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  1. U could ask doc for just a little more Xanax. The "more powerful stuff" is probably something u don't want to take including PRNs of strong antipsychotics
  2. What does of (is it adderall?) do u take?
  3. Yes it can work but the side effects can be awful even at pretty low doses. I save it for emergencies
  4. Yeah I don't know there seemed to be some administrative error. I should have just tried Ritalin
  5. 100 of seroquel is a nothing dose...seems like you could try more
  6. It might have actually supposed do be 20x3 but the pharmacy said that was to high
  7. By punch I meant that Ir has a faster kick but faster crash than vyvanse or XR...I think I need that to get my ass out of bed. And yes I know the XR has an ir dose in it but it doesn't feel the same
  8. Tapered off from thirty to 0 while impatient. Didn't have much trouble
  9. I was only on 3 for like 10 days so I couldn't tell you with much accuracy
  10. Doc said it takes a little while but still way faster than most antidepressants. I'm at 6 mg and the only problem as akathisia
  11. Also depends how many anxiety attacks ur getting daily- if it's five or six then Xanax isn't gonna be able to cover them all and you need a longer acting. One
  12. You'd have to talk about the risk but high dose aeds can cause brain fog