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  1. @sonicwhite,I use it for anxiety/sleep..... Some people do use it for sleep alone, but I would caution to use the lowest effective dose. How much did your doc prescribe?
  2. Do you have Medicaid?............I have a disabled friend on Medicaid, and Medicaid pays for someone to do housekeeping and cook for her a few hours, several days a week.....She has MS and is in a wheelchair......Not sure if Medicare offers that service, but if you have Medicaid or Medicare you could always call and ask about it. I am very fortunate to have a good friend who comes and cleans my house once a week.....She also cooks for me, as I am afraid to use the stove, and then I store what she's cooked in the fridge, and just warm it up in the microwave when I need it. I realize that not everyone has someone available to do this for them, but if you're disabled and have Medicaid or Medicare, I would highly suggest calling them and asking about what services are available for you. Don't be embarrassed to call and ask for help--that's what they're there for, and they've probably seen it all.
  3. Excellent idea...!!....Great way to save money....
  4. IMO, this girl's #1 priority right now is her abusive boyfriend. There's going to be nothing but continuing negative drama in her life until she wises up and breaks up with him...........I have personal experience with an abusive man in the past, so I can say this with a certain degree of accuracy. This is not to say you shouldn't be friends with her--that's your call--but also be aware of the abusive relationship she's in and how that might be affecting her actions.
  5. Nobody wants to be elderly and alone--I understand that......I think everyone worries about it to some degree. I'm 54 myself, and I worry about it, too, even though I do have 2 adult children, and a younger sister, which helps.............But even so, there are no guarantees for anyone....A lot of people are concerned that they will run out of money when they get older. If I remember correctly you are only 38, and you're still working, right?.......If so, you could open up a retirement account right now, and start putting a little in it each month, to save for when you reach full retirement age. The retirement account would give you a bit more security for when you're older, and possibly give you more options as to where you could live when you retire....... Also, everyone is eligible for a monthly Social Security check when they reach retirement age.......The amount of Social Security you get depends on how much money you made while you were still working.........It's usually not a huge amount of money, but it's better than nothing......**SIGH** I have heard of some single and widowed seniors living together in the same residence, as roommates, and sharing living expenses.....That could be an option, too.
  6. The new Senate bill will cut Medicaid, but not Medicare.........So all is not completely lost, but the Medicaid cuts would be devastating for millions. Before we start worrying too much , we should keep in mind that there is serious doubt that it will even pass in the Senate................Four Senate Republicans have already said they won't support it, which would be enough to prevent it passing there: IMO, I don't think it will pass as it's written now, because it goes too far for moderate Republicans, and doesn't go far enough for the hard-core conservatives......They will never agree.
  7. My p-doc checked my fill history when I was a new patient. Since I've been with her now for 4 years, she probably checks it occasionally, since she does still prescribe Klonopin for me.....That's the only controlled med I take right now. I've never personally had any problems with a pharmacist about filling the Klonopin.
  8. Currently, 34 states have circumstances in which the doctor, pharmacist, or both, are required by law to check the PMP database: (page 2) Are they really checking everything they should?......I would say in a lot of cases, probably not.. This is just my opinion, but I believe they scrutinize patients getting Schedule 2 meds a lot more than patients getting Schedule 3-5 meds..
  9. If a patient got opiates from 100 different docs, that sounds like what's called "doctor shopping", and it is a crime in all 50 states if I remember correctly..........Some people have done jail time for doc shopping, depending on the state laws. The term "doctor shopping" means that a drug-seeking patient goes to multiple docs, who don't know about the other docs the patient has seen, and said patient gets the same or similiar "Scheduled" med prescribed multiple times...........Then usually, they try and fill each script at a different pharmacy. However, all 50 states now have in place a Prescription Monitoring Program, or PMP, to track all patients who fill Scheduled meds, such as stimulants, benzos, or opiates, etc........The PMPs don't track non-scheduled meds such as anti-depressants or anti-psychotics. This means that any doc or pharmacist that's treating you, or filling meds for you, can pull up your PMP record, and see exactly when and where you filled your last "Scheduled" med, and also they can see who prescribed the meds to you. If a doc or pharmacist sees that you've been filling the same Scheduled med multiple times from different docs, they can get the DEA and/or law enforcement involved, again depending on the state.........Some states have stricter laws than others. The PMPs have cut down on "doctor shopping" quite a bit, but it's still out there to a certain degree.
  10. Interesting.....I didn't know that.
  11. Vistaril helps with anxiety for some people, so I think it's at least worth a try. Personally, I didn't have much success with it, but I really hope you have better luck.
  12. Personally for me, The XR wasn't as good as the IR for sleep. Also, when I took it at bedtime, the XR left me feeling foggy throughout the whole next day, and the IR didn't have that effect for me when I took it at night. I tried both for sleep/anxiety......
  13. This....for me, anyway, is why I get more depressed during warm weather, although it's pretty bad year round. I see all the happy "normal" people enjoying themselves outside, and going on vacations, when my MI makes those things pretty much impossible to do for myself.
  14. I agree with @Gearhead.........What you are planning above is extremely dangerous......If you don't bleed to death you could still get a life-threatening infection.........Please go to a doctor..!!
  15. I'm not good at making big decisions, either, because of my MI, so you're certainly not alone. Can you talk with your therapist about this?.....Or maybe even a trusted friend?......Sometimes talking about it with an objective person can help. Or, maybe taking a piece of paper, and trying your best, to write down the pros and cons of each option you have?