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  1. I do not suffer from bipolar disorder, but my anxiety seems to be cyclical, that is, I'm not always bad, or always fine, some days I'm ok, other days I'm anxious. He said that the depakote help to stabilize me. I want to be fine, but I do not want to be over medicated, even considering the side effects of these drugs. What do you tell me about the Abilify (5mg) can it worsening my anxiety problem?
  2. my psychiatrist wants to add valprophic acid (depakote) 500mg and Abilify 5mg. I do not know what to do.
  3. my doctor lowered to 30 citalopram and raised anafranil to 150, 5 days, I feel much worse, anxiety greatly increased, I can not sleep and my hands tremble. I'm really scared now, I feel bad, really bad. Risperidone is not for sale in my country, I do not know why. I do not know what to do.
  4. I would like to propose lifting the anapfranil and lowering citalopram because I'm already taking it, and I have no great side effects, and I read that it is indicated for OCD and anxiety / panic. If citalopram does not work anymore, I believe another antidepressant can help me. I would like to avoid antipsychotics because of Side effects
  5. I suffer from anxiety / panic and OCD, not depression. At this time I do not panic, but I'm only afraid / anxious all day.
  6. From here: http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php?/topic/86693-my-antidepressant-stop-working-after-12-years/ I'm really bad now, my doctor added anafranil (clomipramine) 112.5mg to 40mg of catalopram I already took. Every time I raise the dose of the anafranil (25 -> 50 -> 75 -> 112.5) I have taken this dosage for 5 days now and I feel worse very agitated, How long should the anafranil effect be effective ? (I know that the instructions have been written for two to eight weeks) If it does not work my doctor would like to add Abilify, but I'm very scared. Can not you just change antidepressant? Can I simply move from citalopram to anafranil maybe to higher dosage? I think citalopram is no longer working and anafranil is too low to work.
  7. Sorry i make an error quoting your message, read my previus post.
  8. @CrazyRedhead You may not believe me, but it is the second psychiatrist who prescribes clomipramine to be added to citalopram. I went to him a year ago just because I did not want to take clomipramine and antispicotics, but after a year of attempts (adding mirtazapine, gabapentin, amytriptiline, perfenazine, and now clomiprazine) came to the same prescription as the first one.
  9. Hi, my doctor added to the 40mg of citalopram (which I take for many years for DOC and DAP and it does not work anymore and that he does not want to change) 50mg of clomipramine (anafranil) for 5 days, but I feel worse, in two days I should get to 75mg. Is this drug combination safe? Worsened anxiety can be an initial symptom of anafranil (clomipramine)? The initial attempt to add amitriptyline 25mg did not work and now wants to try clomipramine and then in case of adding an antipsychotic. At this moment my anxiety really is much worse, he does not want to give me benzodiazepines.
  10. @CrazyRedhead I told my doctor that citalopram is no longer working, but he said it is not true: I have no panic attacks, my problem now is more towards Obsessive/compulsive disorder, so he wants to add 50mg of clomipramine (not 25mg) and eventually atypical antipsychotic.
  11. I was on a visit, the psychiatrist told me that now I have to fight the obsessive / compulsive component of my problem, then leave citalopram at 40mg and replace 25mg amitriptyline with 25mg anafranil (clomipramine), and if it does not work, an atypical antipsychotic must be added . What do you think? In fact, what is most annoying me now is the constant revelation and worry that I will not come out anymore.
  12. So if I take ssri (citalopram) for 12 years I can change without waiting for too many problems? No withdrawal problems?
  13. Since I'm already taking it I can increase amitriptyline and decrease citalopram?
  14. Even if you've been taking for many years? I've been taking citaloparm for many years (12) and changing it scares me a lot