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  1. The combo of remeron+ an SNRI (typically Effexor) can be really stimulating but requires lots of change and isn't particularly great for anyone who has bipolar symptoms
  2. I had a doc tell me about a study where suicide rates lower in places with more lithium in the water...and my current doc uses it as a depression add on for suicidal thoughts
  3. What does your psychiatrist think about the "new normal?" It seems kinda premature. I do know at least one person on lithium monotherapy (plus sleep med) and it works....there's something to be said for cautious prescribing...but after one med seems a little premature especially if you haven't been in therapy for a long time
  4. I agree with above. That's solid advice. Also, I find that after the first intro listing all that's wrong appt. trying to fix all your problems in one session is counterproductive, just let yourself talk naturally and the important issues will come out. You can't worry about seeming crazy on the first visit you gotta get it all out there so the therapist has the whole picture
  5. Because abilify gave me akathisia. Horrible akathisia
  6. Well- stimulants are activating because that's their sole purpose therefore they act differently on neurotransmitters and boost dopamine. Abilify modulates dopamine at low doses in a way that can give a boost but it's not the same punch
  7. I feel ya. My depression was tricky enough that I had to do ECT twice. I used to have terrible suicidal thoughts and lack of interest in anything. For me the only boost was a stimulant. Abilify was too activating, and seroquel hands down didn't work. I liked rexulti and that wasn't sedating at all
  8. Personally latuda was activating til about 80mgs then it became a sedation bomb. What is the primary symptom they are trying to treat with the two aaps? Bipolar depression? Fwiw I've never heard of latuda and abilify combined
  9. There are also off label meds that are stimulating like strattera and Provigil. Depends on how brave your pdoc is. Also an aap add on of rexulti/abilify/ seroquel are indicated for depression
  10. ughhhhhhh

    Yeah maybe you need the zyprexa round the clock...not ideal cuz ur already on another aap but u gotta go with what works
  11. I think it might be worth talking about it with your doc to make sure you're addressing all the. Current issues