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  1. Oops yeah that too...my current doc and Last one both were not fans of it, but it can be pretty sedating to help with sleep
  2. For me (small liberal college) there is a gdoc who does straightforward psych stuff (moderate anxiety/depression) but personally I think he's reckless and incompetent. However, I work with a PsyD there at the health center who is hands down the best tdoc I've ever had. It's totally confidential and all accomodations go through a differnt cordinator so no professor knows what's going on unless I tell them. I do think I'm lucky tho, I get a recommendation for her at the school from a pretty established independent pdoc. Haha she's good enough that I keep (jokingly) telling her she should start a private practice
  3. Don't read into the code much it's basically just so inaurance will cover you, they aren't always accurate representations. Lithium helps definetly in the long run but I've found isn't a great short term solution. The most well-known knock out drug for mixed/mania is zyprexa but it is very sedating....might help your sleep tho. Other sometimes used options are risperdal, latuda (if it's more on the depresson side), abilify (I wouldn't personally) and Vraylar- but Vraylar is still pretty new so I'm not sure there's much head to head comparison. Add on benzos help in short term too
  4. Navitus-they seem to have a vendetta against many brand names relevant to me, including Vraylar. I had blue cross previously and they were actually great. I think I'd feel uneasy about the TCAs and my doc definetly would because the bad reactions I've had to ADs have always been at the low starting dose. The fact of the matter is I need another opinion about the Xifaxan, the theory was that the IBS was mostly from lithium use and not naturally occurring.
  5. Good point about accommodations...I got extra time on homework and ability to take short breaks from classes
  6. If you do look at a typical+atypical strategy, I agree that stelazine is a good suggestion and I would also look at prolixin many say it's not a weight gainer. @mikl_pls makes a good point about clozaril being dose dependant- since I've switched to a lower dose my weight has been steady ish
  7. Yeah they weren't so hot on xifaxan I forget why, and my insurance will fight me all the way on viberzi even with a PA. Right now I use immodium (a lot) and since there similar modes of action why pay the 500+ a month. Could the TCAs increase cycling? Also I already get a ton of anticholenergic side effects from clozaril
  8. Well the recommended dose for rexulti depression is 2-3 mgs. Do u think that the rexulti actually made you depressed or just wasn't working? I've never seen depression listed as a side effect. As for clozaril, it's approved for schizophrenia, but it's used for many things when many other options Have failed including schizoaffective, bipolar, other psychotic disorders, and maybe even severe psychotic depression but I'm not sure of that one. I think the rule of thumb is three failed aps should be tried first. However if you are BP II with somewhat contained symptoms I'm not sure it's a good add on because it's strong suit is combating refractory mania first. Also it's a very love/hate thing with pdocs. Some stand by it and some Won't touch it so you'll have to see how the new doc feels
  9. Did you max all those meds? 1 mg rexulti may not be enough for a fair trial
  10. I don't mean to sound negative but after a certain amount of med trials you kinda have to cut ur losses and pick the least of all evils. Idk of a med that you haven't tried that hits all the symptoms without possible significant side effects, and unfortunately with AAPS that usually means weigh issues. I understand clozaril is a big step and I may not want it either but it was that or ECT for me. You could always go out of the box and try to combine a typical and an atypical
  11. Are there any big walk in psych clinics? Sometimes they have them in major cities or near big hospitals....you might only get in once every couple months but maybe it would be worth a look
  12. Thought about clozaril? It's indicated for multiple AP failures Also I liked rexulti Tried Lithium? What specifically are the symptoms that need addressing?
  13. If a doc takes a second opinion as an insult that probably says something about them. Yes there might be a wait list but don't know until you try. One time I booted a doc and was able to get in with a new one within a few weeks. It also depends on the insurance situation
  14. @notloki is right...she probably has samples. This is typical, and is a good way to broaden access to meds. There are definetly people who disagree with this practice but like it or not it's not "wrong" or illegal