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  1. Hey Dr. F.

    1. JustDucky


      HEY ! Man have I ever missed your fun sense of humor in chat. I am so glad you are doing well

      i am taking a chat break for awhile but I was happy to see you back my friend

      take care of you 


  2. I have petitioned for the classic ROFL from the old yahoo days. I could watch that little creature giggling and kicking his feet for hours and hours. Think about it, seriously. The other option is, me chatting..... 'I suggest we pacify the SOB, Jim' -Star Trek (The Unexpurgated Version) Just a thought.
  3. Debian Wheezy? been slacking so long I lost touch with the Debian project for mucho months..... Nice work , VE
  4. Another two cents? I thought dopa had some really solid points. Instead of this mod/user conundrum, tho? I thought it might add some food for thought to : Treat people like you want to be treated , fetishes or no........? Be part of a solution, not part of a problem...... shit like that works wonders. If only I could do it regularly
  5. IMO, no........it will come out at the wrong time and place otherwise. The downside is people will walk on eggshells if they like to be helpful and are clueless or they will run like hell. Noonday Demon is the bible of Affective Disorders for me......sometimes it MUST be on the nightstand..... I find just letting it out naturally at the right moment saves a lot of hiding. As someone onces said to me: When the time is right? you will find the words.' No need to issue a declaration, unless you want....... But yeah......I like to get it out of the way. People check up on me, when I am a no show for two days. They call. Others I thought were there, aren't. Thats good to know. Just my two cents
  6. Yeah, that kind of impulsitivity in dangerous. Makes sense at the time. As someone advised me and advised me well. If you have an illness where one of the symptoms is impulsiveness, then the answer is not kicking yourself, the answer is learning how to manage the symptoms.....? Doesn't feel any better hearing that, but its true. Its not a carte blanche to let the disease run rampart and do what it wants. Only time I really gotta kick myself? wh en Im having those problems and don't try to fix them. A last minute save and wake up call is better than the altenative. And yes, Pdoc has to know whats going on. Better the close call and the life lesson than letting this kind of thinking gets you into really deep shit. Luck.
  7. Figures Di, figures...........
  8. Funny is a relative term..........I like being told Fuck You by megs.......is that wrong Anyways, 60 Minutes is doing a feature on it, so I'll wait till I have all the facts. Fuck me.
  9. The devil is in the details......getting well is a long term project. And ideas that I must do this, quit that, and so on? make deadlines and promises we can't always keep. At that point, the 'devil' comes in....saying if you can do just one simple task? fuck it all.........! And we do. We go back to our hibernation and self pity and helplessness....keep on keeping on doesn't mean we don't fail. So keep on it, but give yourself the lapses and sleeping in. Most times, we miss that morning run, that yoga class, that 'whatever' makes it easier to miss another, and another, and we throw in the towel as a born in the wool loser. Keep it up. And if you falter, and sleep in? do it again, the following day.....our lives are not measured in decades or years or even , god forbid, days..........its measured in moments, which allow us a major freedom, if only we didn't lay guilt trips and regret on top of it.. Sometimes? you just gotta nap........don't whip yourself over it ......its the keep on , in the 'keeping on' that counts. Bronze trophies and time miles can all go fuck themselves. Wamna sleep in, no, wait........NEED to sleep in? aint no harm in that. A simple habit done endless times is better than a lifelong goal seeking image at this point. A simple act of healthiness is good. Developing that health as habit is better.......making five year plan, is just downright unrealistic? Mahalo
  10. What can go wrong.....you didn't say that, did you? You did...you said it....OMG <hides>
  11. Just a quick note, cuz I don't have any answers at the moment....you're not making people sick of you in chat. Sounds like the disease talking? Keep talking thru it, when all else seems to fail, it passes the time. Thinking about you often, stay well.
  12. Salutes Ducks AND her car.....tho I hate car fetishism......
  13. Feeling dumb and kicking ourselves solves nothing. Not that we don't feel it but lots of smart people told me to lay off kicking myself for a volatile and impulsive disease. Like , uh.....one of the symptoms is impulsiveness, and you wonder why you're impulsive? Go a bit easier on yourself, get to the doc and get straightened out. Your description sounds too close to home for me. Quitting lith cuz I couldn't deal with the side effects for so little benefit.....went unmedded, drank......went back to lamictal, and once or twice? tapered too quick cuz , yeah I couldn't refill or afford it. The Lamictal gave me twitches and electric shocks in my body really fast. No convulsions..... Keep in mind too that booze hangovers, is basically withdrawal. Its a strange drug that produces hangovers after one night out, but it does. So lamictal w/d and a hangover....? I hear that to get back with the lamictal you have to titrate again. You pdoc will answer that though for sure. Right now, you're on an icy road going 75mph and hoping slamming on the brakes might stop more damage. But cars on ice don't stop when you do that....they skid. Not to mention that the panic of the driver makes it worse. Like I said, its almost hearing my own story over again. Heres to getting things straightened out....keep us posted.
  14. Really good questions and answers raised here, and lots of good ideas. Only you know whether or not disclosure is possible. Some have, some have not, some need to and some need not to. As for maintenance, the safest route is time off. With affective disorders, we can't guarantee where or when we will veer off the road. So finding any means necessary is real important now. Doctors notes may be necessary and a decent doc of any kind will understand and oblige you I'm guessing? However moral we see ourselves, there are times too when an outright lie becomes necessary. Hoping it doesn't get to that point, but as a last ditch effort to get time off? I wouldn't hesitate as my last option. It's your livelihood or total honesty, well, not a hard choice in the real world. Thought that sucks cause we have to remember a lie. The truth is kinda imprinted there without any effort. Keep us posted.