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  1. Hey, thanks for replying! I'm under the impression that the type of intrusive thought I am experiencing isn't exactly the same as Pure O thoughts or intrusive thoughts that come with schizophrenia. If I could actually stop caring about having it and stop worrying about it (and don't give it any attention) it would -in theory- go away. I've been having this same thought for years (I was only completely symptom free when I used ssri's succesfully). I think it does have to do with anxiety and obsessing over it (thus making it OCD spectrum) but I really don't understand how anti-psychotics (especially PRN dose or 'as needed') could work for me.
  2. I'm wondering myself if I should go back to Luvox. I took it between 2007 and 2010. I got on escitalopram because fluvoxamine didn't work anymore when I restarted it for the third time. Luvox was my first SSRI and it worked after 4 or 5 weeks. In my memory anyway it worked better for me than escitalopram / Lexapro. It did gave me restless legs....I remember how I wasn't able to fall asleep quickly anymore and forced me out of bed in the morning. That wasn't so bad on weekdays but on the weekends.... But I think I could handle the RLS if the intrusive thoughts would just go away. I have no idea if sertraline will work in the upcoming weeks. I wonder what my chances are with Luvox. I'm thinking of going back just because it's so long ago and it did work. My pdoc suggested clomipramine, but I really dread trying that one (even if it's good for OCD....)
  3. I never had this problem with escitalopram. I did make me unmotivated and sluggish after a few years of using it. I took it before bed and was able to sleep (once my intrusive thoughts vanished I wasn't worrying either, so I could sleep better than before). The first twee weeks I had head aches and I was feeling like getting the flu (but never did). My doctor said I could take it before bed (I started out with taking it in the morning). Do you feel like the Lexapro is working for you? I was never depressed so I can't compare the efficacy (which is also a personal thing of course) but you might want to try taking it in the evening or switch to another antidepressant.
  4. Agreed on Reddit there isn't really a warm community of people. I think its good for looking op anecdotal reports though.
  5. Sure, just look up subreddits like r/nootropics or r/ocd. Or just use the search function.
  6. I've read a lot about inositol, from anecdotal reports it seems like a hit or miss kind of supplement. Some say it's more suited for the Pure O type. I'm still not convinced. Riluzole is a glutamate modulator. I haven't found much on it or reports from people using it. Memantine is quite popular with people on Reddit. I think it causes brain fog when titrated too quickly. This is a nice overview of glutamatertic agents:
  7. Hey Cloudmonger, no never tried fluoxetine. I was looking for a replacement after escitalopram pooped out on me and sertraline was recommended over fluoxetine because sertraline has more dopamine affinity and that is what I could use. Lexapro made me kinda sluggish and unmotivated. Pdoc says I should go over to clomipramine if sertraline doesn't work out but I might ask for Prozac. It has a better side effect profile and since SSRI's worked for me in the past I don't see why I should switch over to a much less selective med? To me it seems like there are better options than Seroquel. I'm not super anxious, like you I just can't stop worrying and ruminating, but in my case it is coming from the same obsessive thought. I'm extremely aware and have this big aversion to thinking 'it'. It is a OC-spectrum disorder. Pdoc and psychologist say that I must try to let be and let myself go, and I try, but it keeps coming back, driving me crazy sometimes.
  8. Hey, just wanted to chime in on the use of NAC. I bought it a few months ago, the 500mg from Jarrow. I took up to 4 a day and it seemed to help me with intrusive thoughts. My stomach got a little upset with the first capsule. I was feeling a little better after two weeks. I could concentrate better and the unwanted thought didn't come up as often as I was used to (more like 2 or 3 times an hour). I ran out and was left without for a week. I then decided to buy the sustained version from Jarrow (600 mg capsules). They do not only taste awful on the tongue, I'm not feeling any benefit from it either. I've been on 1200 to 2400 mg for about 4 weeks now, but I don't feel like it is doing anything anymore. Maybe the sustained version isn't that good OR I've build up a tolerance OR it was a placebo effect....I've been thinking about memantine as well, but my insurance doesn't cover it, so I put that idea aside. My pdoc wouldn't even discuss it and says it's too much of an exotic option... I still take one or two capsules of NAC a day since I started sertraline on January 2nd, but I don't think I'll buy another bottle once I'm finished....
