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  1. Latuda I feel is working fairly quick, as it has brought me out of my depression already - or maybe the depressive episode was about over anyway regardless of the Latuda. My dr discussed lamictal, but we were also discussing other anticonvulsants to replace the diazepam such as Lyrica, Neurontin, and Tegretol so that I no longer have to be on 2 benzodiazepines, and so that when it comes time to taper off my xanax (which I really don't want to do) I will be less likely to have a seizure. I was 20 minutes late so we were running short on time after our extensive talk about which antipsychotic to proceed with, so we decided to start the Latuda, see how it goes for 2 weeks, then talk about anticonvulsant options next session. I will probably push for Lyrica sine I've read multiple studies about its antianxiety properties as well as some evidence in mood disorders and balancing well with ADHD medications. i was on it before but only at 150mg a day. If doc doesn't go for that then we will probably try Equetro (carbamazepine ER) since it's an anticonvulsant and indicated for bipolar 1 acute manic episodes. I think Lyria would do well tho, at a reasonable dose (Pfizer recommends 600mg/day for seizures) but maybe 150mg BID or TID would be enough to help ease benzodiazepine withdrawal and provide mood symptoms-seizure-anxiety relief. Given I am not on an SSRI for anxiety (they trigger mania and make me cycle rapidly) and only on Xanax for anxiety, I don't want to be on 0 medication for anxiety because I have social, generalized, and panic disorder. I'm scared to get off Xanax but my parents are insistent at be getting off benzos completely because they fear the addictiveness and dependency. Maybe being on the Lithium along with Latuda will balance manic and depressive episodes. So far the Latuda makes me comfortable tired in the evening without any major morning or daytime sedation, I am at 40mg. I personally found akathisia to be preventable as long as you very slowly and conservatively titrate the dosage up, at least IME. Jumping from 0.5 to 2mg (Rexulti) or 40 to 80mg for Latuda will likely induce akathisia and be very uncomfortable. Do you recall how you titrated up to 60 and 80mg? Was it slowly or abruptly? Because I was reading Latuda's dosing administration and it states 20mg is the starting with a max of 120mg, no titration required; this was quite concerning to me. I have been at 40mg PM so far and it has helped me fall asleep, but when I move to 60mg in 5 days I have considered taking 20mg in the morning and 40mg in the evening, but I will ask my p.doc whether or not I should do that. I was hoping that 60mg would be enough for me or 80mg, and not have to go up to the max dose, but we will see. Only been 2 days, but so far so good, no negative side effects; knock on wood. Thanks for sharing your experience BTW I really appreciate it. Seroquel 800mg must have been wildly sedating, was the Abilify adding to the sedation or counteracting it? I know, I become weary of taking Latuda as it lacks an indication for bipolar mania, but I am glad to get off 3 antipsychotics and replace them with 1 with all my polypharmacy going on. But it sounds like Seroquel XR works well for you, keeping you out of IP. Do you find 800XR to be sedating as 800IR? How do the XR and IR compare, in terms of cognitive impairment, somnolence, hunger, feeling 'out of it' or heavily sedated? I hope Latuda work well , I have high for it to be my miracle med, but coincidentally my back-up options if it fails are Seroquel XR, Saphris, or Geodon.
  2. UPDATE 11/17 Vyvanse 70mg Zenzedi 30mg BID Xanax 1mg BID Valium 10mg QHS Latuda 20,40,60 mg titraing QHS Edluar 10mg PRN (Ambien sublingual) Lithium 1350mg QHS I have been taken off Rexulti, Zyprexa, and Seroquel and put on Latuda instead. I didn't like being on multiple AAPs and using one for mood stabilization, another for mania, and Seroquel for sleep. I discussed with my psychiatrist about other options that would combine the efficacy of the 3 drugs, we talked about Saohris, Vraylar, Abilify, and Latuda. We decided to choose Latuda after discussing the effects of the other medications; she said Latuda has worked well in her patients and although it is not FDA approved for bipolar mania she told me it may help with mania as well as depression, which I have been experiencing more frequently lately. We did talk about Seroquel XR but concluded that the sedation would probably be too much and may impair my academic abilities, but if Latuda doesn't work I think Seroquel XR is my back-up; I'll have to deal with and get used to the sedation. Hopefully Latuda will be good for me and control both my bipolar depression and bipolar mania. I have high hopes and am excited to reduce my medications and give Latuda a try! Anyone with Latuda experiences please feel free to share how the med went for you.
