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  1. I won't run out, friends. I shall keep weathering the storm until the sun comes back into my orbit. My lands, that sounds amazing! When did it start kicking in for you, and did you have any side effects in the beginning? Tell me more, tell me more...
  2. thank you! No disrespect to my bipolar brothers and sisters, but I should could use some mania to clean my damn room 😘
  3. I can contact him. I'll go ahead and try the morning, and the afternoon. Thank you so much 😊
  4. mikl_pls you are the med whisperer here. Any idea why it doesn't stimulate as it is its general nature? I have no anxiety issues, no self harm. Insomnia without action not bipolar. How common is it to be so damn tired??'bipopar........
  5. Actually the doc wants me to stay on 112.5 for a month. It sounds ludicrous to me bu then again, I'm not a doctor. .
  6. Welllll....that didn't last long. Have been on 75 Effexor and I started to get that sleepy feel again for the past week. So went to pdoc, he just doles out the pills, right? So I tell him I've been doing research on meds to take in conjunction with the Effexor with a bit more mmph, I just moved (ok I moved back six months ago and I have MDD so it takes me longer to do live the day to day) to France where my sister and mother live, my only family live, after living in California for 8 years. It's going like hell thank you for asking should improve once I move out. So he advises to raise the dosage to 112.5, which I have done for two days and no major changes in the tired dept, but I was on 60 of Cymbalta for 60 weeks and aside from the sleepy part, I'm thinking of going straight to 150 starting tonight. Two in the morn, two in the night with the Alprozolam and Xanax which AGAIN, he has no problem prescribing but I want some Vyvanse I think it would really help..so ask thee, should I up the dosage tonight or just wait three more days? Thank you for your insight. um that should read six weeks on Cymbalta great for body pains crap for depression unless you like being a zombie
  7. Day 5 or so? Not sure but I am WIRED, y'all. And I'm only on 75 mgs 😁 Been fighting some tiredness, for example forcing myself to get up after 6 hours of sleep in the morning BEFORE 11 😜 and no naps and say, a coffee. Went out last night and had a few drinks nothing nuts but I will take a two hour nap which is my reward for appearing to be a normal human being HAHA anyway. Never happened with Cymbalta, this. I will keep updating for all my fellow Cymbalta sleepers.
  8. Has anyone used Effexor and Cymbalta together?....?..
  9. Cymbalta

    Mikl: The Med Whisperer.....making us all wanna feel like:
  10. Well I'm in France in a town of 8000 people. Maybe the stimulants aren't doled out because of the abuse or whatever the fuck BUT I HAVE SHIT TO DO not to mention living in a new country. Also Viibryd is not on the market here for some damn reason which sucks but there are only 300 other alternatives to try. Savella is very popular. I wouldn't say the man is shifty but I'm payin out of pocket for this and I can be VERY DIRECT hehe. This only be my second appt with him and I assume he wants to see how its going. Whoa!! Have you thought about going into this as a career path? I don't know how to find out if I'm a rapid metabolizer I do know of the test that figures out what meds work best for one but I'll have to research the french version. Also will look into Stephen Stahl, thank you! I may have to get some of that shipped. I think you can buy it online.....believe it or not its only prescribed as a smoking cessation tool and its not used for depression in France. I really think, to my limited knowledge, that Effexor and Vyvanse would work out really well for me. I do not suffer from anxiety (small miracles) and I already have the Xanax as well as Loprazelam for sleep. Yep been interested in that too, I wonder why it's not prescribed more for depression. What I do find funny with the shrink is I said I suspect I MAY have Bipolar 2 and he was pretty unresponsive about it. I wonder if thats why he was so quick to refuse the stimulants. Thank you for the life helping advice, my brother. I refuse to accept defeat and I will continue to find a solution and I will go in to that next appointment with a briefcase full of info like a lawyer in court. Bless you!!!!!!
  11. You know, by far the worst withdrawal effects were from Viibryd but that was because it was clinical trial and I didn't do any research whatsoever on it. Only lasted 3 days though and it wasn't that horrible. I'm pretty obsessed with getting out of this shit so I can live a healthy life and not be a burden to anyone. WILL NOT BE MISSING ANY DOSES. When you mean a break, do you mean the Cymbalta? Thats interesting I wonder why that would be, though 5 weeks doesn't sound too long. The longest I've been on any med is 3 months. Psychotic really to suffer for no reason but you know, poverty. And how do we feel about taking a little Cymbalta with the 75 mgs of Effexor? Can I get those brain zaps I've heard so much about because they sound charming.
  12. Now I'm stuck with two boxes of these pills. I wonder if my back starts to hurt I can just pop one for the physical effect, I mean the fuck else am I gonna do with 'em? How much Cymbalta were you on and how long when you switched to Pristiq? I'll google the differences between the P and the E. I'll ask for that since it looks like we had the same reaction to the Cymbalta. I'm suspecting Bipolar 2 as well but I can't tell if it's just one of those "hey I don't feel like utter shit right this second I feel like cleaning my room and laughing for a couple hours" than back to the sweaty bed. I definitely would be lower on the mania scale. What are you taking now that the Pristiq pooped out?
  13. Notes: *this could also be a placebo effect, I am aware of the vast similarities between the two. *Anyone think 5 weeks was too short to give up on the Cymbalta? And if so, were you exhausted the whole time?
  14. Hi mikl_pls: Thank you so much for your response! So Cymbalta was an activator for you? I think I was so desperate for anything to work that maybe for the first two or three days I felt I had more energy. That quickly wore off and I started drinking three espressos a day which I never did before, and would still end up laid out. Do you have fibromyalgia issues? I definitely believe it helps in physical pain issues, had relief there and I can see how it would be beneficial for people who are bedridden/ have limited mobility and the lack of discomfort would make them more active.....but in my case, its the dx'ed MDD and I am suspecting a bit of Bipolar 2 as well. Yeah when he said start with the 37.5 I was like AAARGH TWINGE LOW DONCHA THINK but he's the professional. Now here's what's interesting: In the last three days, I have been getting up at around 8 or 9 as opposed to my usual drag out of bed at 11, definitely have more energy and no withdrawal effects whatsoever from the Cymbalta. Also, these are both generics and I'm not sure how that fits into the equation. Haven't taken any unneeded naps, I'm still tired of course but I feel kind of..wired? Alert? I'll take it, it's only been three days.. My next appt. is in 5 days and I will bring along the info you've shared with me and ask about any add ons he might recommend. I asked him why this particular drug and he said that in a study group between the two meds Effexor had a higher success rate for MDD than Cymbalta did. I also find it funny he wouldn't even think of prescribing a stimulant but was more than happy to prescribe Xanax without me asking for it, which may be because there may be a *high/wired effect from the switch of the two. Thanks again for the info, hopefully he just full on titrates me up to 300Mgs, HAHA! Any questions you and any others would have for the next appointment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again
  15. .....and sensitive too? I'm sorry brother my sarcasm tends to go under the radar or over the heads. All apologies. Nice to meet you.