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  1. Paxil anorgasmia: just started taking 10mg Paxil CR after no meds for a couple of years other than Klonopin. Anorgasmia set in - I've been horny but just could not ejaculate. Read about various antihistamines helping, and tried Benadryl but I just fell asleep. Had some Zyrtec and decided to give it a try - BOOM! 15 minutes after taking 10mg on an empty stomatch, I had a great release. Whew!!! It was a different feeling than normal, more of a gradual buildup and a longer orgasm - it didn't have as much "force" as normal, almost as if my muscles were tired. Kind of oozed out rather than squirted five feet. Absolutely thrilled I found something that worked. Hope this helps someone!