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  1. 1980s popular music, give or take

    @Blahblah, thanks......I forgot about some of these......Aerosmith one of my favorite bands of all time....I used to have a crush on Steve Tyler,....LOL
  2. Lithium Toxicity?

    Considering the symptoms you're having, I would really suggest going back to your doc's recommendation of only 600mg lithium per day. Also, definitely let your doc know what you're going through with the mixed episodes, and maybe he can suggest something to help.
  3. I had the first appointment with a new pdoc yesterday (I had to change docs because my pdoc of 5 years moved away)........Right away my new doc prescribed me increased doses of Wellbutrin SR and Lexapro. He increased my WB from 300mg to 400mg, and increased my Lexapro from 20mg to 30mg. (I thought max dose of Lexapro was 20mg?) He explained to me that higher doses of anti-depressants are needed in order to treat OCD. I told him I was nervous about increasing the WB because of my anxiety issues.......But he said we'll try it and see what happens.... I'm supposed to fill the new scripts tomorrow, and start the increased dosages........I have no idea what to expect.......Does anyone think his plan makes any sense at all?
  4. It's been many years since my first therapy session (as a teen)......But back then, most psychiatrists still did talk therapy, and my doc at the time prescribed my meds AND did therapy........He was a very nice understanding doc, and let me talk about whatever was bothering me at the time......I always felt some relief after my therapy with him. Flash forward to today, when most pdocs just write scripts, and you have to see another person for therapy........I'm not saying this is true of ALL therapists, but in my most recent experiences, my therapists won't just let me talk about my struggles and what I'm feeling---They want me to do some sort of behavioral modification. I'm not downing behavioral modification programs, I know they work well for some people, and are certainly worth trying. But, I have had little to no success with them, personally........Currently, whenever I have a therapy session, I just feel drained and depressed afterwards.........Maybe I just don't have the right therapist, but right now I have limited options due to my insurance.
  5. First appointment with new pdoc....UGH

    Yes, there will be an option for me to switch in August or September.....The office has already told me that a new female doc will be joining the practice then. The reason I'm really trying to stay with this practice is that they accept my Medicare.......I called around and talked to some docs who sounded great, but they don't take Medicare......Apparently, in my area at least, it is difficult to find a good pdoc who accepts it. I talked to few pdocs who don't take ANY kind of insurance, they are cash only....
  6. I think I mentioned somewhere that I would have to be changing pdocs, because my old pdoc decided to move....This was devastating to me, because I had been with her for 5 years. Well, today I had first appt with new doc...It was supposed to be an hour long appointment, but in my estimation, the appt only lasted about 30 minutes....Not a good sign, IMO. He made a couple of changes to my meds, which I am nervous about......Upped my Wellbutrin SR to 400mg (I was taking 300mg), and also increased Lexapro to 30mg ( I was taking 20mg).......I told him I was afraid the WB increase would make me more anxious, but he wants me to try it and see. Also, I thought the max dose for Lexapro was 20mg--he said higher dose is needed because of my OCD....So I guess I'll try that, too. Has anybody here ever been on more than 20mg Lexapro? He wants to switch my AAP from Risperdal , to Abilify or Geodon......But he didn't do that yet, because he didn't want to change so much at once....He's leaving my clonazepam and Trazodone as is, thank goodness. I was not too impressed with him......I didn't get to talk about what's bothering me at all, and he didn't ask........I guess I will have to see how visit goes next month....I do want to give him a fair chance. In August or September the office is supposed be getting a new female doc to take my old pdoc's place, so if I don't experience anything positive with this guy, I''m hoping I'll have the option of switching then, at least...... Although switching again might not be good, either. Oh well....**SIGH**
  7. According to webMD, the Wellbutrin component of Contrave reduces appetite, and the Naltrexone component of Contrave probably helps to control cravings, since Naltrexone is used alone as an anti-addiction drug. https://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20140911/contrave-weight-loss-drug#1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naltrexone
  8. @Blahblah, According to drugs.com, Ritalin or Ritalin SR should be taken at least 30 to 45 minutes before eating, but the Extended Release Ritalin can be taken with or without food: https://www.drugs.com/ritalin.html Also I found this info about interactions between foods containing Vitamin C , and Ritalin.....Basically it says that you should only consume these foods either an hour before, or an hour after, taking Ritalin, in order for the Ritalin to be most efficient. According to the article below, this would include fruits, broccoli, strawberries, potatoes and tomatoes: https://www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/ritalin (After clicking on link, also click on "interactions" at the left side of page).
  9. @Bostonian Aspergian, Does your pdoc know you are currently using alcohol to self-medicate? I think it would depend on the individual pdoc as to what they would do......But that's just my opinion. A pdoc might think that using alcohol along with lorazepam and Ambien might be risky as well, but some docs might also think that getting treatment for an alcohol problem would be a positive thing for you to do. Personally, I think you should seek treatment if you believe your alcohol use is becoming a problem for you, and be honest with your doc about it......Again, just my opinion.
  10. 1980s popular music, give or take

    Thanks @sbdivemaster----Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest love songs ever written, IMO......Beautiful guitar work by Mark Knopfler......!!.
  11. I agree- @Blahblah Many good pharms can order the generic brand you want, provided you give them enough notice to order it, so they have it when you need it. As a side note, I had a terrible experience with different brands of generic clonazepam........I usually take the TEVA brand clonazepam, but once when my regular pharmacy was out of stock, I had to go to a different pharm and all they carried was the MYLAN clonazepam....So I was stuck with the MYLAN generic for the month, and it didn't work nearly as well for me. After that experience, I switched to yet another pharm where the only generic clonazepam they carry is TEVA brand--haven't had a problem for 2 years now with my current pharmacy--They are a little more expensive, but they have never once been out of stock for my TEVA.
  12. Anxious around my child

    @anxmess, I also have a son on the autism spectrum, he's almost 30 now. When he was diagnosed at age 3, I had a very difficult time accepting it.....He was still non-verbal at the time.....The docs who diagnosed him told me all sorts of negative things----They pretty much told me there was no hope that he would ever be an independent adult. I would love for those docs who gave such a grim outlook back then, could see him now.--He finally spoke for the first time at age 4. He has 3 college degrees (1 Bachelors, and 2 Masters)....He has a driver's license, and a great job, plus he now has his own house, and lives independently just fine. He doesn't live very far from me, and I see him and talk to him regularly......Once in awhile he'll have a problem that he will ask me about, but not very often...........I'm so so proud of him, and love him very much. Just wanted to give some insight and hope that might help you to accept the diagnosis.....I know it's difficult, because I've been there....
  13. 1980s popular music, give or take

    And who can forget this one from Dire Straits?: Here's 2 great ones from my man Tom Petty, who passed away just last year....Sure will miss you Tom.....
  14. 1980s popular music, give or take

    More great hair bands.....