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  1. I was told sugar is really bad with depakote. Sugar normally contributes to weight gain more than anything else, and depakote amplifies that. Thats what my doctor said anyways.
  2. Why not just wait, I'm just sayin'. The happiest couples I know knew each other, and dated for quite a while, and I'm assuming waited until they where married. Not that my opinion matters, I would flat out tell them to put a ring on it.
  3. After I moved out I switch to basically an all carb diet because im poor, and I lost 15 pounds... my doctor was freaking out. But my mood has been fine, and I am fairly active at work. So I am A ok with dat.
  4. I think with any spych-med is that they all take time, like its slow, you dont notice it until someone from your family or friends says something like "wow you have been really up-beat lately" or "wow you have been really calm lately". And thats when you realize if its doing well or not, that other people noticed.
  5. I started at 25mg, it plundged me into darkness for quite a while, I was actually feeling better for a few days when two weeks later it was time for my up to 50mg... I missed 3 days of school because I didn't have enough energy to get out of bed. I stayed on 50mg for a month. then I when right to 100mg, I actually started functioning again almost instantly but I had pounding headaches that did not stop until I jumped up to 200mg, then they almost instantly abated. I was on 200mg for half a year, it was working a little, but I still wasn't stable, so I when to 300mg, and went manic. A year later I was still really depressed so I went to 400mg , and it has been pretty peachy ever since...
  6. I dont know.... I propose a little science experiment, I have some old capsules of lithium left, I have the new CR that I have been on for a while, and I just bought lab reagent lithium carbonate. The last one will be our control group. When carbonates and bicarbonates contact acid it releases CO2. If I fill cups with muriatic acid, and place one of each in each cup, all three should fizz, if one doesn't.... ITS FAKE! Wish me luck.......
  7. I dunno, ever since switching to lithium CR I dont have side effects, I think my doctor put me on a plucebo, meaning I have been on a plucebo for quite a few months now, does that mean I can just stop taking them?
  8. last winter I got resistant to klonapin, so I stopped cold turkey. I was not fun to be around for two weeks. I was incredibly anxious, and irratable, I ripped people's head off for no reason.
  9. Mildly adequate I had another good week. I am feeling a sense of stability that, really I haven't felt since I was a child. I hope it lasts lol. The other thing is, my girlfriend probably works better than my meds, the best part about dating someone with Major depression and anxiety is that you both relate, and she helps me with everything, and same for her. We even have the same psychiatrist
  10. After upping my lithium I have reached the point where my bipolar is asymptomatic. My anxiety is much better, over the last two weeks I only had 3 mental breakdowns. and My anxiety has just been generally low, I am not always on edge. I have gotten to the point when I take my pills is like "do I really need to take these" I have been down this road before, and I am not stupid enough to stop again. but it almost feels boring you know? I don't even know why I started this thread.
  11. I am pretty sure just about every human on the planet has the same thing.
  12. I sometimes forget what I am doing whils't I am doing it. which is bad when you are driving, It hasn't happended to me in a while, but everytime I would be driving, I would turn a corner, and completely forget that I was driving, I would just kinda sit there lifeless for a few seconds, then it was like OH SHIT, and I would slam on the brakes to avoid hitting someone/thing.
  13. Lamictal was hell every time I titrated. 50 -> 100 was the worst, 100 -> wasn't so bad, it still sucked though. when I went from 200 to 300 I got manic. 300 to 400 I just got not depressed. 400 seems pretty good for me. I still have really bad anxiety some times, but not really any depression.
  14. I would be dead, or a convicted serial killer...