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  1. I've just started taking Klonopin, and I feel on fire, I'm so happy! I think its because the meds take a huge weight off my shoulders and when I take them there's not a constant, nagging worry monster trying to eat me. It makes the monster stay at bay!
  2. Starting Klonopin. What to expect? .5 mg

    I should also add that this is the first time I've been prescribed a benzo. Any input at all would be appreciated.
  3. Ok, so I came back from my pdoc today, and he said that he's tried so much to help with my anxiety, but here is another option. He gave me Klonopin .5mg. And I'm scared but I trust that my pdoc knows what he's doing. What should I expect? Will I be a zombie? He said absolutely no alcohol or smoking with it. And he said if I do, then don't take it. He said that he trusts me that I can be responsible with it. Are there any potential side effects? He wants me to take half a pill twice a day....
  4. I'd do it in a heartbeat. I hate being atypical. I feel like there's an unspoken language that NTs have that I don't and it feels like I'm missing a lot of unsaid things.
  5. I've developed a new strategy for fighting my mental illnesses! I call them "emotion jars". I keep them on my bedside table. I have 3 of them. One for Anger, Sadness, and Anxiety. One for each of my negative emotions! I write down the reason I am angry, sad or scared and put them in the designated jar. After the jar is full, I symbolically burn the papers and start all over again. Sorry to spam y'alls forum, I'm just excited about this new thing! I feel like I have a fighting chance now, because I already feel so much better after writing my troubling thoughts down. 10/10 would recommend. Do y'all do anything similar?
  6. At a loss.

    If it makes you feel any better, my therapist said I was borderline suicidal. This might make you feel better because I know misery loves company. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist in 2 weeks and he will decide whether it IS time to send me to a psychiatric hospital. I have never been to a hospital for mental problems. I'm scared to death to tell him how I really feel, lest he sends me away for an amount of time I can't afford to sacrifice. I'm a college student who just wants a degree on the wall to my name.
  7. At a loss.

    Well, ok. Sorry I misunderstood you.
  8. At a loss.

    I have faith that you will. Praying for you now! Don't give up! I'm rooting for you! God wants me to tell you that He loves you just as you are
  9. At a loss.

    I'm not sure if I'll get into trouble with this website or with you, but if you want I can pray for you. Would you like that? I'm not a psychologist, so I don't know how to help you other than to tell you that I'm here and listening to you. And I am.
  10. Music is therapy to me. I'm a classic rock/alterna rock/ classical music kind of person. I listen to a lot of Nirvana and Metallica as well as Pink Floyd and Wax Fang. When I go for long walks, which help with my depression, I always take my music and vape along with me. My favorite is Nirvana tho. I like "Moist Vagina" as well as "Where Did You Sleep Last Night". They're an absolute must-have for my soundtrack. When I'm in a rotten mood I try to listen to happier songs, and sometimes I do just the opposite if I'm in a rotten mood too. My favorite songs are "Majestic" by Wax Fang (if you haven't heard of them, it might benefit you to Youtube them! They're really good :)) "Comfterably Numb" by Pink Floyd, as well as '"Mother". I was jut wondering, do y'all benefit from music? Does it uplift you? Sadden you? Help you? Which songs aid your depression and through the Dark Times?
  11. strength

    One thing that keeps me going is imagining this: every day is a little clear box that occupies space and time. And for every day that goes by, a new box, a new day, is put on top of that box. And if you look closer, or in the past, you are standing on top of thousands of little boxes, miles high in the air. And for every day you've lived on this earth, the more boxes stack, and the farther away you get from the Black Hole of Depression on the ground, sucking at your life force. That's what I imagine, at least. And when I forget to take care of myself I imagine I'm a demon inhabiting a human body, and I must take care of my host that I am possessing.
  12. I don't have the time to go to those
  13. I lost 2 friends recently. They are simply too busy with their lives/ significant others and they don't want to be friends with me anymore. It's taken a toll on my already-fragile self-esteem and general emotions. I'm also autistic and it's already hard to make friends. I feel so alone. Like no one really cares about me. Any advice on how to make friends? I deliberately posted this in the depression forum because this problem affects my depression more than anything else and I want advice from a neurotypical person.
  14. What album best describes your MI?

    Pink Floyd's The Wall
  15. I'm usually my happiest during the holiday season, but this year I'm pretty depressed. It just has to do with my circumstances and losing a few friends recently. That, and my family stresses me out. I could honestly cry right now. I've been having suicidal ideations as of late, and I feel like a burden to everyone I know. I feel like my brother only hung out with me the other night because he felt sorry for me.