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  1. (originally posted by alex ) Is there such a thing as alcoholism? Yes, actually. There is apparently a certain kind of brain wave that reacts differently in alcoholic brains than in normal brains. Alcoholism has been proven to be a physical disorder. But what is alcoholism? Well, that's pretty simple, actually: alcoholic brains react differently to alcohol than "normal" brains. In alcholic brains, alcohol is processed rather like heroin, which should explain the following symptoms: 1) inability to quit drinking / drinking in excess 2) uncontrollable behavior during drinking 3) unexplicable desire to drink 4) drinking leading to dangerous situations The two biggest indicators of alcoholism are drinking alone and drinking leading to dangerous situations (like drinking & driving or drinking and leaving the bar with strangers). "Normal people" (ie: non-alcoholics) simply do not do this. Take a poll from your friends. You will quickly sort out the alckies from the normies. Now, am I calling YOU an alcoholic? Actually, no. But...I can tell you that *I* am one! Just giving you a heads up on a certain possibility that I refused to believe myself for many years...until a cerain few brushes with the law, which led to an "alcohol awareness" class, which provided much of the information I'm now conveying to you. It is very, very, VERY difficult to quit drinking because it is an addiction, and rooted in the subconcious, not the concious. This is why you can come up with 1000 reasons not to do it (logic / concious mind) and then do it anyway (il-logic / subconcious mind). Those subconcious desires are pretty strong, HUH? Yup. Alcohol hijacks the brain's chemical "reward" system. The quote goes like this: "First the person takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes the person." I used to drink on my medication. I didn't really care. I knew it made me feel good and I did it. But, eventually, I paid for it in legal and financial ways, which finally started my concious (logical) mind winning the battle against the subconcious (again: illogical!) desires. I don't really know what to tell you to get you to quit, except that if you have the desire to quit, you eventually will. But, if you keep giving in to it, you will keep drinking until something ELSE happens to make you think about quitting. Something that you probably do NOT want to happen (eg: injury / financial loss / legal trouble / loved ones turning away / fun stuff like that). ...Alex P.S. The active / addictive ingrediant in alcohol is ethanol, which I hear is actually produced by the body, so I'm not sure if its chemically present in alcohol before it is consumed.