  9. Hey 300.3 thank you for welcoming me Lexapro was actually a good drug, though the start was bumpy. It kicked in fast with just 3 weeks (I was on 10 mg) but lost effectiveness after a few months. I was going through some difficult personal issues and on top the I needed to increase my dose to 20 mg. I had a lot of on and off days in the first 2 years of Lexapro. At first I wasn't as happy with it as I was with Luvox. I might try fluoxetine / Prozac if sertraline / Zoloft doesn't work out for me. I'm quite afraid that because escitalopram didn't work with upping dose that sertraline won't have any effect either. Pdoc said I could switch to clomipramine / Anafranil but I'm hesitant about it. Oh well...I still have three weeks to go!
  10. Update: Talked to general doctor this morning who was not happy that I started with the sertraline. The pdoc working for his office recommended it to me, but my general doctor was the one who said I should withdraw from medication entirely last May (great advice....). He saw the quetiapine recommendation and asked me if I wanted to take it. I said I was very hesitant because of the side effects, especially the weight gain. Because I was hesitant myself and not too enthusiastic he said I should wait for the sertraline to kick in first. He wants me to stay on 50 mg of sertraline though. I'm not sure that's enough. Maybe it is for situational depression...?
  11. Thank you for sharing. The pdoc didn't mention the dosage, but when you take it 'as needed' I assume you need to take small dosages... I don't have any problems sleeping (maybe later on, when I'm upping my dose of sertraline?) and the sedating effect isn't what I need or want (even if it could block intrusive thoughts, I still need to drive my car for work). I don't think I've ever taken anything that has effect on histamine receptors. I hope I wouldn't even need quetiapine anyway but still, I would like to know if this is a good augment treatment for this specific issue.
  12. Thanks for your reply! So it helps with anxiety, but what if I'm not anxious from the intrusive thought directly? I'm kind of used to having it and I feel this aversion to it. I'm more anxious that it won't go away...ever! It's a depressing feeling but it's also anxiety of course. I worry and ruminate about the medication, about the future...I try not to...but it's hard!
  13. Hi guys, I seem to have a much milder 'version' of OCD. It's still distressing for me though :-( A thought got stuck and I worry about it. Keep paying attention to it. It's a little like being extremely aware of a thought and then obsess about why it won't go away. The first time this happened to me was when I was around 19 years old. I became incredibly averted to having this certain word stuck in my mind. It will only go away when I'm really distracted. After that it will come back....and I worry over it again. I always look for reassurance on the internet. It works for a while, but then I go look for more info again. I did learn to stop this in the past but lately I feel so anxious! There have been good periods, but it keeps coming back. SSRI's helped a lot ( seemed in remission for about 5 years) but the last one pooped out on me so now I'm trying another one. My grandmother was an obsessive cleaner, my dad hypochondriac, my sister bites the skin around her nails and on my mothers side there's addiction to alcohol and gambling. My mom was severely depressed after I was born.... I have bad genetics I suppose...
  14. Hi everyone, I'm new here, I posted an intro topic which can be found here for anyone who's interested :-) The escitalopram I was using pooped out after 6 years, so I needed to find something new and I saw a psychiatrist recently. I was put on sertraline 10 days ago. So far so good. No real side effects. I'm on 50 mg, that's hardly a therapeutic dose, right? I want to go to 100 or a little more, and see how it goes. What he also said that I could take quetiapine / Seroquel 'as needed'. Never heard of this but I suppose since he's the doctor he would know. Are there any people here who take an anti-psychotic 'as needed'? I won't see this pdoc anytime soon....he only does consultations for my general doctor's office, so I can't ask more questions. I don't know if I have to wait for the sertraline to kick in? My issues: I call it 'stuck thought syndrome' because the classic Pure O is more about scary/bizarre/agressive/sexual thoughts and I don't have these. But it has become a big obsession for me to get rid of a certain unwanted thought. It's really intrusive, it comes back often, I get anxious, I try to find solutions, ruminate about it all the time...It's always the same thought bugging me and after 10 years of therapy I'm still not able to let it go. I have a big aversion to this thought so that is probably why it keeps coming back. Fluvoxamine pooped out on me in 2010, but helped me a lot, later on escitalopram was helpful....but with sertraline I can't tell yet. I hope it will work, and I really dread the antipsychotics because of side effects. I don't know if I'm going to gain weight on it but I really don't want to. But maybe I don't need to worry about this side effect because I just take it whenever this thought comes back and gets stuck again? The pdoc said it's a really good med for getting thoughts 'loosen up' and 'unstuck'. Could be just what I need!
  15. Hi jt07, thanks for welcoming me here! I'll take a look around on the forums, but it's a big forum....and I have a few questions myself. Hopefully some people can help me out