fall into another deep depression, I exercise, eat right, sleep regularly, try new activities, be social, but I am always going through the pleasure or happiness in anything. I'd rather lay around & waste time. Even activities that used to be pleasurable in the past do nothing for me, yet I do not really feel noticeably sad or "depressed." Maybe this is some sort of milder dysthymic pattern I don't know, but I am so sick of putting all my energy into "doing all of the right things" and this apathy/lack of interest not going away. To answer your questions: 1.) Yes I think you should tell your pdoc, if it is indeed becoming a concern for you 2.) Yes, erratic oversleeping can exacerbate depression (for me) because this throws off my good sleep hygiene. 3.) i don't know a cure, however, I will be starting Ritalin again because i am desperate for a boost to get rid of this symptom. I know there are other meds that have helped others here with this symptom. 4.) I'm not sure if it is normal, however, a previous pdoc told me anhedonia is in fact, a symptom of depression...particularly when severe depression lifts, many people are often left with a lingering anhedonia or apathy that is difficult to treat. It can take some time for it to go away.