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  1. Staying busy obviously helps, but I still have days I just don't want to get out of bed. I tried to run/walk for an hour to lift me out of it, but when I get down everything becomes difficult... Like DopamineSick, I also have severe anhedonia when I get depressed. When you experience this, nothing really appeals to you, and I do mean nothing. You don't know which direction to step in. I've come out of it before so I know you can come out of it, but usually it takes some kind of stimulus or trigger (medication, event, etc.)
  2. I'm experiencing a horrible migraine right now. I had to come home from work because of it. I'm nauseous, anxious, and all stimuli is annoying and making my head throb. I was taking Ativan for about 10 weeks, and over a month went down to .25 and 5 days ago took my last dosage. Was just wondering if this is typically a withdrawal from Ativan, or should I be concerned about something else happening?
  3. Are you having anxiety issues Farshad or depression? I agree too much serotonin can make ocd and anxiety worse. It's about finding a balance, I don't think shutting down serotonin is a good idea though, it's needed for a lot of different processes.
  4. Don't Benzos block serotonin? They're usually used to treat Serotonin Syndrome if I'm not mistaken. But I don't if this is a good idea OP. I don't think it's about one chemical or another, but finding the right balance. Serotonin makes us feel content, don't know why you'd think it's so bad.
  5. Every anti-anxiety medication, anti-depressant I've tried has lowered my sex drive. I've heard Wellbutrin and Remeron I believe don't have that effect...Never tried them long enough. The only solution I've found is to lower the dosages until I can feel again, which unfortunately usually means symptoms emerging again. Paxil was the worst one for me too, I took that first. Some people have said that their sex drive improves with time on the drug, but I've never personally found that to be true. It's always felt like a crappy trade off.
  6. I find it odd, Ativan is a sedative, but generally makes me feel more motivated, less depressed, and more willing to get up and go. Anyways i'm currently withdrawing from Ativan. I've done this in the past many times, but I don't remember feeling this exhausted. I would think I'd have more energy, but quite the opposite. Anyone else suffer this during Benzo Withdrawal?
  7. Reason I'm curious, is I've heard being on Benzos for extended periods can worsen your original symptoms as a result of the tolerance. I've always had a love hate relationship with ativan. It's great in the beginning, but after a few weeks things seem to go haywire, then I find myself in the withdrawal phase which is worse. I've been on and off Ativan for the last year and I'm wondering if it's making my situation worse, if I'd be better off off it all together and never go back unless of panic.
  8. Aye, I know it hits Gaba. My question is does it cause increases/decreases in other neurotransmitters? Even as a result of hitting Gaba.
  9. I've been reading nothing but conflicting reports on this. I'd say that Benzos may increase dopamine indirectly when you first start taking them...if nothing else because they decrease your anxiety and youre relaxed. But figured I'd shoot this question for these boards. Does anyone know the affect on the these 3? Increase or Decrease....Dopamine, Serotonin, Noradrenaline....
  10. I take ativan 1mg per night. I think it's smart to relax your dosages once you're feeling better. We tend to get a tolerance to them quickly, and i've heard that the longer you remain on them the more you may need to increase the dosage for similar effects. (not everyone) I'd go as slow as you possibly can, Ativan withdrawal for me was always pretty bad until I started babystep withdrawing. Like .25 - .5 reductions every week Curious how you feel on the 4 times a day ? It's always possible you might feel better, more clear, more energetic with a dose reduction too.
  11. For me, yes, being very busy helps with ruminations and depression. However, I still have to have that spark of motivation to get up and do it. Sometimes when I'm very depressed it's not there.
  12. Well i have a lot of seroquel I can use if I need to, I'm trying to "get by" without all that sedation hoping I'll adjust to the effexor, but it doesnt seem to be happening.
  13. Lowering it isn't an option unfortunately. The reason we had to raise it up was my depression was worsening. That's the thing, Effexor is having an impact on depressive symptoms which is a good sign, but it's causing me agitation and aggravating my anxiety a bit... The Seroquel I believe is an adrenergic antagonist I'm kinda holding off on the seroquel as a last resort, but I'm closely hitting that point...I had just hoped the ativan would have been enough. Seroquel comes with a lot of mental side effects that I dislike...but it is calming. Thanks for your input tho mikl, you'll never know how much it means at this point.
  14. You know the first few days when you first begin taking an antidepressant? You feel jittery, tunnel vision, and some anxiety. I've basically had that going on for 3 weeks. Like it's almost impossible to get calm until I take sedatives at night. So it has lifted my mood but brought with it a lot of uneasiness and anxiety...It's like I can't feel calm mentally. Obviously it's from the noradrenaline hit I just don't know how to counter it. I'm not sure what to do about this or even how to handle this with my Pdoc...I've considered taking seroquel to see if that levels it out, but I'm not sure...this sucks.
  15. Well me too... How long would you give a dosage increase before saying, "this just isn't working"