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  1. The past 2 weeks I have really been struggling with feeling soo so tired as well. My sleep study results came back with a diagnosis of hypersomnolence, which basically means I am prone to sleeping long periods of time and have trouble waking up and experience excessive daytime sleepiness. I have been using seroquel 50mg to get to sleep at night and was waking up feeling like crap. Yea I had slept 8-10 hours but I was so groggy, I fell asleep at my desk at work 3 times this week and HR saw and gave me a verbal warning. I had to do something so I cut the seroquel out last night completely. The only reason I take it is to force myself to sleep because I have to wake up at 7am. So last night I decided to take nothing besides my Lyrica, and used medical marijuana in a vaporizer. I didn't fall asleep in 5 minutes like I do with seroquel, it took maybe 30 minutes to 45, but when I woke up today I felt great, no sedation or severe tiredness. What I am trying to say is that in my situation, it seems that Seroquel was the culprit for making my hypersomnolence and daytime sleepiness much worse, and I was only taking 25-50mg. I was on Paxil 20 and 30mg for almost a year and it honestly wasn't a sedating medication for me. It made me yawn a lot, not as much as lexapro did, but I didn't feel tired, drained, or lack energy when I was on Paxil. Yes Paxil is the most sedating SSRI but I am leaning towards thinking seroquel is responsible for your excessive tiredness. I haven't read this entire thread, but do you take seroquel for insomnia or something else? What about the Vraylar 1.5mg? I experimented with Vraylar and found that when I was manic and didn't sleep for consecutive days, taking 6mg of Vraylar took care of my mania and brought me down without the terrible feeling that you experience with seroquel's sedation. I'm not advising you try and do this, I just found it interesting because Vraylar is not sedating to me at 1.5-3mg. I was just exhausted and wanted to not be manic anymore (my family gets really upset and angry with me when I am manic and do not sleep) so I decided to pop 6mg of Vraylar because what the hell. An hour later I was on my cousin's couch and began feeling very relaxed, but not in a heavy sedated way. Btw I don't take Vraylar on a daily basis, I only use it as needed when I am having a manic or hypomanic episode. Try adding a small dose stimulant to get you out of the fog or maybe Provigil, Nuvigil?
  2. Best Non-benzo anxiety med?

    Lyrica actually is not an antidepressant
  3. Best Non-benzo anxiety med?

    Lyrica is pretty alright, too. Watch out for the initial side effects though
  4. Best Non-benzo anxiety med?

    I would vote for Paxil too! Although I have only been taking Zoloft for a little over a week now.
  5. I could barely handle 100, bumped it down to 50 and the next morning time naps are fewer and don't feel AS tired. I don't think I can go days after seroquel without stimulant medication
  6. Haven't read anything about Trintellix Bien specifically effective for social anxiety disorder or social phobia, there are other antidepressant medications which are more specifically indicated for this type of anxiety disorder. Paxil is usually touted in the psychiatry community as highly effective for social anxiety even in severe cases. I know it definitely helped me a lot when I was struggling with social anxiety in my college years. I think Zoloft it's also pretty effective for social anxiety disorder but not as great as pack soul. These are both SSRI antidepressants just like Prozac is. is there a reason you are trying Trintellix before older medications that have been tested tried and true for social anxiety disorders?
  7. How is the Trintellix working for far for anxiety? and do you find this medication is somewhat activating or pro-social?
  8. i can attest to this memory issue with lamotrigjne. I was on it for a period of total four months, I went all the way up to 400 mg. I began having issues with my memory at 100 to 200 mg. This would include telling someone something one day and then saying the same thing a few days later and not remembering you told them previously or forgetting where you put things. I am in University and at the time I was going to class but when I would review my notes that I had taken in class I would almost not remember what I wrote and the topics that we covered in class. i did research in lamoeteogine, talk to my pharmacist, discussed this with my doctor many times and even with my therapist. I ultimately asked my doctor to take me off of lamotrigine. I taper to 200,000 to 110 to 50 every second then third day. I noticed a week or two after being off of it my memory began to come back and I didn't have any of the issues I was having before like forgetting where I was putting things, forgetting what I had said to people, who i had talked to , forgetting what I was talking about or forgetting what i am doing, forgetting the day of the week and mixing up my schedule. i'm glad I got off lamotrigine finally. I've been off of it for about 2 1/2 or three months now and my memory finally feels like it's back to normal. Not having any cognitive impairment issues any longer
  9. Maintaince dosages

    i know this, but sometimes my decisions about continuing treatment long term vary when i'm feeling fine. i like to rely on as few meds as possible, so when i feel like i can maybe peel back a med or two i will do this in a safe manner
  10. I'd have to say in my experience Halcion is the fastest onset benzodiazepine orally, I take it for insomnia and I am not kidding when i say if I take it as I lay in bed, no longer than 10 minutes will go by before I'm asleep. It kicks in super fast. High dose alprazolam also kicks in fast, but not as quickly as an oral dose or triazolam. I've used valium under the tongue multiple times and on many of those occasions the diazepam felt completely different than when I just orally ingest it. It hits me faster and the anxiety relief is more potent. I dont really do alprazolam sublingual never have i done it with Halcion either. Versed/Midazolam might be fast acting if the route of administration is IV but thats generally in a clinical or hospital setting.
  11. I take at least some valium or xanax, somehow im always so stressed and very tense
  12. Maintaince dosages

    i do this with my meds, especially my antipsychotic, when i'm not actively symptomatic. i hate having to take several medications regularly to be functional, so when i am feeling nice and even, i pay less attention to my doses, skip days, take lower doses, but i feel like as a week goes by i can start to feel myself becoming slightly more symptomatic, showing mild hypomanic symptoms and sleep disturbances/inability or lack of desire to sleep. it's a tough balance and decision to make, but i don't think a shrink would ever agree with this. they might say that doing this causes your neurotransmitter levels to be constantly fluctuating, which in some way is true. you also have to watch out for withdrawal symptoms and issues when reducing meds during asymptomatic periods. whenever i do take less meds bc i have been feeling fine, i always research and develop a specific taper plan and follow it, never cold turkey anything unless i run out. so that's my advice, how it was somewhat helpful
  13. i would second rexult as an alternative if your insurance won't pay for vraylar. vraylar has little seating or activating feelings that vary from individual to individuals. I believe rexulti leans more towards the activating side, don't expect a lot tho, and is great for depression and getting you out of those really deep depressive episodes and keeping you stable at baseline. rexulti isn't great in controlling manic episodes anyhow, while vraylar is wonderful at this. it's really a matter of what your target symptoms are, this will help you decide to use one treatment over the other.
  14. Couldn’t agree more about dropping the trazodone first. In regards to your comment about the interactions and actions of a Dop reuptake inhibitor, dop antagonist, and dop partial agonist all at the same time, we really could talk forever about the research on this. I’m leaving a meeting now and heading over the university library to research this and willl soon provide further insight and information.
  15. Might be worth a try discussing Rexulti from Vraylar. I found Rexulti to be the best antidepressant I have ever tried (even though it's an antipsychotic), and I am bipolar 1 (mostly mania plus rapid cycling). I stopped it eventually because I still went into manic states and wouldn't sleep for a couple days. So I found myself having to use Seroquel to sedate myself at night in order to sleep at night. Psychiatrist didn't like the idea of me concomitantly taking 2 antipsychotics and frankly neither did I but boy did Rexulti make me feel good. Have you ever tried Lamictal?