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  1. Someone I know very well started sleeping 12 hr a day full on zombie mode
  2. I agree Valium might be worth a look
  3. Is there any stim u haven't tried?
  4. Anxiety can be a side effect of Effexor not just a start up so it's possible it'll stick with you
  5. Honestly the best thing to do is ask the doc. It's hard to tell exactly how you feel over the interwebs. I would say tho that restlessness can be its own seperate side effect from akathisia. And seroquel actually might not help as some antipsychotics can make it worse-rare-but possible. The benzos are more time tested If it truly is akathisia. Inderal is known to help too....but I'd talk to your doc before you label it
  6. You Can't sit still. It hurts to stay still. If I wasn't pacing I had to sit in a rocking chair. It was so bad on abilify that I used to have to walk on a track several times a day. Mentally it's very taxing. Why the fuck can't I can make you suicidal...which is extreme but happened to me on abilify. I noticed no appetite change and while it was mental anguish it wasn't an I have to cry feeling. Of course you could just be presenting a little bit differently or it could be mingling with your symptoms. And yes benzos help...but id use small doses several times a day instead of one big dose
  7. Remeron (that's what your trying right?) might help it stimulates appetite
  8. Some bipolars just can't handle SSRIs ...could you be one? What else have you tried? Was there anything else that helped with depression? My doc never let me be on an ad while manic or even hypomanic