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  1. Yeah I will mention it. Thanks people. I am taking all of your advice on board. Just pretty sceptical and scared of not being taken seriously and not being able to get help.
  2. No. But I do have an appointment with a Psychiatric nurse next week at a Nuerology Hospital; concerning a brain/head injury 2 years ago. I feel I should mention it to the Nurse....
  3. Yeah. I feel low currently. Convinced there is little point telling my Gp about this as they won't take it seriously or help me. It seems to be a trend in England; where various antidepressants are thrown at a person and that is all.
  4. Yeah in England, it is the equivalent of a felony in the US. During the time of this behaviour. I don't seem to be overly plagued with anxiety. I remember thinking 'You will be caught for this..." and I sort of thought, 'oh well' and shrugged it off. Needless to say a few days later the Police arrived. I was being threatened with jail etc. Of course that was worrying. But I remember thinking 'Who will look after my Sister's Guinea pigs if I go to prison?' ..... Which isn't a very logical or 'sane' thought.
  5. Thanks. I really appreciate it. I can remember parts. But I couldn't tell you in what order I took certain items. I did not realise I had returned and committed an offence 2 days in a row until the court read this information out. The police would not accept that my memory was hazy. The were certain that I was a Heroin addict and that this was my motivating factor. "You can get help you know?" they kept insisting. I am not a crack and/or Heroin addict. Anyway I am only having treatment for anxiety/depression with 200mg Sertraline/Zoloft. I see my GP this week coming and I will make sure I mention this episode(s). It is certainly self destructive, life altering behaviour. I was perhaps going to train as a Teacher one day. Now I will be lucky to get a job picking up dog crap ahah.
  6. Hello people, Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong area/way. My first ever post. A friend of mine thinks I am Bipolar. I have suffered ocd and depression for many years now. Self harm, suicide idealisation. Recently, during a period of about 2 weeks I stole like, 3 laptops and a phone from a library. The thing is I don't really remember doing it. I remember during the period I did not seem to worry of any consequences. I did not feel depressed. I felt no fear. (Yes I got caught and admitted to the offences and have been punished by the courts). I have yet to mention this to my Doctor though. To imagine myself doing this is awful. It is out of character and reckless. I can no longer go down a chosen career path due to this. Does this sound like manic behaviour?