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  1. I think I've been on 100 mg for about 4 weeks. In my experience an increase of dose can take up to a full month to have any effect, so that similar to your experience with the 150 mg. Hopefully it will kick in at this dose...otherwise I have to get back to my gdoc, beg him for raising my dose and then wait another 4 weeks to see if 200 mg has any effect. It just takes so long! I think I'm also kind of anxious that this med won't work and that my long use of escitalopram caused this. I've read too much about receptor down regulation and changes that SSRI's make to the brain. In my darkest thoughts the Lexapro is the cullprit causing insensitivy to the working mechanism of SSRI's and now no other SSRI will help me.... Doubting everything is part of OCD I guess ;-)
  2. My third day on 150 mg of Zoloft. I take it before bed and an aching stomach woke me up the next morning. I felt some pressure on my esophagus and swallowing was uncomfortable. Fortunately it got better the next day. I'm almost sure this was from the Zoloft. Yesterday was a good day, with less intrusive thoughts, but today sucks again. Thinking unwanted thougths constantly. Maybe it's from increasing my dose. I'll have to wait it out. It's just so different from Luvox...with 9 weeks on it I never felt better! Now I'm taking Zoloft for 7 weeks and I don't feel confident at all.
  3. Thanks I'll have to keep this in mind!! So before switching, I'll have to titrate down the sertraline first to the equivalence of the starting dose of Prozac? For now I'm going up to 150 mg. My general doctor finally raised my prescription. I'm getting 50 mg tablets so if all goes well and I don't feel any effect I might increase to 200 mg myself. I know my gdoc won't be happy but in the mean time I'll look for a pdoc. If he/she says I need to go up to 200 mg or even higher my general doctor would probably go along with it. Even my counselor and psychologist said: "It's your body and taking these medications is your own decision. We'll support you whatever you do". I think my gdoc just doesn't get that I've been dealing with these intrusive thoughts for 12 years. I know what helped me and I know what didn't. Hey 300.3 how are you? So you don't feel much effect from the lamotrigine just yet? Do you have any side effects?
  4. Thanks Mik. I'll keep in mind the Prozac. I know it has a very long half life and I'm curious if this will benefit me. The mornings are the hardest for me because the unwanted / intrusive thought starts rights after I wake up. Maybe a med with a long half life can help with that. I've been on Lexapro 20 mg as the highest dose. I didn't know it was safe to go any higher. I've read that there are people going up to 30. If you can take the side effects, why not? When I increased my dose of Lexapro to 15 mg last Spring I had far more side effects than before, so that's why I didn't stick with it. And of course it didn't help me at all. Zoloft only slightly upsets my stomach. I always felt lucky on Lexapro and Luvox because side effects were tolerable. Zoloft's side effects are even milder!
  5. Hi Gearhead, I don't know. I get the impression that the OCD board isn't as active as the Antidepressants board and my questions are mainly about what antidepressant I could try next. It seems to me it's more about meds than OCD symptoms.
  6. No I haven't tried Prozac, ever. The pdoc I've consulted this January said that Zoloft was a good choice, but Prozac was fine if I wanted to try that instead. I've been on Luvox for about two years. I was on 100 mg on a certain point but after a while I lowered to 50 mg. After about 6 months I went off it because I felt like I didn't need it anymore (didn't know much about these kind of meds back then) When I relapsed I started Luvox again and went up to 200 mg. It worked fine for quit some time and after a year or so I could wean myself off. After a few months the intrusive thoughts came back, so I went back to my doctor and I was put on 150 mg of Luvox. If I recall correctly I went up to 200 mg, but after 9 weeks I gave up and went back to my general doctor. This was 7 years ago. Then I got on Lexapro, 10 mg and that worked after about 3 weeks
  7. Thanks Mik! Nice detailed descriptions! I knew a bit of the differences of SSRI's but didn't put much significance to them concerning efficacy. Maybe this is why Zoloft isn't working quite as good. Luvox was my first SSRI and although it didn't do much the first 4/5 weeks, it really kicked in after that. The intrusive thoughts just vanished! With Lexapro the response was much faster (with only 3 weeks) BUT after 2 months it seemed not to work as good, so dose was increased to 20. The first two years on Lexapro weren't nearly as stable as my time on Luvox. I would love to try Luvox again, but since it did poop out... It has been 7 years....and side effects were tolerable. I wonder if it could work again.
