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  1. Lamictal can be very useful for BP 2 and typically has a lower side effect profile
  2. I couldn't say anything specific but if ur not happy with that answer it's always ok to get a second opinion
  3. Yeah I agree with him that it doesn't make a ton of sense to up the lamictal. Interesting he picked gabapentin and you've never tried anything else tho
  4. What's ur Dx? Just bipolar? It's interesting that he suggested gaba as that's not usually a first line mood stabilizer. I went up to 600x3 and had basically no side effects (but not really any effects for that matter) starting on That much seems quite aggressive but I'm sure ur pdoc has done it before. Have u tried many other things with the monotherapy?
  5. For what it's worth you can start at 1mg depending on how aggressive u and doc want to be ...I did .5 for like 2 days and then went to one
  6. There has been manyyyy times that I was on two or even 3 aps with the worst being trilafon zyprexa and seroquel- was a fucking zombie. I am on one AP now and doing not too badly (with the help of ketamine). However my AP is clozaril which is pretty unique in that it's intended for when other ideas don't work
  7. Pdoc wants me to push next treatment to three week interval as to lower the risk of mania now that it's spring. He hopes that my meds will take over now and hold me steady without regular infusions. He wants me to eventually do it PRN only but the ketamine office doc wants me to stay with semi regular appointments for a while longer... Always tough when you get conflicting pdoc advice
  8. I agree that the half life is pretty long so idk that moving it would really help. Is it possible that ur on too much antipsychotic?
  9. It's tough because psychiatrists get royally screwed by the system if they take insurance - which trickles down and makes everyone else get screwed.
  10. There's also (the more rarely used) Fetzima
  11. Paxil start up

    ECT can help but I would give the new SSRI trial several more weeks first cuz who knows u might get lucky
  12. I'm sorry...it's always tough when you don't know what the hell is going on. Sometimes meds and therapy ...especially meds...feel like a total shot in the dark. It took me years to find a program that would help me control my mood...especially the constant anger, irritability, and lack of restraint. One thing I would say is that ketamine was actually super helpful for me and it has a pretty good success rate so that doc may not have been totally off base. I feel like some people get lucky in that their symptoms fit exactly in a category and so there is a standard treatment course. Other people kinda get screwed...and like u said the US system leaves a lot to be desired. I hope you can find someone you like to work through those things bothering you. Best of luck!
  13. Have you ever talked about add-ons for anxiety? There are a few options which can compliment an SSRI