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  1. Just want you to know that I suffer from extremely severe OCD, to the point of rarely ever leaving my home, and when I do leave, I need help. I have tried all three of these options-- Zoloft, antipsychotics, and clomipramine, and haven't had any success...My OCD is very treatment resistant, to say the least... Sorry I really didn't have any positive experiences to report, but just wanted to say all three of these options (Zoloft, anti-psychotics, and clomipramine) do work well for some folks with OCD......You just have to try them and see if they work out for you.. I wish you the best.....
  2. I take 2mg Klonopin once daily, every day (not prn), and it provides all day coverage for me, probably because of it's fairly long half-life. I don't have any personal experience with Xanax XR, so can't give any thoughts about how it would compare to Klonopin.
  3. I've never had a problem with HBP, although my dad did have it bad enough that he had to take meds for it. As to your question about caffeine, yes it can increase BP.....If you are drinking a lot of caffeine, I would suggest at least trying to cut down on the diet soda, or switching to caffeine-free diet soda. Also, I hope you don't smoke--that can increase BP. Additionally, I would suggest eating a low sodium diet----A diet high in salt can contribute to HBP: There are some other suggestions from a decent article I found about how to lower your BP naturally:
  4. The owner of attacking dog did NOTHING when the dog went after your dog?.......That is just horrible, and there's no excuse for it, even if they did pay your bill.............People who can't control their dog in public shouldn't take that dog in public, IMO.... I understand being afraid of walking your dogs after that.....I don't walk my dog anymore after my experience, I just let her play in my fenced yard, because at least that's much safer. I'm so sorry that you and your dog were both traumatized because of an ignorant, irresponsible person. I haven't developed any fear of other dogs because of the incident. probably because I was a dog groomer for many years before my MI got very bad, and during my grooming career, was bitten many times. I'm just afraid to walk my dog now, because I don't want her to be injured or traumatized......She is perfectly content to play in my yard, and there's just too many stupid people out there who can't/won't control their dogs.....**SIGH**
  5. So sorry your dog was attacked.....Was he/she okay?....Glad you weren't bitten. I've heard about the citronella spray before....Maybe I will get some in the future if I work up the courage to take her out walking again. Honestly, I don't think my dog was traumatized at all from it. It was me that was traumatized, I admit....I'm working on my fear issues from this....But since the incident happened, I no longer take my dog walking on a leash.....I have a huge fenced yard, and for now I'm going out there to interact with her and let her get some exercise.
  6. Just having your tubes tied wouldn't have caused early menopause, because a tubal ligation in itself doesn't affect hormone levels.......If you experienced early menopause, it was probably due to other factors. Unless you're having uncomfortable hot flashes, I'm not sure why your doctor is still prescribing the Prempro, especially since your periods have started again.....Is he/she a GYN doc? I have read of some women that also had their periods re-start after taking Prempro. Maybe a second opinion from another GYN doc would be helpful, as to whether the Prempro is helping or making things worse for you.
  7. So you've only been taking 1mg for a year?
  8. I've been taking 2mg klonopin daily for about 4 years now......That's the highest dose I've been on.....
  9. @linus2000, Would it be possible for you to seek a second opinion from another doctor?...... Sometimes second opinions can be very helpful.
  10. AARRGGGHHHH......That's all I can say.......**SIGH**
  11. Oh okay, I understand now........My pdoc brought up Adderall as a possible adjunct treatment for my depression. I was afraid it would increase my anxiety level, so she agreed with me when I chose not to take a chance on that.
  12. Why did you decide to start taking the drug holidays?.....Have you told your pdoc? IMO, you're not "addicted" to the Ritalin, it just helps you function better, so when you don't take any at all, you feel worse. Is your goal eventually to get off the med?......If so, tapering down slowly, with help of pdoc, might be a better idea than just going 2 days cold turkey without it, IMO.
  13. There is always hope, no matter how bad you feel........I've been struggling with depression since high school, and I'm still struggling with it now in my 50s........I also struggle every day now with anxiety disorder, OCD, and insomnia. It's been a long, difficult road, and I'm still here. 13 medications is a lot, but there are many more out there you might not have tried yet, or combinations of meds you might not have tried, that might work. Have any of your doctors ever mentioned ECT?.....There's a forum on this site about it.....I have personally never tried it, but I have read some positive stories here about how it helped some folks when nothing else worked. Don't give up..!!......You are worth it, and you deserve to feel better.
  14. Thanks @pinkfloydforeverlove, @amskray, and @BrianOCD.....I really appreciate it.....
  15. I've checked myself in once. I didn't regret it.....The week I spent in there gave me some down time to relax, away from the stress I was experiencing at the time. Please don't be ashamed to check yourself in, if you feel you really need to.