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  1. I personally didn't experience any depression when I started on clonazepam , but everyone's different......Like @Dewey mentioned above, maybe it depends on your dosage. I wouldn't recommend taking any more expired pills, though.......Can you call your current pdoc and let him know the Actavis isn't working out?.........Maybe he could call in the wafers--they might be your best shot at this point.......I think I'm going to look into the wafers myself if the Accord isn't effective for me. I'm about to do my change to Accord next weekend, so I will post about that....Not looking forward to changing, but what else can we do when they are literally not making it anymore.....
  2. That's interesting.....I'm going to contact them myself about the Klonopin......Thanks for the links....
  3. @Schlep, I just called Teva generics, and they told me that they had numerous complaints about the Actavis version not working as well as their original TEVA version. They also said that if they receive enough complaints, they may bring back their old "recipe"....Don't know if I believe them, but it's worth a try for you to call and complain that the Actavis isn't working well for you.....Here is page with the phone number: https://www.tevagenerics.com/contact-us
  4. I haven't tried the Accord yet, but I'm due to refill my clonazepam next weekend, and my pharmacy tells me that they are now going to carry Accord, so that's what I'll be getting when I refill........ It's good to hear the Accord works for you........ I have taken TEVA clonazepam for the last 5 years, so that's what my system is used to......I'm just nervous that the Accord will not work for me the same as Teva.......I'm trying to keep an open mind, so I'm going to give the Accord a try and see how it goes. When I fill it next weekend I'm going to report here if it's working for me or not......**Fingers crossed**......**SIGH**
  5. Is the Actavis working okay for you?
  6. Well, I've read mixed reviews on Accord and Actavis, some people seem satisfied with them, some don't......Some like one over the other.....There are very mixed opinions on both.......So I'm going to try out Accord, see what happens..... If Accord doesn't work out, my pdoc will be hearing from me very quickly, and so will the pharmacy.....I have a small stash of leftover Teva to use in the meantime, if I have to. If necessary, I know my pdoc will prescribe me the real deal, brand name Klonopin.....If I have to pay for it out of pocket the first time, I will. Why did Teva do this?......Because they could.....
  7. Your pharmacy should be able to switch your current pills, but your doc will need to write a new script and specify the Accord brand on the prescription....Even if they don't carry Accord, they should be able to order it for you......According to another member here, that I talked to, who tried Accord clonazepam, they said that the Accord were more potent than Teva brand for them. Another option, which you mentioned above, would be to ask your doc about increasing your dose slightly, so the Activis would be more effective for you....Have you told your doc about the Activis not working as well as the Teva? If all else fails, and you find that no generics work out for you, you could get your doc to write a script for name brand Klonopin. Name brand Klon is pretty expensive, so your insurance company may require a prior authorization to cover it, in which your doc would have to explain to them that no generics work for you, and you have to get the name brand.
  8. Some of my meds are supposed have interactions with each other, but I have experienced no significant symptoms...I guess everyone is different. If 2 meds are absolutely contraindicated to use together, the pharmacist will catch it when you try to fill them....The pharmacists have a real "do not mix black list" in their software systems. Many docs use meds that have moderate interactions with other..
  9. Teva vs Accord clonazepam-opinions?

    Thanks for your input......Glad to hear an opinion from someone who has tried both....!!
  10. My current pdoc is an older guy, so might explain why he was more willing to keep me on the Klonopin, when I had to switch docs, due to my former pdoc moving. Maybe the newer generation of pdocs are trying to force people off benzos, even though the benzo is helping them?.....IMO, that's just terrible what happened to you...... It makes me scared that one day I might have to see a younger pdoc who will try to force me off Klonopin......**SIGH**
  11. Some people might already know this, but Teva has discontinued their clonazepam......Starting this month, the pharmacy I use will now be carrying the Accord brand........So my next fill will be in about 10 days and I will be getting the Accord.....I hate it when this type of thing happens. I am trying to keep an open mind, but I have always used the Teva brand for years, and I'm a little nervous about the switch....I am wondering if it will work the same for me as Teva. Has anyone used the Accord brand?.....If so, does it work well for you.?....How does it compare with the Teva brand, if you have used both?.....All opinions welcome......Thanks
  12. I concede, you are correct on this......I called my pharmacy, and they say that, starting this month, they are now carrying ACCORD generic clonazepam instead of TEVA........So I guess I will have to see how Accord works when I get my new fill in 10 days or so. I read some reviews of Accord clonazepam and Activis clonazepam, and people have differing opinions--some say the Activis is better, some say the Accord works better---I guess it depends on the person. So maybe you could try the Accord clonazepam and see if it's any better than the Activis for you? I hate it when this happens, I have always taken the TEVA brand.....I am trying not to form an opinion on the Accord until I try it, so I guess I'll have to see how it goes.........**SIGH** Just from a quick google, I found that a lot of people are complaining about TEVA doing this change.
  13. Just as a side note, so far, I've had no trouble at all getting my klonopin prescribed and filled..... I take 2mg, and even when I switched pdocs back in April of this year, the new pdoc kept me on it, and did not even suggest lowering the dose, probably because my sleep depends on it. Personally, I don't think anyone who has been on benzos long term, should be forced off them against the person's will.....They are life-saving meds for many people. However, if a person WANTS to get off benzos, I definitely agree it should be a long, slow taper.
  14. My friend that takes Latuda, whom I mentioned above, takes it in the morning, because he said it is activating for him......However, I have seen some folks here that take it in the evening. I would say if you take it in evening, and have trouble sleeping, try taking it in the morning.
  15. Why were you forced to switch manufacturers?........Teva brand clonazepam tablets are still available....I recently got some from my pharmacy.....If your pharmacy doesn't carry the Teva tablets any longer, you could request them to order for you, or else find a pharmacy that does carry them. As far as your current situation, I agree with Iceberg--Call your pdoc ASAP.