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  1. I always felt more at peace in-patient. And I got to meet people. However, most of the time for me I just slept, and slept.
  2. I'm going up on Effexor right now, and it has been pure hell trying to find the right dosage. Right now I'm in this weird in between space, where the I'm getting all the stimulation, without the relief from the anxiety. Not fun. It honestly takes the full 6 weeks to 2 months before you find yourself.
  3. Going up on ADs is not fun. Tbh, I've had easier times coming off ADs than going up. However when they start working well, you start cruising.
  4. Oddly enough, my sex drive has gone up a bit since increasing Effexor. I think anxiety and depression are much worse for sexual problems, however I do see that the ADs can numb you and cause all those weird things... But I've never felt "100%" while on any of my anti-anxiety meds. I've come to the conclusion that the meds are necessary and the priority. Since Effexor does treat my anxiety/depression/panic and make me more social I find I'm able to be more intimate as well, whereas anxiety/depression make me not interested, destroy libido, and make me not care anyways.... I'm going with PDE-5s for the ED.
  5. Tough Question. For me personally, I think I'd probably sacrifice my health to feel better emotionally. But I think physical health is more important, if that breaks down, much more breaks down. And vice versa I suppose... I'm struggling with HBP atm too, and effexor isn't helping that.
  6. I have yet to find one. Only one people say is Wellbutrin might not affect it as much.
  7. I'm having a rough time. I'm on Day 13 of a dosage increase and I've felt markedly worse. Is this typical or a sign the drug isn't working? I have that jittery/nervousness feeling all day long. No appetite, etc. My depression also feels worse. I feel like so far all I've had is side effects with no benefits. I'm a bit worried that Effexor has stopped working. For those of you who Effexor worked, how long should I give it to kick in? I'm gonna try call my PDoc next week and talk about this. Are the first two weeks generally bad for you guys when you up dosages?
  8. I use
  9. Tbh, I think everyone has this fear, even if they won't openly acknowledge it or admit it. Being left alone in the universe it a scary thought. I'm fearful of my family members passing away for sure and getting on. I mean, I'm already anxious and depressed now...
  10. I'm definitely feeling agitated on Effexor. And ya, I'm usually not an angry person, but at times I do feel that anger coming up. Seems like benzos are the only thing helping me right now. I'm having a real hard time adjusting to Effexor.
  11. You thought about driving Lyft/Uber? You can actually make decent money. I drive for them at nights as a second job. But it's flexible and you can go in and leave whenever you feel like it. It's not for everyone, but I'd say it's helped me socially and anxiety/depression wise. You just cruise around talking with people.
  12. Well previously on high dosages of Effexor it killed my anxiety nicely. However I was on 300mg. Different dosages, different effects. Effexor feels very different depending on the dosage that's for sure. I feel like it's a different drug almost depending on where I'm at.
  13. Do you think I'd still be having startup anxiety after 12 days?
  14. Thanks for reply Iceberg. It's hard for me to distinguish it from the startup symptoms of Effexor. I know they too are pretty harsh. I'm on relatively low dosage of Seroquel, which I know would help it, however, I'm trying to avoid oversedation. The effexor increase has been more sedating. Do you think it will pass? It's a strange restless feeling, I'd describe it as more mental, and seems to go away while I'm in motion. But it's hard to be awake and relaxed.
  15. I've had a bit of an issue on my new dosage of 150mg Effexor. I had trouble on this dosage before as well. I've had a lot of restlessness, had this feeling like I want to cry but can't, no appetite, and generally I've been so uncomfortable. I dont really have the leg symptoms like I'm reading. It could just be anxiety. I'm only 12 days on new dosage. I'm wondering if someone could describe to me what Akathisia actually does or feels like? Would I know for sure if I was experiencing it? I don't see my PDoc for another couple weeks. Do benzos help with it? I'm allowed to take Ativan as needed.