  8. I guess these waiting periods are the hardest for me. I don't trust my own brain anymore. Though my variation of OCD is more obsessive (with just unwanted thoughts and no compulsions) I still have a hard time dealing with uncertainties. I'm always coming up with 'Plan B's' and adding Lamicital is in fact a Plan B. In spite of all the therapy I already had I still feel like I need a Plan B to stay calm. Like: "There's always something to try if this doesn't work". I need that reassurance. Maybe that's my compulsion. In theory, all SSRI's work the same, but just with different side effects. I wonder how it's possible that one SSRI works for a person, but another SSRI doesn't. In my case, I have been on Luvox for some time and then on Lexapro for like 6-8 years. Lexapro suddenly stopped working (my unwanted thoughts came back out of the blue) and increasing dose didn't do anything. Why was this and did this cause Zoloft to be less effective or giving me no effect at all? (Yes, I'm overthinking this, but it's interesting matter still)
  9. Hey Mik, thanks for the interesting feedback on clomipramine I've always thought that if one SSRI works, then all others should work as well (but with different side effects) and I wouldn't have need for a less selective drug like Anafranil. Maybe I won't need it...I'll have to figure out what a higher dose of Zoloft is like first. I've been on 20 mg of Lexapro as well, it was quite effective! I've read a lot about memantine. The pdoc Ive spoken to in January said it was an 'exotic' option. He wasn't really willing to prescribe it because I've never tried other antidepressants...But even if I could try it my insurance doesn't cover it because it's off label. It would cost me €3 to €5 per day! Maybe Lamicital could be a possibility but my gdoc would never think outside the I would definetly need a gdoc to discuss the glutamergic ideas.
  10. Thanks Redhead for your feedback on the Anafranil! I think if I had to choose a new treatment and my choices would be between Anafranil and Prozac I would go for Prozac first. But I guess Anafranil is a better choice than Abilify as a mono therapy. So if I had to choose...And antipsychotics are completely new to me as well... From what I understand an AP more commonly used to augment an SSRI is Seroquel or even Haldol but I'm not willing to take that route just yet. Tomorrow I'm at the sixth week mark so hopefully my gdoc will just listen to me and have at least try out the maxinum dose.
  11. Thanks for sharing! I thought Zoloft was the most activating / stimulating. It has more dopamine affinity than other SSRI's. At my current dose I don't seem to have any issues with feeling more active or anxious and my sleep is fine. With Luvox and Lexapro I didnt have much problems either, side effects I had were restless legs and teeth grinding. I have no idea if this means anything. But I'm much more scared of going on Anafranil than Prozac! I wonder if Abilify could be something to add. When I was on Lexapro I was feeling quite sluggish and unmotivated in the mornings. Now the same with 100 mg Zoloft. Oh and I' ll ask my gdoc for a referal to see a pdoc. I don't have much faith in just my gdoc handeling my medication. Even my counsellor agreed that 100 mg isn't much (he worked in the psychiatric field for years)
  12. The last 7 days the Zoloft seems to be doing something. But there's also a big issue in the family right now which gives me stress and sometimes anxiety. This was extremely distracting me from obsessive thoughts. I'm taking Zoloft for almost 6 weeks now. It just doesn't feel the same as with Lexapro and Luvox. I could really feel these kicking in! Next week I'll send my gdoc a request for a new prescription of sertraline, but a higher dose and see how that goes. If it doesn't do anything with 8 weeks I might try Prozac first before going on Anafranil.
  13. *Sigh* I'll think I'll wait it out. I have a talk scheduled with my counselor (who also works for my gdoc and has a good knowledge of psychiatric medication) next week. I notice that I lowered my expectations of this SSRI... not having such high expectations anymore does help with being in 'the now'. I hope it will kick in, but I don't feel so rushed. It sucks....but I can't do anything about it.
  14. Thanks Mik! I'll try that I think. Unfortunately I have to wait for a little while since my general doctor isn't prepared to write a new prescription just yet. He says I need to stay on the 100 mg for at least two weeks and then come by his office again to talk about dosage or new medication, unless I have an appointment with a psychiatrist. Since I don't HAVE a pdoc I need to ask my general doctor for a appointment to see a new one...*sigh* Currently I take 2 tablets of 50 mg so I would need 100 mg tablets....and he won't prescribe these yet... I do have to pick up new 50 mg tablets tomorrow and I could increase dose by taking more tablets than I am supposed to...risking an argument with my general doctor....
  15. Thanks Mik! What would be a good titration schedule? I started out with 25 mg and increased with 25 mg every week. Am I supposed to work my way up to 200 mg by doing the same for the next 3/4 weeks? Or can I go faster (no idea if that's a good idea or not)?