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  1. My house is full of people

    I took my time about it, but this week I'll be telling the other 2 roommates that we want to end the rental over the summer. I'm sort of nervous, but I'm glad I'm taking action that will lead to us having the house to ourselves again. That's going to be really great
  2. I get sick of those same things. When I get to a point where I can't keep trying, I take a step back for a while. I do the minimum needed to get by and I just sort of rest
  3. I'm almost two weeks in on Abilify and my main start up effect is indigestion, especially a gnawing feeling in my stomach. I haven't dealt with this much before, so any advice for reducing it?
  4. Two of my friends were talking about this recently, and they both said their mental health gets a lot worse slightly before and during their period
  5. It's been a while and I have a terrible memory. I think with my (now) spouse I told him somewhere in the first month or two. We'd been friends for a few months before that, so the timeline might be different if you didn't know the person before you starting going on dates. I think that trusting your gut is a good idea. I find disclosing mental health info is scary every time, even with people I've known for a really long time. If you feel comfortable discussing other personal topics with him then I'd consider the relationship at or near a good level to bring up mental health
  6. Based on another section I believe they are describing the predicted reliability of the studies they included in the meta-analysis. From the snippet below the results around the first list of meds should carry more weight than those about the second list. I've been getting good use out of a meta analysis I found on treatment-resistant depression. I'll link it in case anyone else might find it useful https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26425446
  7. I think supporting each other helps us all and I'm around to chat fairly often
  8. I tend to talk about mental illness history fairly early on because my history of SH would be visible to a partner. I've only been in that situation 3 times and in all cases the relationship continued and that wasn't an issue. My spouse also has MI, but the previous 2 people I dated didn't. They were still able to have a reasonable conversation about it. I'm sure it can scare people off, but I don't think it will scare off the people that could really be a good fit
  9. At the time I looked up to see whether the increased BP could be causing the headaches and likely not. They probably have a common cause. I can't tolerate caffeine either, so I suspect that meds acting on norepinephrine may be a bad fit for me
  10. I started feeling that way a few years into my current episode (the previous ones only lasted a few months at a time). I felt for a long time that I had lost the person I was and that my new personality was mostly about coping and not an expression of me. I didn't really feel like I had a personality. After a while I resigned myself to never getting the "old me" back. When I had a few days symptom free I was roughly that person again and I was rather stunned. During that time I also realized that the core elements of my personality do try to come out even when I'm depressed. The mental health issues certainly cause issues with being able to act according to my personality, but it doesn't erase or replace it
  11. I have a friend in a similar situation and a few others who don't have the visa issue but do have the health/money problem. It's a really difficult situation to be in. I want to help, but I'm fairly limited (however if you vote for me for world benevolent dictator I will definitely reform healthcare ). Myself and others on here can provide social support, though. That's a thing we can do from a distance
  12. From my experience I think this is exactly the wrong approach. Mental illness takes some adjustment for the people around us, but communicating what's going on is likely to help you and the relationship. If the two of you can talk about she may become more comfortable and the two of you can make plans about how to handle situations like this. At the very least, I find trying to hide it usually makes the mental health problem worse
  13. It's unfortunate that your parents aren't supportive. I hope they come around. In the meantime I recommend building your support network with other people you know: other family members, friends, other helpful adults you might know. I think that having a support network is extremely helpful with mental illness. Aside from general emotional support they can be a sounding board when you're trying to solve problems and they can help with practical things like transportation and the basics that @Chichikova talked about
  14. I've been trying to figure out how to describe my thoughts on this. The obvious big risk with SH is injuring yourself really seriously either on purpose or by mistake. Based on your description that probably applies for you right now. SH can be a form of harm reduction or a coping mechanism. That was my experience with it. I think the answer depends on the other things you are currently dealing with. What things are the biggest risk or causing the most damage to your well-being? With your limited energy you probably need to focus on the most urgent items, and you're the one who has enough info to figure out where SH is on that list. I don't think that guilt or self-hatred over the SH makes things better. I think it's just one more burden making things harder