  3. Mental illness is common in my family and my cousin has social anxiety much like I do.. She took and still takes Paxil for it and it works very well. Well when I read online about Paxil horror stories it scared me the hell away from it so I convinced my p.doc to prescribe me something else and that something else was Lexapro. Well it didn't work too well for my social anxiety and I eventually ended up on, you guessed it, Paxil. Just as it worked for my cousin it worked pretty damn well for me. I got off it because I got back into the phase of being scared to take an SSRI (I also went manic), but now am back on it because I really do dislike social anxiety, and although Paxil has its issues, I think I might prefer them over having to deal with constant negative rumination and regret in a never ending college social setting.
  4. pdoc put me on lexapro

    For me, it made me kinda tired and care-free all of the time. I have memories of sitting on my previous couch watching a lot of Law and Order SVU while I was supposed to be in my college classes, but I didn't care. I also like with a anti-social roommate and didn't go completely out of my mind, so the lexapro definitely helped in that aspect. My social anxiety was still prevalent but it dealt with my depression fairly well!
  5. You could try mirtazapine, is always worked well (too well) for my insomnia and enabled me to sleep for endless hours, really though like 16
  6. I started on Paxil a little longer than a week ago and the sexual side effects are already very prominent. I can get aroused but cannot climax, maybe I am used to having ED and climaxing really fast, but it is frustrating when you cannot finish with your girlfriend after almost an hour, and feel like you are almost numb down there. There is a medication called cyproheptadine, a 5HT-2 antagonist, which can alleviate some of the sexual side effects, and I used to take it regularly for my appetite stimulant, but now that I started Paxil I stopped because I was afraid it would lessen the effects, being a 5HT-2 antagonist and all. I did give it a try tho since being on Paxil and it did help with climaxing, so I say it's worth a talk to your doctor about. They may have no idea what you're talking about but it's still worth a shot. I also just tried to google it and found a research article, could bring it with you when discussing it with your doc https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8665544
  7. I definitely feel you on trouble breathing, but my issue was only breathing through my nose. It would extremely stuff up my nose as if I had a cold or something. I also noticed difficulty swallowing food, which is pretty problematic since seroquel makes me extremely hungry. Its like I need to take a drink everytime I take a bite of food to make sure it goes down
  8. When I first started I was hungry throughout the day, but with time it did subside, possibly due to the increase in my dextroamphetamine medication, but nonetheless I was still on the medication when I started Rexulti and felt a constant need to eat. For me, it got better and now I don't eat except when I want to
  9. Rexulti hasn't made me gain much of any weight, so maybe that could be an option. On the other hand, Seroquel had me eating like a cow. Interesting how two AAP can have completely different effects on appetite and weight gain. And I've been on Rexulti for 3-4 months now.
  10. My aunt had ECT and was one of those who had some negative side effects, like severe amnesia, including retrograde amnesia, which was really sad to watch her go through. But your experience could be 110% different! I've read people's post about ECT really benefiting them. I don't know how effective ECT is for social anxiety, though, I always thought ECT was for severe bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, so it might be a jump diving into that option before exhausting other pharmaceuticals. Might you ask your doctor about Paxil, since it's known to be really good for social anxiety and I've had lots of success in the past with it. It's also an SSRI like trintellix, except trintellix is a bit more complicated in terms of its pharmacology (read more here if you want: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3933721/). Also it sounds like you might have a bit of agoraphobia or panic disorder, you could possibly ask about Xanax as a treatment option instead of Klonopin because I know it's indicated for agoraphobia, with or without fear of open spaces, and especially for panic disorder. Yea Xanax last shorter but IMO I think it blows Klonopin out of the water in terms of effectiveness for intense anxiety or panic attacks. Would it be possible to obtain a script for both and just use the Xanax in the most intense situations? Some doctors might be weary of prescribing multiple benzos together but others have no problem. Also, you could try Lyrica (I know it might be costly) but it could theoretically replace Neurontin and possibly work better for your anxiety but that's another thing to bring up with your doctor. Rexulti has really stabilized me to the point where I don't think I need my Lithium anymore. May I ask what starting dose you were on with Rexulti? Because this may be a contributing factor as to why you experienced the side effects you did.
