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  1. I missed this before when I read your original post.....Glad your doc knows this and is supportive. Be careful going off cold turkey, though..
  2. Does your doc know this, or approve of you going off your meds for 2 months? If not, I suggest letting him/her know about it.
  3. I have read that for some people, the bad taste does go away with time.
  4. I've tried Lunesta before, and yes, it's fairly common for this med to have sort of a metallic-type aftertaste. But if it works for your sleep issues, I recommend sticking with it.........The aftertaste is a very small price to pay for a decent night's sleep, IMO.
  5. @vfifii, Do you have a pdoc (psychiatrist), and if so, have you told them about the sleep issues? This is only my opinion, but it sounds like an anxiety issue centered around sleep (you say you think a lot when you try to sleep, and your mind won't shut up)...... Does this kind of thing happen only when you try to sleep, or at other times, too?
  6. No problem..............
  7. @nomadsland, Are you on any other meds right now besides the Zyprexa?
  8. @Denise K, Would your pdoc at least be willing to give you something to help you through this so-called "taper"?...........You are going to be having some strong anxiety symptoms and probably insomnia problems, too. Gabapentin might help...Some possible other meds that come to mind are Remeron, Trazodone, or maybe even a low dose anti-psychotic like Seroquel. I hope she is at least open to giving you a helper med to make it through this.......Really sucks that she won't taper you more slowly.....So sorry you have been placed in this predicament, and it's not even your fault......
  9. Here's a great website that I think you'll like......It has articles and all sorts of tips and tricks about how to style your curly hair, and also has recommendations on products to use....... It even has a forum for curly girls.....I've gotten some good info from it:
  10. @Denise K, I think .5mg Klon is way too much to cut at one time, especially if you've been taking it for that long....... I wish you had a more benzo-wise pdoc........Is there any way at all you could get another doc that would taper you more slowly, or do a crossover to Valium like someone else mentioned? Do you have a GP doc that you trust?.....If so, I would suggest discussing it with them, since your current pdoc obviously doesn't know much about tapering someone off benzos.
  11. @nervousbat, Have you ever considered not straightening your hair? I have curly hair, and I have it cut in a style that enhances my curls.....I do have to use a bit of anti-frizz serum on it, and a bit of gel after shampooing, and then I let it dry by itself.......Looks beautiful, and when I do have visitors, they compliment me on my hair, and say they wish they had my curls. I threw out all my straightening tools long ago......Maybe you could try to just embrace your curls.....that's what I did, anyway. Just my 2 cents.
  12. This is a little weird, but whenever I go to visit my mom and dad's grave at the cemetery, I notice when flowers or wreaths have fallen over on other people's graves....... This really bothers me, and I feel compelled to set them up in their right place again, whenever possible, even if the person who drove me there might be in more of a hurry. In my mind, this is a show of respect, although actually it's the job of the cemetery groundskeepers to keep everything looking nice.
  13. @hahaniceone, Do you have a pdoc (psychiatrist)?......Are you on any meds? If you do have psychiatrist or therapist, do they know about what you're experiencing right now? If you don't have a pdoc, I would highly suggest seeing one, and letting them know about your depression symptoms...A pdoc would be able to try and make suggestions about how to solve these problems, and possibly get you on some meds to help.
  14. @Teacup, I speak from sad personal experience from being with an abuser in the past.......Your husband is escalating dangerously. If one of your kids tells a teacher or counselor about this at school, or if a teacher or school nurse sees any suspicious looking bruises or injuries on your kids, they are legally REQUIRED to report this kind of thing to Child Protective Services (CPS). And then, CPS CAN remove your children from you, unless you: 1) get out of there immediately with your kids, or 2) file charges against him, and get a protective order to remove him from your home. This is the cold, hard, truth.....CPS COULD step in if you don't take some action, and they could take your kids. What I ended up doing was filing charges and getting a protective order, to have him removed from the house, because at the time, the house we were living in, was in my name. I still got my child support, and sole custody--I had my child support garnished from his wages, so I didn't have to deal with him anymore. Was this easy?--Hell no....But I didn't want my daughter growing up in this kind of toxic environment....Fortunately she doesn't remember any of the incidents, since she was still a toddler when I finally had his butt kicked out. His welfare is no longer any of your concern--don't feel sorry for him. Don't delay...........Get out NOW with your kids, or have him removed from your home NOW by filing charges and getting a protective order.....Even if you're not thinking of yourself, think of your children.....
  15. When I first started Trazodone, I had the bad hangover affect the next morning, too. This is just my personal experience, but now that I've been on it awhile, that side effect has pretty much gone away, although I do like my coffee in the morning to make me feel more awake. I take 200mg every night.