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  1. Hi Brian, I'm sorry, I've never been on Effexor, but what I know from it, it is more of an SSRI on lower dosages. I've googled on your question and to verify my own thoughts and found a similar issue:
  2. Short update: I was so busy the last two weeks and I felt a lot better. It felt like the Zoloft was finally helping me. My usual intrusive thought left me for longer periods each day, and that makes me more relaxed and less worried about it. I wish my brain was able to forget it! But sooner or later the thought pops up in my head and I'll feel irritated about it. And as long as I care about it and remain irritated, the thought will come back again and again.... Unfortunately I'm still dealing with so much stress and anxiety (family and lawsuit related issues)...this doesn't help with my recovery either. I still (aaaargh) haven't talked to a pdoc. My counsellor is back from his vacation and I have an appointment next week. He's open to letting me discuss my medication questions with a pdoc. Hopefully I won't need to see my gdoc. I'm so tired of this man... I was also wondering about Brintellix. If the MOA is different from SSRI's and I am 'immune' to SSRI's after all, could vortioxetine be an option? My plan for now: 1)Convince gdoc that I want to switch to Luvox, because it's been 7 years ago and worked great. or if I can have my talk with a pdoc: Discuss switching to Prozac or Luvox, or try something totally different like Anafranil. Also, as an add-on Abilify has my interest, because I'd like to get rid of the 'I feel like doing nothing' feeling.
  3. In my experience, Zoloft works for the melancholy. I don't feel depressed, but my Pure O(cd) is going up and down. I've been on Zoloft for 7 months now. Compared to 12 months ago I do feel better and more positive. I feel like the dopamine effect is helping me concentrate when my attention needs to be turned outward, but when I'm alone and need to concentrate on my computer work I feel stuck with intrusive thoughts. Lexapro worked a lot faster and better, but I wasn't motivating me to go and start my day.
  4. I'm so glad it still works for you! I have no idea if Lexapro would have kept working if I wasn't on such a low dose.... Btw, I just talked to someone with OCD who is really happy with Paxil (she has OCD but she can live a normal life), but is considering switching to another SSRI because she has gained a lot of weight. She tried to lose weight, but on Paxil it seems almost impossible. Plus she hates the excessive sweating and the loss of libido. She could try the switch....on the other hand....if something works...why take the risk?
  5. I wouldn't mind having to stay on an anti-depressant for the rest of my life. The only problem is that both of the SSRI's that I took pooped out and the third one doesn't work at all (or maybe partial response...). I've made peace a long time ago with the fact I need a pill to stop the intrusive thoughts...
  6. I remember that I quit Luvox, because I thought I didn't need it anymore. After 3 months I restarted because the intrusive thought was back again. Luvox worked for me again, and after 1,5 years I stopped again. The same happened, the intrusion suddenly returned. I got back on Luvox but after 9 weeks I didn't get any relief from it. The side effects got worse (grinding my teeth) so I decided to switch to another SSRI. I got on Lexapro and stayed on it for 5 years. Lexapro pooped out on me as well. I thought that it did suddenly, but now I think I was having some withdrawal symptoms. I just wasn't aware of it. I felt more lethargic (even depressed at times), less motivated, I have these weird itching sensations on my back for a while and I felt anxious. I wasn't feeling like 'me'. I was on 5 mg of Lexapro and on my own I decided that I could lower to 2,5 mg because I wasn't having that obnoxious intrusive thought anymore. One evening, I was watching TV and I something I saw triggered the old pattern. BANG! It was back and I was so scared...five years of no intrusion at all and I was living my life like I that moment it all changed. I felt extremely down. Before bed I took 10 mg and increased to 20 mg over 4 weeks time. I became extremely emotional, the teeth grinding got worse than ever and I was incredibly depressed. My gdoc convinced me to withdraw from Lexapro and take a drug holiday. I had mild withdrawal symptoms like waking up in the morning with a pounding heart beat and sweating, tinnitus (though tolerable) and was having crying spells. Fortunately I didn't feel sick. I was off Lexapro entirely for about 4 months. Then I started sertraline. In the last three weeks I have been going doing from 200 mg to 125 mg. I don't think I have any withdrawal symptoms, though the restless legs are back at this dose. You should treat withdrawing from AD while it's still effective the same as stopping an AD after it pooped out. Some people quit cold turkey after poop-out without any withdrawal, but it could be unsafe (withdrawal effects). Some one once told me that stopping an AD is like throwing your brain off a cliff. It doesn't know what to do without it. Don't know if this is true for everyone, but I would advise you to go slow if you're planning on stopping your AD.
  7. I think it could be an OCD symptom. Not that I'm the expert, but I've read of so many forms of OCD.... The therapists I had in the last 12 years all said that I have OCD (I have one recurring thought which bothers me incredibly and I really want to get rid of. That has become my obsession...) but after all these years I am still convinced they can't just put me in that corner, so I call it 'OCD-spectrum'. I think anxiety disorders come in all forms and sizes, but I do think you should talk to your doctor and mention it. I can imagine that's difficult. I've seen a few therapists and doctors (something like 10) and I still feel a little ashamed to introduce the issue because I'm quite sure none of them had ever heard of my specific problem. They must have seen more people with related disorders though, they are professionals and it's their job to help you. Good luck!
