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  1. I thought it was a fairly known in the US for treating treatment-resistent depression.
  2. Yes and no.... I asked for memantine when I saw the pdoc in January but he said it was too experimental and too expensive. He said I should ttry the usual treatments and since I've already been on SSRI's he said I should try clomipramine or even adding quetiapine to sertraline (which I don't want to take because it mostly blocks histamine). I did try NAC at high dosages (I wasn't on sertraline at that moment) and for a few weeks it seemed to help with the intrusive thought, but when I started the new bottle I didn't feel anything from it anymore. I'm not sure yet if the glumamatergic route is for me...
  3. It's a new treatment, but still experimental and it still doesn't work for every one. More research is needed and here in The Netherlands it's quite expensive. There's a guy on my Dutch OCD board and he's keeping a diary while he is undergoing rTMS treatments. He is quite positive about his progress though it mostly helped with the depression and burnout. The clinic is now going to try another area of his brain to see if this will effect the OCD-part of his issues. The treatments are combined with talk therapy and CBT; studies indicate this is more effective than rTMS alone.
  4. I found a Dutch article on that combo: Maybe Google Translate will work. The writers of the article aren't quite sure if there's enough clinical evidence of the addition of clomipramine to fluvoxamine. But they do think it can be useful for refractory OCD....
  5. Yes, I found that article earlier. I've been on 250 mg for about two weeks, but it seemed to make my intrusive thought(s) more frequent....Not sure if 400 mg does the trick when 20 mg of ecitalopram and 200 mg of fluvoxamine did... I think I could handle 400 mg (though I should not take it before bed, because it irritates my stomach and esophagus) but I don't think my doctor would approve. I wonder about the role of those sigma recepters, since sertraline is an antagonist and fluvoxamine and fluoxetine are angonists at that site.
  6. Lexapro made me a bit lethargic as well. My libido didn't change much, but I noticed the lack of motivation in the mornings. It's not a very stimulating med I suppose... I'm still not sure...Prozac or Anafranil, but I'm glad to read that Prozac has helped you with intrusive thoughts since that is my issue as well. Lexapro worked fine for a long time.... @Redhead, I've been reading up on rTMS and OCD. It seems some people get good results from it. Have you ever looked into that kind of therapy?
  7. Hey Redhead, I'm about to ask my doctor for Anafranil (or Prozac, I don't know yet) ;-) I've been on Lexapro for about 5 years. It's know to have a fast onset; for me it took only 3 weeks. I seem to become friends with SSRI's because side effects are very mild for me. Lexapro gave me restless legs at high dosages but more present was the teeth clenching and gnawing. I have an intrusive / stuck thought (with the obsession to get rid of it) so I can't say if Lexapro will work for the classic OCD with compulsive behavior like cleaning, counting, etc. I read somewhere about the maximum dosages of SSRI. I know 20 mg of Lexapro is as potent as 200 mg of Zoloft, but I can't rememby why this is. The max dose is 20 mg though I've read from others that they've gone as high as 30 mg. I've been on 20 mg for some time and only dropped to 15 and later on 10 because I was in remission. Once at 5 mg I stayed there. After 5 years it suddenly stopped working... I hope Lexapro will help you with the OCD! Good luck!
  8. I'm putting off a new appointment with my general doctor. Probably because I still have a 2 week supply of Zoloft left and I still hope deep inside that Zoloft will kick in. A few days ago I dropped from 250 to 200 mg. I'm sure they won't recommend this on the Surviving Antidepressant forums, but I've never experienced severe SSRI withdrawal symptoms. I remember coming off Lexapro (I went slow, but faster then they advised me) and the only problems I had were ringing ears and cortisol spikes. I went off Luvox twice without even tapering. Side effects from all SSRI's are quite mild for me too, so I'm not worried about Zoloft tapering. Won't go off cold turkey off course, but I don't think I need to stay on dosages for more than one week, especially when I'm cross tapering / titrating. No I don't think Cymbalta is used often for OCD, but I know Effexor is. I wonder about side effects from that one; I know it mainly effects serotonin at lower dosages. But it's also famous for the brainzaps when titrating or tapering. Not really looking forward to that.... This article is an interesting read on clomipramine. I'll think I'll keep that one as a second choice.
