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  1. I've been on Abilify now for about 5 or 6 months and I've noticed something unfortunate while I've been taking it: My ability to have fun has disappeared. I can't feel joy for things anymore and hobbies don't seem to do anything for me. I know people who feel normal can usually have fun and enjoy hobbies, so why can't I? Is it the medication? Is it not working as it should? I feel like I'm flat out normal and not happy or sad anymore. But because I can't enjoy hobbies as I used to, something just doesn't feel right. Any thoughts or opinions on this?
  2. I'm bringing this up with my pdoc the next time I see her, but I thought I'd run this by my peers too to see if anyone else could relate. Has anyone on Abilify experienced low blood pressure to the point of feeling faint? This started happening with me once I upped my dosage from 5mg to 7.5mg of Abilify. Maybe I'm still adjusting, but it's been three weeks now and I'm still having trouble with feeling noticeably faint upon standing or sometimes even sitting up. This happened once before when I was on the 5mg, to be honest, but I blame that on the weather at the time. It was very hot and I might not have been drinking enough water. Anyways, has anyone else had problems with feeling faint on Abilify?
  3. I'm nervous about talking about it, but I'll try bringing it up during my next session. I'm just scared they're going to think I'm crazy.
  4. I learned recently that I have Pure OCD and it's really messing with me. I thought OCD was when people cleaned obsessively, but now that I know OCD can manifest in the mind like is has in mine, I feel awful. It's just another diagnosis that I have to hide from my family because they wouldn't believe me if they knew. And recently, my tdoc and I started working on one of my intrusive thoughts using a process called EMDR (stimulating the left and right brain to process distressing things). When EMDR is used, emotions can come up, and for me that emotion was anxiety. During the session I actually calmed down, but since I'm still processing the thought, I believe the thought opened up and now I have to deal with all the other intrusive thoughts that went along with it. I'm just scared of what this all means. I feel like a bad person for the intrusive thoughts, but I think I deserve it too. Another thing I realized was that OCD is the reason I can't have any friends or goals in life. I'm too afraid of one of my intrusive fears affecting others around me and if it came true for me, then goals wouldn't matter anyhow because my life would be over. It's just terrifying living with this. It honestly is... ...Do you think it could also be a symptom of OCD to be afraid that you're being watched? I don't want to be too specific about my fears because of that. I'm scared some sort of government entity is watching me and will use information against me.
  5. I took it for bipolar and it did WONDERS for my mood and energy level. The only problem is that it made me very angry and aggressive, so I had to stop taking it. But it works different for everybody!
  6. I read on that the minimum dosage for treating Bipolar disorder is actually 15mg, so I'm going to see if maybe I can titrate up to that level, because I hate having to wait for a crisis to have to go up again. It's depressing and the extra pdoc visits for each higher dose of meds cost more money out of pocket for me.
  7. I've been on it for about a month now. 5mg is what I'm taking, but I'll probably bump it up to 7.5 mg. I don't think it's giving me side effects, but the effects of taking only 5mg might be wearing off.
  8. Last night I had another episode and I know I should be worried, but part of me almost doesn't want this to end. Recently I've noticed something odd about myself. I started getting my emotions back. I got genuinely happy, laughed, and even cried when it was appropriate instead of staying stone-faced. It's been wonderful! But yesterday I noticed something else that was a problem. I suddenly felt a flutter in my heart when a co-worker of mine made me laugh, and it hasn't left since. This flutter is the one I get before a hypomanic episode, uh oh. Then later on that night, I had another racing thoughts attack where all I could think about was how wicked of a person I was in the past and how I should self harm all over the place just because I was feeling so messed up. That's part of the reason I have to take medications; because of thoughts and behaviors like that. So now I'm feeling happy (and tired from all this activity), but also slightly afraid of myself. You should have seen my thoughts; they were horrifying. I think I need to increase the Abilify again. As much as I love being happy and having emotions, I can't let myself get bad again. I can't think scary crazy thoughts like that anymore, I just can't.
  9. Gosh how I hate how things can overlap like that. It makes things so much more confusing. But yeah. I'm hoping I can get my pdoc to prescribe me Wellbutrin along with my Abilify. I've read what other people have said about this combination and it looks like it's worth a shot. I just want to be functional and for all this to be over. My mental illnesses are such a headache.
  10. That's interesting. I ended up looking into that and one thing led to another and... long story short, I think I'm going to ask my pdoc to screen me for ADHD. I took some tests for the symptoms (which I have exhibited since childhood) and got very high scores on each test, so... I think it's worth looking into. I'm just wondering how this will work out. I'm scared my pdoc won't prescribe me anything for the attention because I'm bipolar II. And what if she doesn't believe me? This is making me nervous.
  11. Hello everyone! So, since the last time I was on here, I was cycling around so many different medicines due to insurance issues. Well, now I'm on Abilify and I'm doing great! I have stable moods without the anger that happened with Latuda, but I still have one little issue. I can't pay attention to things all that well. I'm wanting to read a book right now, for example, but the very thought of sitting and reading as opposed to just listening to the book is bringing me actual anxiety because I have to pay attention patiently. It's not even that long of a book, it's only 248 pages with medium sized text. I was thinking of adding an antidepressant to take with my Abilify to help me with my motivation and anxiety. Do you think it might help with attention as well? If so, could you say what has worked for your attention span?
  12. I'm finally climbing out of the depths of my anhedonia. After fighting for some months now, I'm finding interest in at least a few things, but now I need peer support on how to spend the best chunk of my day. I wake up every morning bright eyed and bushy-tailed at around 6AM (automatically) or 7AM if I'm really sleeping in, and when I wake up, I usually check my phone for any important e-mails that might have popped up. After that, I do a small stretch and get out of bed, remembering to make it up again as I do so. From there, I just wait until an appropriate time (like 8AM) to go downstairs and eat my breakfast (if I eat too early, I'll get hungry earlier). While I wait, I usually just get dressed and buzz around my phone. Anyways, after I eat breakfast, I then go o the washroom to wash my face or bathe and brush my teeth. Then I brush my hair to make sure that I look presentable. And that's how I get ready for my day! But here's the problem: In the mornings, I have nothing else I have to do. School doesn't start until noon for me (I'm in college), so for some hours, I'm just on my own and it gets frustrating. I feel like I should be doing something with my mornings, but there's nothing I can think of doing after my morning routine. Any ideas on how I can burn time?
  13. @BrianOCD @sugarsugar @mcjimjam @Rabbit37 @Asha Okay guys, so time for an update! Apparently my pdoc says I should keep titrating down from the Latuda and starting the new medication while a drug rep they're working with might be able to help out with my prescription. And if that doesn't work, they just got a form from the pharmacy to fill out for a prior authorization, so things should be okay in the end after all. I just wish my pdoc would stop testing out all these brand new medications on me. It's a pain in the butt getting them at the pharmacy when they're that new, plus starting to make me feel like a guinea pig.
  14. That's actually something my pdoc has done before; giving me more sample packs I mean. So maybe that will work.