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  1. i was ashamed of BPD

    Mental illness is not contagious. I was forty when they finally got my diagnosis right. Then all of sudden my parents decided to tell us (I've a twin sister with the same diagnosis) that mental is in our family history one both sides of the family. Would have enough nice to know when I first started to see a shrink. Anyway, it's not a death sentence, or it shouldn't be. Read about your illness so you can understand your illness. And you don't have to tell anyone you don't have to. It's really nobody's business. But if you are knowledgeable, then when someone asks you a guestion you can answer it intelligently. You'd be surprised they number of people that say I'm on this medication or that medication. Good luck and hang on. It can get easier.
  2. i was ashamed of BPD

    Strong work, it's hard trying to talk yourself down, I know I've BAD W/depression and anxiety and a slew of medical issues. And screw the people that saw your faking or tough it out or just stop it.