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  1. I'm doubling it tonight see if that has an effect... I also wanted to ask Mikl or anyone, what does Abilify boost? Serotonin, Dopamine, or just dopamine? I've heard conflicting things.
  2. I suppose the Effexor could be causing it, it seemed more of a problem at 300mg high dosages, but I have heard a lot of people say effexor sedates them badly even at these dosages. But if that were the case I wouldn't know what to do about it...
  3. Thanks, dead inside is how I've been feeling... Day 5 and not much improvement, hopefully I feel something soon, then we'll try 10
  4. Thanks mikl, I have been sleeping good thankfully. Still on 5mg Abilify, I feel a little bit calmer overall, but really want more of a boost to my overall mood. Want that "go out and conquer the world" feeling Effexor used to give me lol, I guess I'll have to settle for now. ugggh I hated seroquel xr, but it's good to know the two aren't a lethal combo Btw, how long after you started Abilify did you notice positive changes?
  5. I did restoril and trazadone both inpatient...I don't know if your pdoc gives you whatever, but I can't just stroll in and start asking for this stuff, I can maybe work it in or mention it....he's paranoid of drugseekers, I guess he got in trouble at some point...Ativan still works fine for me anyways, I'm just not that interested in being on benzo right now. Is Trazadone narcotic? Hits the same spots Effexor would hit right? You ever mix seroquel and abilify? I'm considering just using the seroquel low dosage alongside the abilify to help me sleep. I don't think at the low dosages they should interact, my PDoc didn't seem all that concerned with going off and on I notice you suffer from hypersomnolence too, did you notice any improvements in your mood with getting up earlier or not? I've tried a lot to do this but my mood is so bad the earlier I get up.
  6. Drug holiday

    I'd advise against it, but I've done it for the sexual problems. It did seem to jumpstart my hormones, I would take a 2-3 days off to get things moving again. However I would also end up with headaches, dizziness, and stomach problems for about a week after doing this, so beware.
  7. I'm only 2 days in but don't feel any better, too early I hope? And thanks! I don't understand it either but Benadryl and sleep aids have this negative effect on me. Anxiety and mild hallucinations. Seroquel does everything right to me, but it wasn't helping with my depression problems. Restoril was a dream for me, it gave me great sleep and relaxation, I've always stuck with Ativan in the long run though...I'm not too keen on benzos overall, I've had a lot of experience with them and long term use they seem pretty iffy. The short term memory problems they produce bother me a lot as well. I have similar issues, I had issues just moving room to room sometimes. Not sure if it was anxiety or depression, but I would overthink moving from here to there and think about how I felt about it, ridiculous I know. I hate being at war with my mind.
  8. I've tried Restoril, it's pretty nice...I can't do the hypnotics they seem to give me anxiety even light hallucinations the next day. Even benadryl does this to me. Seroquel for sleep is the best but I'm unsure of mixing that with abilify
  9. Good to hear as i'm dealing with similar issues, you mean like that unmotivated feeling of not wanting to do simple tasks when you say psychomotor retardation ya? Like not even wanting to answer texts or acknowledge what's going on around you. ugggh I'm trying to avoid benzos but I do have Ativan on hand....Benzos are actually the most helpful to me tbh, but they cause such instability in my moods. Like if I take Ativan at night the next day I go from happy to dropdead sad within an hour and back up again.
  10. Oh one other thing I wanted to ask, did it help ease anxieties? I know Abilify is mainly for targeting depression, but sometimes that conquers both. Sorry to badger with questions, I'm been quite desperate for some relief for like a year now.
  11. Oh ya i do remember you saying you got to bliss before in another thread. When I was in the right place with Effexor that's exactly how I felt, motivated and eager to engage life, I enjoyed doing pretty much everything and anything on some level. Did Abilify give you some energy? That's what I've been struggling with the most lately, I just don't feel like doing anything. And I definitely don't plan on going fast on Abilify, I'm gonna stay at 5mg for a while and see what happens. PDoc says 10 eventually, but I'm very cautious, if I don't see it doing anything I like I'm not going to go up, try something else. Dropping seroquel has been a bit hard on my sleep though.
  12. Nice, what do you mean it "really" worked ? How did you feel?
  13. I went to my PDoc and told him I'm basically in a state of apathy and anhedonia, nothing stimulates me. So he prescribed me Abilify to take 5mg and eventually up to 10mg... I dropped seroquel a couple nights ago and I'm taking Abilify 5mg. I know the whole wait 2-6 weeks thing for meds, but I'm curious for personal experiences, how long until you felt better on it? Or did you?
  14. I have higher than normal blood pressure, but all my blood tests show everything is fine.
  15. Mine always start with an odd dizzy feeling and this feeling like I can't quite think or connect thoughts and that's usually when it happens. I can maintain pretty well in panic attacks. I've sat through lectures going through them and also been around friends where nobody notices, I've been having them off and on for 20 years or so.