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  1. I mean I guess I would need to know how bad, but lithium does that way worse than Lamictal, but you gotta take the good with the bad. I mean If it wasn't for Lamictal I would probably be dead. I just eventually got used to the side effects and I go about my life normally.
  2. you are only at 100, it doesn't even do anything until 200, and you can go up to 400.
  3. Pretty much yeah, I felt like a god, and that I could do anything.
  4. I got charged with a felony after my first manic episode......
  5. yes defiantly, once I'm stable its fine, but if my schedule gets weird and I start getting less sleep, all bets are off, I just get less and less and less, and bad...
  6. I take klonapin for it,but it kinda looses its effect after while though :\
  7. That term gold standard, my doctor calls lithium and depakote the gold standard.
  8. I started to cycle very rapidly. Twice my doctor wanted to put me in the hospital, I cold heartedly refused. He made me promise that I was gonna kill myself and that I wasn't gonna axe murder anyone, and apparently thats all they need to hear to not put you in the hospital.
  9. I dont have any mania anymore, I just got over two months of depression, of which I cant remember the last time I was. Funny enough my Lamictal kinda stopped my mania, and the lithium helped my depression, which is kinda backwards, but it goes to show its different for everyone.
  10. The ER or CR make it so you body releases a constant amount throughout the day, which helps a lot with side effects, and can help with your moods. I take Lithium CR and with that I really don't notice the side effects. you dont get that big burst of meds and then nothing until the next dose.
  11. Why are you just sitting at such a low dose of Lamictal? You have to get over the hump and once you get therapeutic dose you will get better. Titrating on Lamictal was hell, not gonna lie, every time I would up the dose I would get worse, and worse,but I kept taking it, then when I got to 200, it took like two weeks and I got better. Its hell, but in the end it was worth it. But I agree Lithium is also a life saver. I hear from a lot of people that Lamictal and Lithium are a great combination. That's what I am on and the two go very well together.
  12. Judging by that paragraph, you sound manic.
  13. Oh hell just crush up your trileptal and snort it ;D
  14. so why not lithium?
  15. Why dont you try Lamictal? It has the fewest side effects out of any of the drugs, and is very effective. Also think of trying Lithium, the side effects aren't really that bad for me at least, they kind of abate after like 2 weeks.