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  1. I understand you, if I didn't have panic disorder I wouldn't take medications. Panic Disorder is quite disabling though, similarly to depression, well it leads to depression eventually.
  2. It really took a couple months for me to finally level off on Effexor, just the nature of the beast, but you should start seeing improvements sooner than later.
  3. This is me!

    Welcome to boards SweetMartini =)
  4. Ativan did amazing things for my confidence, so did Effexor as well. The reality is exposure to whatever it is that makes you nervous is how the confidence is built, you have to just overcome that obstacle.
  5. Does the Klonopin not work for sleep issues? I've found Ativan is my emergency sleep med.
  6. My mom died.

    It's the worst feeling and it's always with you a little bit. I know when my mother dies I'm going to be in pieces.
  7. Ya Definitely diet could work too, but I've found with acid reflux you can have it with a great many things, I'm a foodie, so I was like, I can't live without pizza, sodas, junkfood. So I bit the bullet and just take PPIs and Mylanta when it gets bad. Prevacid is OTC now too if it gets really bad for you try it for a week or two. I just take it when it's really really bad and then stop after a couple weeks. So I often ended up taking it with Ativan and when adjusting medications until my system balances it out...Extreme Anxiety/stress is a big cause of acid reflux too...I've taken PPIs on and off for years with good results, it's not a permanent thing.
  8. What about the depressions?
  9. I find it odd they're using a street drug Ketamine now, but I guess if it works and pulls someone out of their depression then it's worth. I think we all know what the OP is talking about going off and on meds can be pretty horrendous sometimes, it sounds like you've had really bad luck. But what if you went on one of the drugs and you suddenly felt more like you wanted or yourself? It's a gamble no matter what unfortunately. Going in to try Ketamine was a gamble too, but you did that.
  10. The only thing I would say about socializing, is it seems easier in a neutral situation, like meeting people through work is easy cause you only have to half way put yourself out there and you're calmer about it. Most people you met in school were because you had something in common, so finding an activity where you got something in common with someone is probably one of the best ways, meeting people in neutral places where it doesnt matter if they want to engage or not. What kind of sucks about the modern age is we don't have good real life communities any more. I think churches are like the last bastion for it, and after that schools, but after schools it's all corporations.
  11. That's good you have a positive outcome. I'm wondering if I will. It's funny that when you're in the pit you're almost positive you're all alone in it, nobody has ever felt this terrible, and that you will never ever come out of it. My normal self is so much more carefree and optimistic, but seems so far far away. I'd like to reconstruct this but how do I do this when my mind is working against it. I find myself not knowing what to do with myself a lot too, which is very disturbing. Very Restless and unsure what to do next. Like what I enjoyed before this is different somehow, just not engaging me. I've tried to get more activities, schedule, but it's very difficult.
  12. My job allows me face to face all the time, but since my depression I haven't been working much. Face to face is always better.
  13. I'm either great at it, or the worst in the world. I seem to split like that during my depressions being the worst, I don't want to deal with anyone or anything. It makes relationships extremely difficult.
  14. I'm praying I can regain some confidence with Cymbalta.