  9. It's worth a try. It can't be much worse than being on Zoloft for 5 months without much progress. I'll probably need taper from Zoloft to like 150 or 100 mg and then cross taper with Prozac? I also noticed that Luvox has a lower Ki (nM) value for NET / norepinephine transporter than Prozac (660) and Zoloft (925). Luvox's Ki value is 1,119. The lower the value, the higher the potency if I understand correctly. I wonder what the role of norephinephrine is in my case. Luvox was the best out of the three. I have no compulsions at all (I just have one intrusive thought which doesn't go away) but I'm not sure if I would like Effexor or Cymbalta so I'll think I'll try Prozac or Luvox first....
  10. Thanks Browri, that ís interesting indeed! I was looking at the Wikipedia section on sigma receptors and read that fluvoxamine is an agonist and sertraline an antagonist. And from that article on Pubmed: " These findings suggest that activation at the sigma-1 receptor chaperone may be involved in the action of some SSRIs, such as fluvoxamine, fluoxetine and escitalopram." Escitalopram en fluvoxamine actually worked for me, where sertraline really doesn't and I've been on it for 5 months now! Maybe these sigma receptors are involved in this some how...
  11. Lexapro was great for me, it worked after only three weeks and side effects were manageble. The difference with Luvox was that Luvox was working constantly over a longer period of time. My journey with Lexapro was bumpy the first few months and it took like a year before it seemed to eliminate that intrusive thought completely. Maybe the action on the sigma receptors is important in my case? Though Lexapro doesn't have any affinity for these receptors.... Aaaaargh I don't know!!!
  12. Apparantly there are differences between Luvox and Zoloft and there must be a reason why Luvox worked so much better. Of course I'm going through a lot of stressfull period, so I'll give Zoloft a try for a few more weeks. I've been on it from last January and I'm still not where I am supposed to be concerning medication results. No, I've never been on Prozac, so I'll think I'll ask my gdoc about Prozac, Luvox and Anafranil and skip the antipsychotic route for now. Good idea?
  13. It was my first anti-depressant and I liked it because side effects were so mild (RLS only) and it just got rid of the intrusive thought completely. It didn't even need the highest dose. After 7 months or something I went off it, went on it again when the intrusive thoughts suddenly came back. The second time it worked as well and I was in complete remission again. I decided to taper but after a few med-free months the thought came back. I panicked and started the Luvox again. After 9 weeks of going up and down I asked my doctor to switch to something else. It seemed like it gradually pooped-out. My last time on Luvox was about 7 years ago, so I have no idea if I could take a gamble and cross taper to Luvox if Zoloft doesn't work out. Their receptor binding profile isn't as different as I recall correctly.
  14. I was worried about insomnia so I started out with taking it in the morning, but in 4 months I just had one sleepless night. When I take them before bed I feel the same as when I take them in the morning and no difference in motivation, but my esophagus gets irritated if I don't take the tablets with enough water. So that would be a good reason to take them in the morning. I still wonder why I did so well on Luvox ;-)
  15. Hey Browri, thanks for your feedback! I still haven't had any succes in finding a pdoc just to consult for medication issues. I found one last January but I couldn't have a follow up consultation and the others have waiting lists or want me back in therapy. I have no other problems than the recurring thought in head and I've been in therapy since I was 19....And I still see my psychologist.... My general doc isn't supporting me in taking these kinds of meds (and still thinks I have a better chance with mindfulness meditation), but he does prescribe me the 'usual' stuff like SSRI's or TCA's, because he has experience with these. My previous pdoc has advised me quetiapine, so my general doc with probably listen to him instead of me suggesting Abilify. Doctors don't like patients who have done their own research and want to talk about suggestions from people on forums (though I think these people know a lot more about psych meds than most general doctors). I feel really demotivated lately and sometimes even lethargic in the mornings. People say I just have to give myself a kick under the butt... I think Abilify wouldn't be that bad, but on the other hand, Zoloft's affinity for dopamine is noticable at 200 mg.