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  1. I do the same thing, you shouldn't have to feel like shit. what about an XR formulation?
  2. could have been a panic attack which would be why the Xanax helped
  3. during severe depression this is my goal- make it to bedtime
  4. For me I know it's a BP episode when I don't just get mad...I explode...such as when they put you in the "quiet room" in the. Hospital
  5. Maybe something a little activating to keep you on rhythm like Provigil or a small dose of stimulant
  6. there are other options for anxiety if that is your primary symptom
  7. If it were me I'd get a sooner appt. you don't want those symptoms getting dangerous
  8. Closure- glad u got some sense into her about how your feeling. I typically don't blame pdocs for not using 2 aps but it's not like you could have just kept dumping on more risperdal
  9. So I literally just did a huge report on this (college student in a sexuality class) and that is a very legitimate treatment. Coming off the other med entirely would depend on how u tolerate the wellbutrin