  8. No....unfortunately not. My gdoc doesn't want to discuss medication for about three weeks and my counsellor is on vacation. He can make an appointment for me without me having to consult my gdoc again. He will be back in about two weeks, but there might also be a waiting I have no idea when I'm going to see one ;-)
  9. My general doctor would't prescribe anything experimental and he is anti-psych meds. Maybe he gives it to extreme cases, but I can function and to him, there's nothing wrong with me. I know there is actually nothing wrong with me, but I still have trouble with intrusive thoughts and concentration issues. He keeps on pushing mindfulness meditation....Like that is the answer to every mental issue! In a few weeks I want to discuss all options with a new pdoc. Hopefully he or she will be open to my ideas and suggestions and I really hope that the next medication or med-combination will work better than Zoloft does at the moment....
  10. I've always said 'no' to Paxil because of the anticholinergic effects. Though it is the most potent and one of the most selective for serotonin. All three of the general doctors I have seen in the past 10 years wanted to put me on Paxil but I always did my research beforehand and asked for something else. Not ruling out that I won't ever try it though, I will run out of SSRI's eventually ;-) Prozac is on top of my list and there are still a few other antidepressants (and combinations) I could try.
  11. In order to try Strattera I might need an indication for ADD?
  12. I don't know, why not. Fluvoxamine has affinity for norephinefrine and that one worked.
  13. Well, hopefully I can go on fluoxetine. He didn't like that idea though, but I think I can decide for myself... And SSRI's helped me incredibly in the past. I never had the experience they stirred up intrusive thoughts. Though sertraline could in theory do just that....since it isn't doing the same as the others did....
  14. For the interesting combo's you suggest I definetly need a pdoc. Who I will try to find ;-) I wonder if a drug being an antagonist at the sigma receptor and a drug being an agonist can make such a difference. Maybe it can in my case. I liked Luvox. Maybe antagonizing this receptor is a (big) part of the answer to why Zoloft isn't working for me. About NAC: after 4/5 weeks it seemed to be doing something, but I was taking it on its own. I continued with the extended release version (Jarrow has it) but no further improvement so I stopped after I finished the bottle. I ordered some Inositol powder. I know research on it isn't strong, but I had a coupon and I'm curious. I'm scared of TCA and (A)AP side effects. Especially the weight gain and the sedation. I want to avoid Haldol, Seroquel, Zyprexa and Risperdal. I would consider Anafranil (clomipramine) as a mono-therapy or as an augment to SSRI's. My gdoc mentioned Nortrilen / Pamelor. As far as I know nortriptyline is combined with sertraline for better results. I don't think he knows about this. The same for Lamotrigine. The idea of a glutamergic drug is interesting, but he wouldn't know.
  15. Well my visit to my general doctor this morning wasn't very satisfying. First, here's my frustration (don't read it if you're just interested in the medication-part ) He proposed I stay on sertraline for another 3 weeks, but that I would taper to 125 mg and then evaluate again (AGAIN ) I tried to explain that sertraline doesn't do much for me and that I want to switch to something else. He said: so taking medication doesn't make a difference? Why don't you quit taking it then? Right. It's not that I need medication in order to function. I like my job, I love my friends and family, I have a good relationship....I do struggle with daily life but it doesn't make me depressed or anxious. I've tried to stop the urge to get rid of the intrusive thought. My goal has always been to get rid of it. Mindfulness and therapy learned me that you can't get rid of intrusive thoughts. And the harder you try, the more frequent they will become. It's OK to have weird stuff in your head. But I haven't managed this. It still bothers me. It's with me all day. I cherish these short moments when it's not in my head. Medication helped me so much. What I couldn't achieve with 4 years of therapy happened after 5 weeks on Luvox. It was incredible (untill it pooped out....but I took the next one and it was incredible again, untill it pooped out). I'm not considering going on a drug holiday again, like my doctor advised me last year Medication part: Doctor thinks I might not react to sertraline because I have been on this type of med before. Or, he said, it could have been a placebo-effect. Thanks you for the encouragement.... His next suggestion: a TCA, not clomipramine (like us dummes think, who don't have a medical degree) but nortriptyline. It has a better side effect profile. What I didn't say to him but what I was thinking: "consider a new gdoc and FIND YOURSELF A PDOC" Thanks @jt07! That's why I would still like to try Prozac / fluoxetine. SSRI's did work for me, and now the current one doesn't. I tried to explain this to my doctor this morning, but he wants me to try a TCA (or quit medication all together). I really think I should give another SSRI a try, it could fit my brain chemistry and if it doesn't I'll keep searching for something else. I don't understand why my gdoc wants me off medication when I had such good results with it.