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  1. I'm now 3 years clean. Bipolar 2, General Anxiety, PTSD and good old ADHD. I was on Wellbutrin for the ADHD for about a year and it was great. And then it just stopped working. Went back in to my NP who is like, one of the best people to talk to ever and is medicated for her own ADHD and told her it wasnt working any more. My drug(s) of choice were downers. Specifically benzos. My np is fully aware of my recovery. So we bounced a couple ideas around and then she asked if my preference had been downers she just wanted to make sure. Just started on Adderal. If I have any problems call her or come in. (True too) last summer she put me on lithium and it felt like my brain just splintered so I called her and she switched my med over the phone and faxed the change to my program so I wouldn't have problems. My NA sponsor is ok with me taking it as long as I dont feel like Im having issues. At least I dont feel like a squirrel at a rave anymore. Hope everyone else gets to that point too