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  1. Become more typical for me too when i'm depression, not feeling that connection to other people is a pretty sad part..
  2. oh man, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that one "put in more effort" is the one I've gotten, like I'm slacking on purpose to continue feeling miserable.
  3. I think you're both right, especially on the anxiety thing. It definitely doesnt feel "normal" to me, i'm used to being tense, anxious a lot, or having a lot of emotional reactions. I think an overload of Anxiety/stress disconnects the emotions, and that in turn leads to depression. In the last year I went from extrovert to neurotic very quickly, maybe a poopout. I'm still very flat, it sucks. I know higher dosages of seroquel would make me feel a bit better, but the sedation is too much. I'm doing my best to avoid any extra substances as well, so I guess for now I'm stuck feeling flat, I hope it's not permanent.
  4. Effexor is really good for anxiety/depression, but like some have said, it does flatten emotions a lot...You won't be getting many highs either.
  5. For me personally, I find that the more my condition is taken care of, the more I eat and gain weight Depression/anxiety kill my appetite.
  6. ya i'm putting up with it since I dont really have much of a choice at the moment, but i definitely need an adjustment somewhere I can't sometimes do some running and it will pull me out of it for like an hour, then I'm back in the same state
  7. I suppose it could be the Effexor... I've experienced both on and off the meds where I just flat line for a month or so...It's one of the most disturbing states to be in...
  8. It's not permanent. Don't forget that libido doesn't do well with anxiety/worry. The more relaxed you are the better your sex drive is....
  9. What worries me about psychiatry sometimes is they're labeling literally every human behavior as some kind of disorder.
  10. Not sure why I'm posting this and what I'm looking for...I've experienced this twice before in my life and luckily made it out. But basically I came to the realization this weekend that I'm not experiencing any emotions, even anxiety, which is odd for me. It's a very disturbing state to be in. I've even been considering drinking or even looking for anything that will give me some feeling back (havent had a beer in 9 months), for me this is an extreme decision. But i'm getting desperate and looking towards extreme methods of dealing with depression. Wondering if any of you have been in this state, what do you do?
  11. I've heard the EPA ingredient is the important one. I got mine from GNC, can't say they've done much for me though. Triple Strength GNC Fish Oil. The ones from Walgreens and such work, less concentrations of EPA.
  12. I'm better!

    Hope it continues for you. It's always nice when you finally start cruising and feeling good.
  13. Everything else...Brain tumor, cancer, etc.
  14. I agree this can happen. I get migraines from time to time which I'm near certain are a result of Ativan use over the years, luckily they're diminishing now.
  15. I want to come back off Effexor for the same reasons... I just have trouble controlling my moods without effexor. Effexor flattens my moods and rids me of the mood swings which I hate. Let us know how Prozac does for you, I've been considering switching to something else...Prozac has same sex side effects doesnt it?