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  1. No, we only have one SZ clinic in the city. As well as "(City Name) Program for Schizophrenia", which I've been denied for before. Quite honestly, I'm pissed. No one wants to give me the trial my psychiatrist thinks I so desperately need.
  2. I got a diagnosis change yesterday: Unspecified Schizophrenia Spectrum and Psychosis disorder. Or, as the psychiatrist I saw called it, Schizophrenia/Psychosis NOS. I don't know how to feel about this. I was denied the Clozapine trial, because I wasn't "severe enough". So I'm stuck on 800mg Seroquel, 30mg Zyprexa, and 600mg Lithium. Hopefully they don't crap out on me.
  3. Of course. My girlfriend and I both struggle with mental health issues. We help each other as best as we can. And for all the moments we frustrate each other, there's at least ten more where we make each other smile and laugh hysterically. So yes, I would date her over and over knowing what I know now. (Which is that she is a wonderful person I fell in love with) To me, what matters is that we love each other.
  4. I would treat him the same as anyone else you meet, except keeping in mind that he may be a little socially inept. It might help to know what his mother does when your son gets frustrated or has a melt down. That may really help, as I find the way some people handle my melt downs are better than others. That can be difficult and challenging. Like others here mentioned, scented perfumes, body sprays, air fresheners, may be a no no. Raising your voice or loud music or TV may be bothersome to him. I would also ask before hugs or anything like that are exchanged; I hate being touched. If in doubt, ask him. I know, for one, that I like to be asked about how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking rather than people assuming. I am quite high functioning as well. Good luck!
  5. "Why do you always ask inappropriate questions?" My grandma "You're too smart to be autistic" "You're too psychotic to be autistic" (Hello, have you not seen the DSM 5?? That criteria changed)
  6. Possible trial of Clozapine coming my way. If the raised Seroquel doesn't work (and we've split it to morning and night now), Dr. G will send me off to the Schizophrenia clinic for a Clozapine trial. I don't want that. I'd miss Dr. G, who I've become quite fond of over the last six years. I guess we just wait and see.
  7. I am not sure this is the right answer, but I am diagnosed SZA and I truly think it is something in the brain that is just a little different than in others who do not have these disorders (SZ/SZA). I do not think of myself as sick, just as a little bit different. My brain functions differently.
  8. 12 or 13. It used to be really bad. Now I bang my head mostly or scratch if I feel things crawling on me.
  9. I am going home from my inpatient hospitalization tomorrow. Total length of stay: two weeks and five days. We are allowed cell phones and computers in this hospital. My working diagnoses are still SZA and BPD. I am now on 15mg Zyprexa, 600mg Seroquel, 600mg Lithium, and 25mg Nozinan as needed for outburtsts of anger, against myself or others. I think this stay really helped. The meds are making me feel a lot more stable than before (a change from Depakote to Lithium happened, as well as more than doubling my Zyprexa dose). I also practiced and am going to continue practicing my DBT skills. All in all, I think myself and my inpatient treatment team did well. And another big thanks to the help of my wonderful fiance, without her I wouldn't have even considered inpatient. Thanks @Angeni Mai, I love you! ♡
  10. I was on 10mg of Haldol at my highest dose, but it made me shake and drool. Saphris was pretty side effect free for me, until it caused the Long QT Syndrome. But I really wouldn't worry about that, because as I understand it, that's a risk with most APs and AAPs, and it went away as soon as I discontinued the medication. Good luck to you! I hope you can get the raise or switch you want and need
  11. Thank you I see you're already on Haldol, I was going to suggest that one, at a high dose it works well for me. But I can't handle its side effects either. I actually so far have not had the horribly hungry feeling on Zyprexa yet, and I'm not extremely tired, just a little bit. It does help me sleep at night though, which is a bonus for me. Have you tried Saphris (Asenapine) yet? I could be wrong but I hear it's close to Clozapine. I took it for a while, but it played with my heart rhythym, so ultimately it was a no-go and I had to come off of it. It worked wonders for me though, no symptoms barely at all!
  12. I've started a new medication again... Zyprexa. Or Olanzapine, whichever you'd like to call it. It has been dubbed that I have treatment resistant psychosis. Lovely. That mixed with what time of year it is, just makes me really not so happy (I was sent to a shelter and then residential treatment for almost two years this time six years ago... It will be six years ago on Boxing Day to be exact) I see my psychiatrist at the end of February. The Zyprexa was started by an ER psychiatrist, who started me on 5mg. My goal dose is 10mg. I really hope it works, I think this is the twelfth or thirteenth antipsychotic I've tried now. I'm still taking the Seroquel, Haldol, Depakote, Lorazepam, and Cogentin with it. I just really need this to work! Fingers crossed! Oh,and it may help to know... This is Siggy, new name
  13. Thanks Melli I remember you too. I hope you're doing well, I heard you have a little one now! How exciting! (I saw in the SZ thread)
  14. This is for all the girls with the tightest pum pum! :P