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  1. Angeni and I did end up getting married, and my wife really is not as bad with my autistic symptoms as she's written about here. She is a good, sweet, kind person who loses sight of some things in life from time to time. My meltdowns do get a lot for anyone to handle, a lot of my issues are that of the sensory nature. Sensory input overload is my downfall. I do have a hard time with identifying my emotions as well, and then handling them. My facial expressions are inappropriate, my tone is monotonous or inappropriate, I can be hurtful without meaning to be so, I seem to be rude without realizing or meaning to do so either. I was diagnosed with Asperger's at 17, as well as Bipolar disorder. I personally have not been the most kind support to Angeni in the past, and for that, I owe her an apology. I understand why she came to this section of CB to get advice on my autistic behaviours. For the majority of my life, they have presented as a challenge to anyone who is close with me, to get me to open myself to others and their feelings. I really do lack empathy and the ability to put myself into another individual's position or situation. I can't imagine their positions for myself. I do lack imagination to an extent, and that "theory of mind". Some of these things have been on me as well. However, I am pleased to say, we have sorted out a lot of these things. I am not the easiest person to be around 24/7, I also have Bipolar 1 and NVLD, as well as suspected Spina Bifida that I am currently undergoing medical testing for. Sometimes things have to fall apart to fall back together, is how I see all of this. Thank you to everyone for their advice.
  2. I'm an a-flacking T-rex!

    1. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      What the  ....? You're a nut!


  3. What's that smell?? It's you! You aflacked, p-u!! :P 

    I loves youuu! <3 :) 

  4. Then And Now- pics!

    First two are me as a little baby! (well, toddler... lol) Last is my most current solo selfie. Me with my teddy bear, Tim, Bob’s teddy bear from the movie “Minions” (yes, it’s odd that I was a blonde baby/toddler and now I’m a brunette adult).
  5. I am having an awesome time with my partner @Angeni Mai <3   Almost our second anniversary, and today, we are off to RedZone Adventures! I love you, darling! 

    1. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      I love you too babe! I wouldn't have it any other way. 

  6. No problem, Cheese! I'm so sorry you didn't get the good, desirable effects, and just bad silly side effects instead. I hate that. I guess medicines lose their charm so to speak, sometimes over the years, or when tried again. I hope the 600mg dose of Seroquel XR proves effective for you and works faster than expected as well. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you! <3 Sending you my kind and gentle thoughts and strength.
  7. Cheese, what happened to you taking Zyprexa Zydis? Did you end up discontinuing it, hun? What ended up happening?
  8. Cats, dogs, landscapes, flowers, trees, people I love.... AAAAAALLLLL CRAZINESS! <3
  9. Slept through (woke up too late for) my MRI! Fml! I guess there goes that, mom did call in to say I wouldn't be coming, but still, so angry with myself! Grrrrr! *mad face*

  10. Heya Minion Buddy! Just wanted to say "Hello!" and for whatever reason, you are un-followable on here! :( *cries*

  11. @Angeni Mai

    Public service announcement! Guess what! I love you <3 

    That is all.

    1. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      PSA: I love you more! VAH!


  12. Thank you Ceremony Juniper, mostly because I do not respond to antipsychotics. I never have. Or mood meds. My moods have usually happened after being placed on certain meds. As well as the fact that my psychosis is usually made worse by meds and/or usually only happens in times of great stress. I also have the extreme issues with social things, emotions, empathy, and flat voice and affect that people have thought I’m autistic before as well.
  13. I finally got an opinion from a psychiatrist with a head attached properly, and I am now formally diagnosed with Schizotypal. I’ve been diagnosed with Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective for six years. That is no longer the case. I am to stop my mood stabilizer, Depakote, and antipsychotic, Seroquel, and remain on a PRN antipsychotic, Loxapine. All the meds I’ve been on over the years have caused Diabetes, a heart disorder, thyroid disorder, disabling headaches, etc. Not to mention various horrible mental effects. I will no longer be seeing a long term psychiatrist, just a GP to prescribe my new PRN. I am looking into a therapist, but not many in my area take on Schizotypals. Long list of reasons why. There aren’t any known medications or treatments that are proven to be effective for this disorder. I may also be part of a study at my local psychiatric hospital about patients with this disorder by a resident psychiatrist who has an interest in Schizotypal. I am angry my current psychiatrist never told me about this, because apparently I’ve been diagnosed with this disorder before as an inpatient and during outpatient consults she’s sent me to before. She was medicating me for no reason. I am ending our meetings and sessions and will be dropping her as a psychiatist, officially, at our next session. My long term goal: to raise awareness about this disorder and the misdiagnosis of others who have it and have suffered as I have. As well as to advocate for those who have fell through the cracks of the mental health system and been overmedicated and/or otherwise abused. No, I am not opposed to medication, when it’s needed (Just wanted to make that clear too). Just wanted to see if there’s anyone else here with this illness, as well!
  14. I agree with dazed. Although I am not sure I was ready to find out my most recent diagnosis.