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  1. had a depressed moment today, but I managed to get out of it.... I have not been depressed for 2 months now, I had one week with panic attacks (it was horrible) but I manage to get over it too . . so feeling ok
  2. oooh memories.....
  3. my nephew jumped up and down when he saw me coming
  4. lol, my cat gradually takes the entire bed and then I fall asleep pressed against the wall
  5. keep us updated on how you're doing, ok?
  6. I'm ok, I'm working on my portfolio, and I have a cat here with me and some coffee tomorrow I see my sister and nephew
  7. I understand you jt, and I will consider taking it if really needed, I'm just havig a bad week, or bad 10 years if you think about it . .
  8. I should have explained myself: I have anxiety attacks because there is something in my life that I'm not addressing, and the anxiety attacks are a reminder that I need to change . . the anxiety attacks are terrible, and maybe the fear from having them would help me change.... I don't know, I just don't want to be apathetic about the things I need to do I talked to her about replacing the citalopram, but she wanted to wait . . and what scared me was the addiction part.....
  9. thanks! She gave me Lorazepam, and after reading the package insert I don't want to take it . . I will see her again in 2 weeks
  10. i called a hotline, and a man helped me to calm down, he was nice
  11. should i tell my family what is going on?
  12. I'm taking 40mg Citalopram and 30mg Mirtazapine at night. Last week I got sick and was in bed all day, and since then I'm having anxiety attacks with suicidal thoughts, I feel like I'm going insane and I feel like I can't bear this pain and life . . tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my psychiatrist, what is the best SSRI for anxiety? and I will ask something for focus . . I can't feel like this anymore
  13. yes, there are local centers here that provides help like that . . sometimes my mind makes me believe that I won't find a job and I panic thanks jt, I hope that you're less anxious
  14. employment, unemployment, no money, no future, no abilities, these things gives me so much panic everyday, what do I do?? help