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  1. Bipolar II Depression Getting Worse

    Try lithium, It took a few months but I think I may be in remission now. It did wonders for my depression. It would be worth a try. Make sure to ask for XR because straight lithium carbonate feels like getting hit with a bag of bricks.
  2. Lithium vs. depakote

    I have never been on depakote, but lithium gave me my life back.
  3. I might be a douchebag but that was some record player rhetoric that gave me brain cancer.
  4. Find someone else who is mentally interesting My girlfriend has clinical depression and gad. We get along very well.
  5. Never tried an AP Lithium isn't very de-humanising. Its better than the alternative....
  6. Mania gray areas...

    The first stages of hypo are the best, I have so much energy, I can get so much stuff done because of all the extra time from not sleeping, I feels like I can do anything, so I try to do everything, I am president of a happy bubbly wonderland. After a few days of that it starts to become a little less great, but the energy is still there.... I remember standing on my desk a lot in high school, in this like power pose. Someone would piss me off and I would get on their desk and scream at them. I acted like a freaken child. Could just explode like a powder keg. God I hate thinking about things I did, im done with this post.
  7. I'm constantly tired and dazed

    What meds are you on? if I get slightly dehydrated I feel like shit. And in the morning I am usually dissy, sometimes I feel so dizzy it feels like I am gonna fall over. But the clears up by the afternoon, especially the more coffee I drink.
  8. Bad with Money

    Yes, I make a comfortable amount of money, but I always spend it on stupid stuff.
  9. Antidepressants for bipolar

    Lamictal really started to help my depression at 400mg. Lithium and Lamictal go together very well. The two seem to complement each other, I was more depressed all the time, I only had a few bad Manic episodes. And after adding lithium to lamictal that really just kinda took care of my depression all together.
  10. This isn't me right now, I have been just even quell lately, everything has been good. But I have noticed that a big trigger is that, say I have a really good weekend or something, If get really happy and enjoy myself for like 3 days. It feels like it completely drains my ability to be happy for two weeks, like a little mini depression anhedonia episode. Even If I am on vacation or something, I only have enough happy juices for like 3 days, then after that I'm dead. That is why I just try to always do the same thing, and never deviate, to keep me even and bland all the time. That seems to work the best. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this or if I'm just weird.
  11. BI polar diet

    I was told sugar is really bad with depakote. Sugar normally contributes to weight gain more than anything else, and depakote amplifies that. Thats what my doctor said anyways.
  12. Why not just wait, I'm just sayin'. The happiest couples I know knew each other, and dated for quite a while, and I'm assuming waited until they where married. Not that my opinion matters, I would flat out tell them to put a ring on it.
  13. BI polar diet

    After I moved out I switch to basically an all carb diet because im poor, and I lost 15 pounds... my doctor was freaking out. But my mood has been fine, and I am fairly active at work. So I am A ok with dat.
  14. I think with any spych-med is that they all take time, like its slow, you dont notice it until someone from your family or friends says something like "wow you have been really up-beat lately" or "wow you have been really calm lately". And thats when you realize if its doing well or not, that other people noticed.
  15. I started at 25mg, it plundged me into darkness for quite a while, I was actually feeling better for a few days when two weeks later it was time for my up to 50mg... I missed 3 days of school because I didn't have enough energy to get out of bed. I stayed on 50mg for a month. then I when right to 100mg, I actually started functioning again almost instantly but I had pounding headaches that did not stop until I jumped up to 200mg, then they almost instantly abated. I was on 200mg for half a year, it was working a little, but I still wasn't stable, so I when to 300mg, and went manic. A year later I was still really depressed so I went to 400mg , and it has been pretty peachy ever since...