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  1. @CrazyRedhead I told my doctor that citalopram is no longer working, but he said it is not true: I have no panic attacks, my problem now is more towards Obsessive/compulsive disorder, so he wants to add 50mg of clomipramine (not 25mg) and eventually atypical antipsychotic.
  2. I was on a visit, the psychiatrist told me that now I have to fight the obsessive / compulsive component of my problem, then leave citalopram at 40mg and replace 25mg amitriptyline with 25mg anafranil (clomipramine), and if it does not work, an atypical antipsychotic must be added . What do you think? In fact, what is most annoying me now is the constant revelation and worry that I will not come out anymore.
  3. So if I take ssri (citalopram) for 12 years I can change without waiting for too many problems? No withdrawal problems?
  4. Since I'm already taking it I can increase amitriptyline and decrease citalopram?
  5. Even if you've been taking for many years? I've been taking citaloparm for many years (12) and changing it scares me a lot
  6. is difficult to switch from one SSRI to another?
  7. For now, amitriptyline has only increased my anxiety. No one answers?
  8. Can the augmentation with amitriptyline or Clomipramine do the tricks?
  9. Hi, I also take 40mg of citalopram that after many years no longer work, amytriptyline is an augmentation. I took amitriptyline for 3 months at 10mg per day, 4 days ago has risen to 25mg per day, if within a week I will not be better then the doctor will switch amitriptyline to 25mg of Clomipramine. I am very,very scared now.
  10. Hello to all, I started taking this drug(25mg) for three months now, but it does not work well. I have read that the withdrawal of amitryptiline is very difficult. Did someone made the switch to another TCA or SSRI without too much trouble? thank you.
  11. Hello everyone, after 7 weeks that my psychiatrist added to the 40mg of citalopram I had taken for years (9+) and that did not effect anymore, 2mg of perfenazine + 10mg amitriptylineof , seemed to be much better not axiety at all, but this morning I had a bad peak of anxiety, fortunately no panic. My pdoc said that can happen and not worry too much. What's going on? I am very scared.
  12. Hello everyone, after three weeks that my psychiatrist added to the 40mg of citalopram I had taken for years and that did not effect anymore, 2mg of perfenazine + 10mg amitriptyline, available here in a single drug, seems to start getting better , Very low anxiety and very good mood, only side effects somewhat drowsy and constipated but improve. In two weeks I'll have to go back to the doctor, do you think it's okay as a cure for a long time? Probably it will lead to removing one of the two substances (anitriptyline or perfenazibe) and leaving the other. Thanks to all, I will inform you.
  13. Hi BianOCD, thanks for the answer, lexapro what dose was it? Was the switch difficult? Cross Taper?
  14. Ok guys, I understand, you have been very useful and valuable, i appreciate it, I will do this test, and inform you. Many thanks.
  15. Hi jt07, Why amitriptiptyline and trilafon added to the Celexa is a bit unorthodox? What would be an orthodox cure in my case?