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  1. Nurse mentioned it before, it's the same effect as Effexor?
  2. Sometimes I get sick of all this...Idk if you guys feel this way ever, but I'm just tired of kicking my brain around, but i dont know what else to do... I'm on generic effexor and while it helps keep panic away my overall mood is very dull and apathetic, the brand didn't give me this...I'd also say the side effects are double on the generic. Sexual side effects are worse, dry mouth, and that horrible spacey feeling that leaves me disoriented after I take the meds.... I'm so exhausted at this point I don't think I can handle another med
  3. Well i was probably on 150 for 4-5 weeks and about the same on 300mg, but it simply didn't agree with me.
  4. Reality is you're more of a unique person compared to most, I've felt people with MI are typically more individual...I encounter a lot of people and sometimes I find many people can be fake and many are the same, not very interesting...In fact, I'd say one of the most interesting times in my life was being in the psych ward and getting to meet all these different personalities. It wasn't a happy time for me, but that was a big plus. I've been living like a robot for the past 5 months. I tell myself to eat, go here, go do this, but it's not based on emotion which it is for normal folks. I might be living in a depersonalized state tbh, and I'm trying to just deal with hoping and praying it'll go away. I've become really good at acting like everything is fine, it makes me feel like a sociopath though to be so detached from my emotions. My panic started after some bad drug experiences, one horrible trip. Combination of ecstacy, shrooms, and a lot of marijuana. Ended up with severe panic attacks for about a month until I ended up at the ER. About 15 years ago...Been a ride on psych meds since...So that's where my health/mental fears originated, any kind of health issue triggers my anxiety badly now, and I've had anxiety/depression issues on and off since.
  5. Sad thing for me is I've generally felt alone since my panic disorder began... I mean I get a rise out of social activities same as everyone else, but I never quite relied on people the same after that...
  6. Hated Wellbutrin, I was on it for about a month or so a little while ago. When I take seroquel/ativan I get a bit of a response, but I can't really take high dosages of it during the day because my job involves driving. So my days are very apathetic and dull. Exercise brings me out of it for maybe an hour or so, but I can't stay on the treadmill all day long ya know? Lately I've been suspicious even trying new drugs, but I guess I don't have much of a choice at this point this I've been taking them for over a decade...
  7. I'm actually in the same situation blahblah. No kids, and I'm not sure if I'll ever have any, never really was an issue for me, but I get you...you dont see your friends as much as you'd like... I wouldn't let it make you feel isolated though, lots of people don't have kids...And a lot of families have their own list of problems...
  8. Just from Google: 8 Proven Benefits of CBD Relieves Pain and Inflammation. Among common CBD benefits, natural pain relief tops the list for many. ... Has Antipsychotic Effects. ... Reduces Anxiety. ... Helps to Fight Cancer. ... Relieves Nausea. ... May Treat Seizures and Other Neurological Disorders. ... Lowers Incidence of Diabetes. ... Promotes Cardiovascular Health. Not sure how much you'd have to take to get this kind of effect though...I'm gonna give it a try and report back here in a new topic, only thing I'm unsure about is if it will interact with any of the meds I'm on, I've heard it can boost the AD effect. Comes in tomorrow...
  9. I was just going to ask this...I ordered some as I've heard it has some effect on depersonalization/derealization...
  10. I've been doing things like this... Luminosity is good...You really have to get out there though in public at the end of the day (if you can manage) cause other people are the best kinds of stimulation. I try different exercises too, that seems to help. Jumproping and different styles. I even backpeddled on the treadmill today a bit.
  11. That's how I feel. Only can distract myself. Ativan and seroquel do provide me some comfort. Luckily the Anhedonia is coming and going. I'm having very severe mood swings since it's likely my AD is pooping out...The Generic Effexor is nothing like the brand.
  12. Ya I'm considering getting down off it cause the side effects from the generic are bothersome....I'm at 300mg but I don't like it, doesn't feel the same as the brand and it's not in my head.
  13. Help me sleep

    Honestly running/jogging is probably the most effective thing for me when it comes to sleep... Just exhausts your body enough for it...
  14. I'm having some problem figuring out whether I'm getting side effects, mood problems from the meds I'm on or whether it's the illness itself breaking through... I do know I'm clinically depressed right now, along with some neurotic problems, like constantly in my head ruminating etc...But I'm especially having issues with memory, focus, and some cognitive problems I've never experienced before. I'm curious if the medications when at the wrong dosages can cause this? I don't ever feel like myself any more which really sucks so I'm constantly checking in on my mind... Anyways this happens approximately 5-6 hours after I wake up and take Effexor (generic) and then goes away at night and I feel more like myself... What would you do?
  15. Definitely happens to me on Seroquel...Causes heart racing after about an hour, even low dosages...