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  1. Wait three at once or .5 every four hours?
  2. Did nothing for me
  3. Ur doc won't give u 90?
  4. They sometimes can do ECT while inpatient so you get to the top of the schedule...usually they do the first three sessons. I'd tell your therapist everything even though it's hard because you know how bad this is and sometimes u gotta do the best for yourself even if it means missing some work. The success rate is higher (and possibly quicker) than that of any med. psych today has it at about 80% and it sounds like you really need some relief
  5. Ceremony I have the same combo and your right it's so helpful...I feel like a human...just a tired human
  6. I'm not sure that meds=Alzheimer's because then no one would take them. Some say they can lead to dementia but if you need them you need them
  7. That sounds like a very logical conclusion...I was in the same spot when I did it
  8. I think they meant 300 of seroquel. No one uses 300 of zyprexa. 5 mgs is a low dose...maybe you need to work your way up a little if it doesn't get better
  9. I just switched to that strategy... We'll see how it works. Xanax Xr for the background and ir for the breakthrough. It's kinda a last resort tho before long shot stuff
  10. Update: so we decided to do 2 mg Xanax Xr am and possibly 1 pm...and then .5 to 1 mg ir for breakthrough up to 4 mgs a day total. We both agreed to stay away from antidepressants. Doc didn't want me over four mgs a day mainly because the rebound anxiety from the it might make it too hard to get off of. I'm back to check in with him in 2 weeks to see what's what
  11. Yep it's the meds that cause it for me
  12. A lot of doc's probably wouldn't go over 10 mgs if your taking it multiple times a day but of course some would, 10 is the suggested max. I once had a a doc do 10x2 and then 20 at bed but that was with sleep issues. I find the best approach is to really make sure she knows how you feel and then let her make the decision. Have you considered a different benzo?
  13. There's a now med out for TD called ingrezza (or something like that) maybe check it out