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  1. Update: I was finally contacted by my psychiatrist via email, and she is willing to prescribe me another 50 mg of naltrexone on the condition that I get a blood lab done (she wants to check my liver function.) I'm a bit frustrated because I am out of town at uni, and I don't have time to get a lab done. Anyway I will do my best to comply seeing as how I REALLY need the dosage increase; my day-grazing and nighttime bingeing have come back with a vengeance. On a related note, I set up an appointment with a local psychiatrist for this Thursday. I did this because I was stuck to email correspondence with my home doctor, and it was much too delayed and slow. I will see how the initial appointment goes, and if all goes well I will ask him for the dosage increase. I may even ask about adding another medication like Zonegran or memantine to help me further. Hopefully this doctor is open to trying new things; I am so desperate to get a handle on my behavior!
  2. Hello, and thanks for your reply! I have tried Buspar and Remeron in the past, and I was unable to tolerate them. However, I haven't tried Zoloft or Paxil yet, so I will ask my doctor about them. The citalopram does help my anxiety, but does not help my depression; my appetite is obviously still "off" as well. I had heard that serotonin had an impact on appetite, but I wasn't aware of the extent to which it is involved, thanks for the helpful info! I do not have epilepsy, although I know that Zonegran is an anti-epileptic drug. I have read many anecdotal experiences from people reporting that it helps with reducing appetite/controlling food cravings. I am aware of the long list of side effects, but I'm willing to try nearly anything at this point. I am trying to get my food intake under control before I become overweight or develop health problems related to BED
  3. Unfortunately, not yet. I sent the original email on Monday 4/10 (im off at uni so I can't meet in person) and then sent a follow up email on Friday 4/14. I understand that she is probably busy, and I hope that she will get back to me at some point this week. I will let you know when it happens, and what the outcome is. Thanks for your concern, it means alot
  4. I have heard that this medication works well. However, I have tried taking bupropion as an antidepressant before, and I was unable to tolerate it (gave me very bad anxiety.) I would be willing to try it again though, because I also take citalopram for depression/anxiety and I have read that citalopram can reduce the anxiety that some people get from bupropion. After doing some more research, I would also like the try zonegran if I need to, as it seems to be better tolerated than topamax. We will see though, I am still waiting to hear back from my doctor Thank you again for all of your help, it means alot to me and I very much appreciate you Thanks for your response! I have heard of Contrave, and it sounds wonderful. However, I am sensitive to bupropion I may give it another try if I need to, as I am desperate to get my eating habits under control
  5. Thank you for your response as well! I have looked into a few of the other medications you have listed, and I am interested in a few of them. I tend to be very sensitive to stimulants so I do my best to avoid them, although I would put up with some discomfort if it meant that my crazy eating would stop. Hopefully my doctor will contact me soon with a dosage increase. She discouraged me from taking topamax (due to the host of side effects) but I have read that zonegran tends to be better tolerated. Perhaps I will add this to the naltrexone to get a stronger effect. Thanks again for your response, I am glad to hear that you have found things that help you
  6. Hello melissaw72, thank you so much for your response! It is very helpful and informative, and I greatly appreciate it. As I said I have contacted my doctor to hopefully get a dosage increase, and I am awaiting her response. Hopefully she is understanding. Thanks again for being so helpful and friendly; I am glad to hear that the medication has helped you
  7. Hello all, This is my first post on this website. I'm posting because I have a few questions regarding compulsive/binge eating and naltrexone. First off, a little background on me. I have a pretty long history with eating disorders; I was diagnosed with anorexia when I was thirteen, and I am now twenty. In this time I have been all over the spectrum, from anorexia to bulimia to binge eating and back again. I'm so exhausted of all of this, and I just want to move on with my life. Anyway, my latest "cycle" has been in the form of compulsive/binge eating and some purging (although not very often.) I use these different terms because sometimes I will "binge" (eat a large amount in a short time) and other times I will "eat compulsively"(eat a large amount throughout the course of the day.) These differing episodes have been occurring every day for nearly three weeks, and needless to say my health has been negatively effected because of it. I became so desperate that I began researching medications that might help with this, and the one that seemed most promising was naltrexone. So, I asked my psychiatrist and she prescribed me 50mg/day. I have been taking it for nearly two weeks now, and while I have seen a bit of improvement, I still find myself overeating (in fact I had a pretty bad binge today, which is what prompted me to post here.) It is strange because it seems as though my ability to feel satiated or full is completely missing; no matter how much I eat I still want more, and my body/brain don't turn off the hunger cues. My stomach can become very distended, but I still feel "empty." Anyway, My questions are: Have any of you had success with this medication? What has been the optimal doseage for you? As I said I take 50mg/day, but I think that 100mg would be better (I sent an email to my psychiatrist today requesting an increase.) How long did it take for you to see marked improvement? As stated above, I have been taking it for nearly two weeks with a bit of improvement, but not nearly what I was hoping. Does it take time to "build up" or to introduce the full effect? I understand that medication is not a fix-all for these issues, and that work is required on my part. I would simply like to lessen or stop the constant rumination on food and eating that I experience in all my waking hours. It's driving me crazy! Sorry for the long-winded post, I'm just making sure that all relevant information is avaliable to you. I am also more than happy to answer any questions you may have for me. I appreciate any feedback or thoughts, and I look forward to interacting with you all in the future! Thanks for reading.