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  1. my nephew is staying with me at my place (he's 2)
  2. have you ever been to residential treatment centers for MI?
  3. It's hot and humid here (near the mediterranean sea) but you can feel fall coming
  4. emoods looks great!
  5. I'm going through the same thing, and started Remeron and it's helping. yeah, people can be really rude to someone who is underweight .... I hope you will feel better soon!
  6. yeah, I will ask for something to calm down if this continues..... I cried for 2 hours when I wrote this topic, and thought about taking pills even though that wasn't how I planed to do it. just writing it down is crazy, and it made me realize how much I got worse in the last year and how really sick I am...... just beacause I'm 27 and I'm not doing well..
  7. there is daylio but it's not great.... and wysa, it's a chat bot that helps with depression and anxiety and it gives you weekly chart
  8. thanks jt and amskray, that's true.. I mostly compare myself to past love interest and ex's. there is one particular girl that I used to be in love with and she is like a mirror to the life I wanted when i was a kid, and it feels horrifying to think that maybe I lost the chance to have something similar to that. I know it's dumb and I wasn't like this until the depression. It is one of the worst parts.... I started cbt so I will try to stop this habbit.
  9. I'm fine in the day but at night when I coming home, especially after I have been in the city or after I talked with people and heard how well they doing I have a lot more thoughts about ending it because something broke inside me a long time ago...... but that's stupid, to lose hope So how do you calm down? Do you have any tools?
  10. I can't stand how things have turned out.. I'm in shock

  11. I know what you mean thunder, and I'm rooting for you . . I can relate
  12. sometimes people have phases like this . . what makes you panic or being anxious in general?
  13. this is the first time in a long time that i'm bored . . not depressed or anxious or hopeless just bored.. so i know i'm doing things worng
  14. thanks jt... did you had any side effects? She did raised the dosage to 40mg! after I told her about the suicidal urge.. I forgot to mention it, today I started 30mg.. thanks also! you do know a lot.. :>
  15. Hello! i'm on 20mg citalopram for about 3 months and it's helping me with anxiety but not with the depression symptoms. Last month I started a small job but my sleep schedule got messed up again (fall asleep at 5am and waking up at 2pm) and I felt really guilty because I missed work several times that I had a suicidal urge..... I'm also not eating well and i'm currently underweight and i hate it, i'm tired all the time and i'm sick of people's rude comments and my psychiatrist is worried about it.. So yesterday she gave me 30mg mirtazapine adding to the citalopram, she said it will help with sleep and will increase my appetite.. but I never been on 2 antidepressants before or SNRI or on sleep aid and it makes me nervous.. what do you think on this combo and on mirtazapine?