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  1. This is so pathetic.............But I wonder why I'm not surprised...
  2. @BrianOCD, Be careful trying the Wellbutrin if you have any kind of anxiety disorders, such as GAD or OCD. In some people, WB can make their anxiety problems worse......If you find your anxiety gets worse on it, the dose can always be lowered if your pdoc agrees. I take WB and have anxiety disorders, too, but all the rest of my meds are so sedating, I think they balance out the stimulating effect of WB.
  3. @Flash, I have a similar problem.....My depression gets somewhat worse in the afternoon, around 4-5pm........I haven't really found a solution to this yet,. My pdoc brought up Adderall, but I declined, mostly because I have severe insomnia, and I'm afraid that another stimulating med taken in the afternoon will disturb my sleep. ( I already take Wellbutrin SR 2x day--150mg in morning and 150mg at 2pm.) Sorry I don't have any helpful advice, but I hope you can get this problem solved soon. I understand your frustration.
  4. @water, There are many complications that could possibly arise from getting a nose piercing......It is not like a simple ear lobe piercing.........I read up on this because my daughter wanted one, too, when she was 16. I told her I would not give permission, but it was her choice to do it at 18 if she still wanted it, and she would have to pay for it......I printed out all the information for her that I could find on it, and in the end, she chose not to get one. I don't judge people with nose piercings, it's a personal choice......but it involves a serious commitment to care for the piercing properly until it is completely healed, which in some types of nose piercings, can take months. I don't know what type of nose piercing your daughter wants, but here's an article you could let her read that might change her mind: There are many other articles on it that you can find using Google.....My personal opinion is, that I would not give my permission or pay for a child under 18 to get one.... I wish you luck in dealing with this situation......Teenagers can be very demanding....I know because I had two to deal with in the past.
  5. @survivingbp, Maybe you could ask your pdoc if you could try Seroquel IR instead of the XR ? I have previously tried both versions, and both were taken at night.........I found that the IR left me much less groggy in the morning, and the XR made me feel like I was in a fog for most of the day.
  6. @Kidney Bean, You might want to consider asking one of the moderators to move this to the PTSD forum.... You could possibly get more feedback there.......Just a thought.........
  7. @Cmy432, I have an obsessive fear about losing things all the time, even if I know exactly where they are. And if I do actually lose or misplace something significant, I obsess and panic about it until I find the item.....So you are not alone by any means. Do you have a pdoc? (psychiatrist).........If so, I would suggest letting him/her know what you're experiencing regarding the ring.
  8. Interesting........What about Klonopin and Ativan?.....How widely are they used in Australia? Just curious......
  9. I second this......Sometimes I have a difficult time bringing things up with my doc because I'm ashamed, but I always end up talking to her about it, because it's important for her to know what's going on with me. I always feel better after I talk about it with pdoc, like Melissa said above.
  10. The technical term for medication "poop-out" is "tachyphylaxis" Here's a good article on AD tachyphylaxis: Kind of a long article, but informative.
  11. I pretty much agree with everybody else---I strongly recommend getting an appointment with your pdoc, ASAP. Explain to your doc what's going on, and he/she could suggest the best course of action.
  12. Don't get me wrong----this whole situation really sucks......But at least generic benzos are pretty cheap (at least in my area they are)......I checked Ativan, Valium, Xanax and Klonopin , and the cash price is very reasonable. Most folks wouldn't have a huge financial problem with paying cash for benzos.....In fact generic Klonopin is one of the cheapest meds I I get....Only my Trazodone is cheaper.......But that's not the point, really. The point of it is, that the insurance company that's doing this is penalizing people just because they take benzos, and that's not right at all.
  13. They were proposing that all other benzos, and Ambien be classified CIII, and wanted to reclassify Lyrica to CIV... BUT, have no fear folks, at least for now...This proposal has now been BLOCKED as of April 14th: Even though I don't take Xanax, I say YAY.!!!!!!!.........
  14. I agree 100%...... @#Gabrielle, Does your doc have any different meds in mind for you to try, at least?
  15. @AnnaSchneider7777 Regarding your question, this is my experience----I tried taking Buspar together with Klonopin when I had already been on Klon for awhile, and the Buspar didn't do anything for me, so I stopped it. IMO, once you've been taking benzos, nothing else ever works quite the same.....Sad but true, at least for me. But you might have a different reaction, so it's certainly worth a try....