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  1. Unfortunately you may not be able to get a really accurate read til u start to back off the other aps a bit. This happened to me when I was on too many meds...I actually got better response
  2. My doc says he has good luck with nortryptaline as a TCA that doesn't make everyone sleepy. HOWEVER, apparently that and Ritalin have a significant reaction, so only ur doc could decide if that's safe
  3. Maybe it's time to take another look at the fetzima...? However, I know that the startup side effect issues from trintellix can take a while to slow down
  4. Yes there is a blood level somewhat similar to lithium but for whatever reason not all doc's like to use it for clozapine. And norclozapine. Some only use the cloz level, some combine them. And some say if they are combined over (1000? 800?) you're toxic...it's not s cut and dry as some other test but can be a hint as to a good dose
  5. Also ever tried a TCA? Some are not totally sedating
  6. Remeron? Yes I kno people consider it really sedating at dies but If you work up to a more AD dose 30+ For many the sedation lessens. Also the Ritalin could counter the (possible) initial sluggishness.
  7. Also, I rarely ever at "upswing" on clozaril and if I do we up the dose and that typically handles it. However, if I get severe breakthrough depression I have needed an add on in the past. Successful options- rexulti, Vraylar(ish) definetly adderall, and I think the best was ketamine but that is pain in the ass and expensive
  8. It's so ymmv. I get toxic above 300. But for me clozaril has more of a stabilizing anti-manic effect that turns into prophylactic depression action after a certain point. Will say tho that at higher doses, while technically toxic, it almost erased my Suicidality...an effect that I still feel today on 150mgs- low end of the therapeutic system but I don't need a super high dose with my other meds
  9. 1) yeah...200 is still a low dose 2) no med is a cure all...-and unfortunately full effect and correct titration of it is slow...really slow for me...but ended up worth it 3) freaking yourself out that you have no options left just makes it all shittier. The good thing about psych meds is docs can be super creative in inventing new options. I have used clozaril in various combos depending on situations. But to call it a failure would mean increasing the dose (albeit very slowly) to find the highest point before the side effects prevent anything more. And if that doesn't work you can back off the dose a bit and try to get improvement by manipulating other meds, either by dose change or overall new med addition/subtraction. Yeah cloz treats resistant symptoms but it won't always fix what other things didn't. But don't let that steal all your hope. The fight isn't over
  10. Dependance refers to the physical symptoms, such as becoming tolerant and having marked wothdrawl when you stop. Addiction refers to behavioral changes, such as reckless behavior and prioritizing the drug over other important things. Propanalol (inderal) is usually used to treat the physical symptoms of anxiety (such as heart racing) It is a beta blocker so it doesn't hit the GABA receptors like klonipin. You can take it 2 or 3 (three can be better depending on the coverage you need) times a day, but I also know people who take it PRN. How much klonipin are u taking?
  11. Maybe not the zyprexa alone...but in that combo It might be enough to top it over the edge. what else have u tried for the depression Besides the seroquel...have you tried less sedating options? I'm not suggesting a knee-jerk switch, like you said you need a fair trial...I'm just wondering if you and pdoc have used different approaches
  12. I did well on it...well enough that we tapered off and I was able to do just clozaril.
  13. I was at 6 mg for (I think) several months, didn't cause any big issues. Took it with clozaril