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  1. Sounds like you are going through a very rough time...... Do you have a pdoc (psychiatrist), or a therapist you can talk to?.....If so, do they know what's happening with you right now?
  2. I'm not a doc, but I do know you really aren't supposed to split controlled release medications ....... 12.5mg zolpidem ER, or 10mg zolpidem IR is the recommended max dosage for men. 5mg IR (or 6.25 ER) is the recommended dose for women, although my pdoc prescribed the higher men's dose for me and it still didn't do much, so I gave up on it. I certainly hope the 5mg IR works out for you, but there are a lot of other possibiities out there if it doesn't. Here's a link with zolpidem dosage info: I also hope your sleep study goes well, and that you are able to get the right med(s) to help you........I have struggled with insomnia for almost 5 years now, so I know how you feel.
  3. Why did the package insert scare you so much? If your doc prescribed it for you, she thinks it's safe for you to take, and will help you......I suggest trusting your doc, and at least trying the Lorazepam for 2 weeks, until you see her again......As jt said above, Lorazepam works very well for anxiety.
  4. @Blahblah, do you have a therapist to talk with about these thoughts?.........Have you told your pdoc? A good therapist could advise you of different techniques that *might* combat these thoughts. I say "might", because my OCD is very extreme, and nothing so far has worked for me...I do have a new therapist who has suggested a therapy called "thought-stopping", but I'm hearing feedback from others saying it didn't work so good for them, and that it's outdated. But there are other therapy methods besides "thought-stopping", that might work for you, such as ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), which @jt07 mentioned to me. I've done a little research on ACT and I'm going to ask my therapist about it....Sounds better to me than "thought-stopping":
  5. You're absolutely right....I was thinking the same thing myself....I already have rituals--why would I want to add another one to the list?? Maybe she is not so experienced in treating folks with OCD?......That is another thing I will need to bring up.
  6. Wow.....My therapist didn't suggest a rubber band....At least, not yet.........Her recommendation was to snap my fingers when I had an obsessive thought. I'm really having serious doubts about this kind of therapy now, and I really hope she'll be open-minded enough to try a different type of therapy that might work better. Thanks so much for your input....
  7. @Geek, thanks for the info...Very interesting article. At next therapy session, I'm definitely going to ask why she thinks the thought-stopping therapy will be effective for my OCD, and how many OCD people see improvement with this therapy. Also will be asking if she would be open to other therapy techniques for OCD.....If she seems resistant to trying something else, I guess it would be better to know up-front, and find someone more open-minded.....**SIGH**
  8. Unfortunately, this has already been going on with me for awhile.....And yes I agree it steals so much time from your life. Perhaps I will mention the ACT method you described to her....It sounds better to me than the "thought-stopping", which seems to require A LOT of energy and practice, the way she described it..... On second thought, maybe I shouldn't mention it--it might offend her? So unsure, I don't quite know what to do anymore about this time-stealing OCD.
  9. Okay, I have a new therapist now (**SIGH**), and she wants to try a CBT technique with me called "thought-stopping". According to her, it is a great method for treating OCD obsessive thoughts......Has anyone here done this technique for unwanted thoughts of any kind? When she described it, I was doubtful about it being suitable for me, but just wanted to know if anyone here has any experience with this "thought-stopping" technique, or knows if it helps for OCD obsessive thoughts. Thanks.
  10. I agree with notloki. If your doc is okay with you taking it long term, I would suggest trust your doc.
  11. I'm not a doc, but IMO, it seems like you do have some symptoms of OCD......I suffer from extreme OCD. I have severe OCD to the point that I hardly ever leave my home, because I'm afraid my house will catch on fire because I left something on, or someone will break in while I'm gone........ Even on the few occasions that I do leave my home, I need help to do it. I constantly check and re-check appliances to make sure they're off, and also check windows and doors multiple times before I'm satisfied that they really are locked.....These are just a few examples--I have some counting rituals, too. It is possible to have both schizophrenia and OCD together.....I have seen some people here who have both, Hopefully, some folks here who do have both will stop by and give you more feedback.
  12. How much trazodone are you taking? Trazodone is my main sleep med, and I take 200mg. I also take 2mg Klonopin.
  13. The clinic I consulted with here said 2 out of 3 experience some degree of improvement, some more than others, while approximately 1/3 experienced no improvement at all......So what your doc said sounds about right. Keep us updated on how it goes for you.....I like the fact that there are only minor side effects.
  14. Have you tried gabapentin (Neurontin)?......if not, that is another possibility......Works well on anxiety for some folks here. Buspar is another anti-anxiety med that works for a few people, but I would suggest asking your doc about gabapentin first. if he is open to changing your meds.
  15. @Geek, thanks again for the info.......I think I'm going to try TMS first, after I save up some money for the co-pay. Then, if TMS is unsuccessful, I'll have to re-visit my options......I really appreciate your input....