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  1. I have a similar experience. I also describe it as feeling like I've lost the person I used to be. I'm still in the middle of this, so I don't know how it works out in the end. A year ago I had a few days of positive effects early on a med and I felt far more like myself than I had expected was possible, so the potential is there. I hope it works out for both of us.
  2. I had a similar experience with citalopram as my first med 12 years ago. It was tried first again in the new round of meds without having the problems I had with it before. Having dealt with this for so long, I felt fairly prepared to handle start up effects if they happened, but I didn't have the same ones this time.
  3. Atypical depression (despite the name), is quite common. It's the kind that I have. I would describe mood reactivity as having some mood response to external events. When good things happen it makes my mood a little better. It's less of a reaction than it would be if I weren't depressed, but there is still a reaction.
  4. I imagine it will, but there's also no guarantee if or when the right med combo will be found. I want to start making progress on this, even if it's small progress. I'm looking for ideas on small changes to food/sleep/exercise that will hopefully be manageable under current conditions, but that others have found did have some impact on energy.
  5. Low energy is one of my two biggest depression symptoms. When I'm not at work I lay in bed. Most of what I've found online so far are suggestions about eating a balanced diet and exercising. Those aren't wrong, but they are quite difficult when dealing with depression. I'm wondering if anyone has approaches they've found useful for improving energy levels.
  6. On occasion my depressive symptoms will lift for a hour or two and I can remember some of those. When I'm thinking about what it feels like to be well I have to go back to 14. I don't exactly remember the emotion, but I remember what life was like
  7. Finally got the Trintellix filled! In between I found that 10mg of citalopram would prevent the discontinuation effects for roughly several days so I managed to stay comfortable while I waited
  8. I took the lowest dose of citalopram yesterday and felt better after a few hours. My Trintellix prescription should be processed within the next week and after I start that this shouldn't be an issue anymore I read the first one, but hadn't read the responses. The original article felt moderately anti-med to me, though I am very much in favor of patients being fully informed about the meds they are being prescribed. The second psych med I ever took was Effexor. I was really scared about the discontinuation effects (which I later got) and I got a very poor reaction from that Dr when I asked about it. But now several years and a few meds later, discontinuation would not be a deal-breaker for me. The condition I'm trying to treat is far worse.
  9. Writing this out helped me think through things and I decided to test the theory that this is related to discontinuation and go from there
  10. I had another med change about 2 weeks ago. I was tapering off citalopram and I was supposed to start Trintellix immediately but my insurance required more paperwork and 12 business days to process it. Now I'm done the citalopram and still on Wellbutrin & Abilify. Things were going well, better even, until the citalopram was completely out of my system. At that point I started feeling really off. At first I blamed it on a cold/flu I'd been having, but that didn't quite add up. Now SSRI discontinuation seems to be the most likely cause. I'm not completely sure, but it fits best of the current possibilities. I've got headache, nausea, something like vertigo and something a bit like brain zaps. I've also got chills and cold sweats. Normally I'm reasonably good at managing side-effects, but with these ones I can't figure out what I can do to reduce the severity. Does anyone have suggestions of things I can try to make this more comfortable? Maybe I should restart the low dose of citalopram while I wait? I have really limited access to my pdoc. I don't see him for another 2 months.
  11. I'm still new to Abilify, but it's been starting to help with anhedonia. I found Wellbutrin helped briefly, but I couldn't tolerate it
  12. Anhedonia is one of my 2 biggest symptoms. I cope by having a lot of structure in my life and by doing my best be mindful and get the most out of times that are a little better. The structure means that I do things that should theoretically help, even if I'm not getting a strong response from them. This includes things like physical activity, fresh air, some social interaction. I try to build small doses of them into my week and the structure makes them happen even though I don't feel like it. These things don't change the anhedonia, but I think they help me cope with it
  13. I have a similar set of symptom. For me it definitely is the illness. Most antidepressants that I've tried haven't had much effect for me personally so I'm currently testing out an antipsychotic (aripiprazole) and starting to get some positive results with my anhedonia. My experience is only partially relevant to what you are looking for, but what is your goal if you can find the people you described?