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  1. What are your obsessions?

    Lately I'm having trouble with some other 'sticky' stuff, like the name from a friend will float around constantly. I don't like it, so I worry that why it won't go. Someone compared it to sensorimotor OCD. I pay too much attention to an unwanted concept or word. I had this too with breathing, but it only lasted a few days and it wasn't extreme. It sometimes feels like a hyperfocus or perseverance like in autism. I'm not autistic though.
  2. You seem to have treatment-resistent form of OCD :-( I know Risperdal is common as an augmentation strategy (as well as other anti-psychotics). I'm scared to go on one; weight gain is one of my main concerns, but at least it's a little bit reassuring that you didn't gain any weight on it! Was there anything medication or therapy wise that did treat the symptoms of OCD?
  3. I had trouble too and after trying different brands I decided to go for one of the cheaper brands. I also took Krill oil capsules, which were expensive (ouch) but I didn't feel different. Maybe the 'good' brands (which ones...I don't know) work better on the 'inside' without me noticing it. Did you take yours with food? I notice almost all supplements make me nauseous if I take them on an empty stomach.
  4. I've never considered anti-psychotics of use for me because of the success with SSRI's I've had. And, I've always thought that these kind of meds were to treat racing thoughts, confusion and intrusive voices. I got stuck in a loop though. It's like a scratch on a CD, or a cassette playing over and over. After being on SSRI's for 10 years, things seem to have changed, biologically or chemically.
  5. Mehhh no great results on Luvox just yet....5 weeks this week, 150 mg. But today I made an important decision: I'm going to ask my general doctor for a referral to a psychiatrist. I'm done with the slomo. I really want to discuss all the ideas and suggestions from this forum (THANK YOU ALL!!!) with an expert on medication Clomipramine seems a good idea. Or an augmentation strategy with a non-sedating anti-psychotic. Maybe even meds that target NMDA. It does seem that I've lost reponse to the working mechanism of SSRi's and I'm wondering if there's anything to get them working again. I hope a good pdoc can tell me more about it and is willing to experiment.
  6. When I was on Zoloft I had jaw clenching and teeth grinding, as well as restless legs. I don't think it was worse on Zoloft. I think anything serotonergic will likely cause jaw clenching and restless legs, because I had it with all three SSRI's I took. Although Zoloft has much more affinity with dopamine, I don't think I noticed this much. The RLS was bothersome when I was trying to fall asleep and I woke up early as well (on high dosages), but Zoloft is said to be on the more activating side of the SSRI's and can interfere with sleep or even cause insomnia. This is not my experience. Waking up early was coming from the RLS. The clenching, teeth grinding and biting on the inside of my cheeck is the most annoying. I have no idea if Buspar will help, because I've never been on it.
  7. I'm curious to vortioxetine. Someone recommended it to me. I don't seem to respond to standard SSRI's anymore. I've been on sertaline / Zoloft for about 8 months, but even on dosages like 200 mg it didn't help with intrusive thoughts. I switched back to fluvoxamine / Luvox 5 weeks ago, but I don't feel positive about it. I'll need to give it a few more weeks....but I'm skeptical. This quote is from a friend of mine: This sounds interesting. Geodon (Ziprasidone) isn't available in my country, so I'm reading up on Brintellix, which is available here. Ebixa (Memantine) is something I can't get from my general doctor, but she might be willing to prescribe Brintellix. Any thoughts?
  8. Hmm....I don't think I had huge problems with Lexapro concerning orgasms. It was more difficult on doses like 15 and 20 mg. When I was on 5 mg (I took this dose for about 2 years) I didn't have trouble reaching an orgasm at all. Libido was another matter, but this was also due to being in a longterm relationship. Zoloft did kill my libido though.
  9. Yes, I think clomipramine will be my next move, if it turns out that Luvox doesn't do the trick. I don't like the idea of Anafranil (side effects), but I've read about Luvox and Anafranil as a classic combination for treatment-resistant OCD. If the dose of Anafranil isn't too high it should be too sedating, right? @Wookie, does te Lyrica help with the jaw clenching? I don't know much about pregbalin...what kind of med is it?
  10. I hope I can find something activating. Especially in the mornings I feel kind of down and slow. When I was on Zoloft I didn't notice anything special and I was sleeping fine.
  11. I'm taking Luvox now. Today I'm at 5 weeks. Last week I increased to 150 mg. It's not working like in the old days, so I'm wondering what will get it working again and if there's something to help against the jaw clenching, teeth grinding and restless legs.
  12. I'm dealing with SSRI-induced Restless Legs Syndrome as well as teeth grinding and jaw clenching (or biting on the inside of my cheek. I don't know which one is more annoying. Is a dopamine agonist going to help? And what about Buspar? Buspirone is an agonist of the 5-HT1A receptor that increases dopaminergic neuron firing in the ventral tegmental area and increases the synaptic release of dopamine in the prefrontal cortex. These effects ameliorate drug-induced bruxism. Buspirone can also ameliorate extrapyramidal side effects, such as akathisia and tardive dyskinesia, and this property may be an additional explanation for the bruxism-related effects of the drug (5). from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3275112/
  13. Anafranil

    Hi ButterflyKisses! I've never taken clomipramine myself, but I'm considering to ask my doctor for it. I'm starting with my 5th week of fluvoxamine (Luvox) but I don't notice much. I have intrusive thoughts an SSRI's (including Luvox) used to work for me. I'll give it a few more weeks. From anecdotal reports I understand that it Anafranil can work to treat OCD when SSRI's have failed. From what I gathered it has a sedating effect but can also cause dry mouth and dizzyness. Weight gain is possible as well. I was thinking that if I would ever start it, I would try to exercise more. I've never gained more than a few kilo's on SSRI's (Zoloft in particular), but I guess that if you've gained weight on previous meds that you should watch out with Anafranil (concering weight gain). Keep up posted!
  14. In the past I took zinc as well as various forms of magnesium. This was when I wasn't taking any AD's, maybe I shoud mention that. I still have a bottle of zinc, never felt like it helped me a lot. Magnesium l-threonate was supposed to be one of the best forms of magnesium (passing blood brain barrier easier than other forms), but I didn't notice anything different. So what is left...NAC, another try, sarcosine? And ask my doctor about atomoxetine....
  15. Short update: Two weeks on fluvoxamine, 100 mg before bed. No side effects, apart from the jaw clenching and teeth grinding. But I notice I'm only having this on bad days, when the intrusive thought is more frequent. To come back on my original question: I think I might have become tolerant to the effect of SSRI's. "Lexapro, Escitalopram, is a much, MUCH more potent SSRI than others, and is doubtless able to cause much faster down-regulation of this receptor. Tolerance to the effect may be mediated via NMDA-receptors, hence why Memantine may be a good combo with Lexapro (or Luvox/Fluvoxamine)." (from a topic at Longecity.org forums) I was on Lexapro for 6 years and I remember it started working after only 3 weeks. Faster than other SSRI's. This tolerance-effect could also explain why Zoloft didn't help much. I still have to see what Luvox will do for me. I want to work my way up to 300 mg. I can't remember if I ever gone up this high, but I do remember having much more trouble with side effects. I'm looking into supplements which have affinity for the NDMA receptors, since getting Memantine prescribed will be a problem. Lamicital could be an alternative, do it does work different from Memantine I suppose. I've already tried NAC (when I wasn't on any AD's), but I'm considering to give it another shot.