  11. Did you eventually get the PA approved? How does zolpimist compare to Ambien? I ask because I hate the fact that you have to literally starve yourself IME for 2 hours before you take Ambien for it to work. If I eat anything before bedtime it simply will not have an effect. Does Zolpimist work via absorbing in the mouth? Also how quick does it take to have therapeutic effect? It really sucks some nights when I havent eaten all day because of my stimulants but then cannot eat once I get home (usually late ~9pm) because then my ambien wont work or I will choose to eat but then lie awake in bed for a couple hours before sleeping. If the PA was approved, how much are you paying for one prescription of Zolpimist?
  12. I might get a second opinion, if possible, before going down the ECT road. I am still on the 3mg dose and have not had any mania since being on rexulti so I'm happy with its therapeutic effects and allowing me to be stable. On the other hand, it's not great for controlling anxiety, specifically social anxiety, and the depression that results from it so my dr and I decided to add a small dose of Paxil to help control my social anxiety, which is really amplified in university lectures when group discussion is frequently a significant part of class. BTW are you on a different anti-psychotic now that you have stopped the rexulti?
  13. Lately I've been having terribly awful and violent nightmares that usually involve me dying or being murdered. They haven't bothered me before but recently I noticed I've had a couple passing homicidal thoughts maybe because of my dreams, not that I would ever act on them, ever. Just this morning I was in the elevator with this chick and had a passing thought "What if someone stabbed her, I wonder if they would be caught easily? What if I stabbed her?" then images of a bloody elevator entered my mind as I exited onto my floor. I would never even consider acting on any of these kind of thoughts but am wondering if it's related to my nightmares, because just last night I dreamt about a hammer being smashed through my face in a parking garage after after talking to this guy about his adderall prescription (this is all in my nightmare). Then after the hammer smashing into my head, I had this power to somehow rewind time and make a decision to not go into the parking garage, but the same guy still ended up murdering me at a fruit stand. I'm wondering if dreams like this are normal? I'm guessing no, but am concerned that I'm having disturbing these disturbing thoughts while awake. I just think they might be related as I had the nightmare described above last night and the homicidal thought this morning. Could it be after thoughts of the dream still lingering? They're really beginning to disturb me and make me think about the details of the incidents in my nightmares throughout the day. I'm wondering if anyone else has had nightmares that revolve around you being killed or murdered violently. I hope anyone doesn't think I'm a maniac or psychopath or anything, and I want to stress again I would never turn any homicidal thought into action, I'm just asking for some help here or info about these nightmares
  14. Anhedonia from ADHD meds

    I have been on stimulants since I was 18 years old and I no doubt believe I have grown tolerant and need a higher dose. I started with Adderall XR 20mg then moved to 30mg XR, a couple months later I moved to Vyvanse 70mg and switched back and forth between that and Adderall XR a few times. The efficacy of Adderall was going down and side effects were increasing so I switched back to Vyvanse and eventually to Dexedrine Spansules 10mg twice daily and Dexedrine IR 10mg twice daily earlier in 2017. Since then I have increased to Dexedrine Spansules 15mg twice daily but kept the Dexedrine IR (actually I take the brand Zenzedi) 10mg twice daily. I have wondered if the Lithium is causing it or Seroquel, but it mainly happens when I am on my stimulant medications. I usually take my Dexedrine everyday, so I never am stopping and then re-starting my stimulants. I am wondering if switching back to Adderall IR in the evening instead of Zenzedi would give me more motivation. The Dexedrine is just soo smooth it's almost unnoticeable, and I feel like I need that extra boost to get started on things that levo-amp could provide.
  15. I don't know about you guys, but each time I have started a SSRI I get sick and have flu/cold like symptoms about a week after starting it and it lasts for about a week or two. Oddly enough, I never experienced flu or cold like symptoms when tapering off any SSRI. But yes I do have to agree, once you are at the right dose (if you are able to tolerate the AD) and it starts working, it really works and can do wonders. If Lexapro doesn't end up working out, I think someone previously mentioned Luvox (fluvoxamine) so that might be an option. Viibryd could be another option if Lexapro still leaves your tired and zombie-ish because from what I have heard and researched, Viibryd tends to be somewhat activating/stimulating.