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  1. Yeah my school doesn't do withdraw either have to take an incomplete or fail. I got creative last year but it only worked cuz someone symphetic bailed my ass out. the problem is- if I do a med cleanse what do I restart on? Nothing has worked monotherapy for even with 2 meds. I might do ECT to control things and then slowly back off in a outpatient setting while getting mantainance ECT (one of the ideas)
  2. Sometimes you can get individual pages...but sorry just ignore me
  3. As my doc said: I can't justify hospitalizing someone who's functioning at a normal level and maybe it's best to stick with what we got. we changed the dosing on my adderall and it is helping my mood And I have done a med wash before impatient so I know the drill...didn't. Even stay stable 6 months
  4. For someone who's highly functioning? Take an incomplete half way through a semester? I doubt they'd even give me a bed
  5. @Butterflykisses how long have you been on it?
  6. just some thoughts- gabapentin, atarax, and, if you don't like benzos, some use seroquel off label
  7. I think it's good to pre your deep breathing automatically and develop a routine of relaxing activity that you do every day no matter what. It's easier to put out tiny kitchen fires than blazing inferno. Also, what's your experience with benzos? Other anxiety meds?
  8. See I agree...I just wanted to see if someone thought I was wrong. Lith is at 1.1 that's max for me cuz of GI issues
  9. Self injury, suicide attempt...countered with rage, insomnia and excessive drive staying up all night to work and several outbursts...pdoc agreed that bipolar=need meds
  10. Second that book, but there is a wider range of info about the newer meds on the Internet
  11. To be frank (and not offensive or mean) 6 meds isn't really a lot. I do have ideas but there kinda useless without a doc
  12. Don't worry the exact same thing has happened to me several times
  13. 7.4 is still normal...I would watch it but you may not need to call in the Calvary yet 4 anc is in range too The infection might have caused an abnormally high reading
  14. Probably at least 2 weeks...the lucky ones get one week
  15. stahl online but its technical- you search by drug