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  1. It seems as if things are continuing to go, well, pretty good. I guess Im not used to the stability I am experiencing since being on Vraylar 3mg. Im completely off Lamictal for a week now and down to 0.5mg Xanax starting today. This drug amazes me how well it works, my therapist has been beside herself the past month because of how normal and stable, prodictive and busy I have been. To see how honestly and suprisingly impressed she is with my improvements and how well I am doing since being on this drug tells me that Vraylar is doing a damn great job at not only managing my symptoms, but INCREASING my functionality or level of functioning. I havent felt normal like this since early high school and Im currentlly a senior in college. Its hard for me to believe how well things are going, how stable my mood has been, how productive and effective Ive been, and the energy I have to go out and accomplish things with joy and happiness regularly. I am at a lost for words with Vraylar, I cant express how much it is turning my life around.
  2. Time to 'up' my dose?

    @Iceberg Oh ok gotcha. Yea the pharmacist was very hesitant to fill that much valium for one month, it was nighttime and she wanted to call my doctor about it but i ensured her it was using high dosage of valium to ease coming off xanax. Off topic: how did using Xanax XR and then ir for breakthrough anxiety go? Doc wants me off xanax but i am thinking xr plus ir combo might be right for me, much less abusable, at least for me
  3. Switching benzos

    I was taking more than prescribed of Xanax and as a result, I would run out 1-2 weeks early. I had a couple of seizures due to the withdrawal and Dr said it's time to come off. I really did abuse them before but now I am scared because when I took them right they really helped. And after researching and trying Xanax XR, I think it could be the solution to all of this because 1. they are hard to get high off of 2. I don't have a compulsion to take more than prescribed and 3. its only 1 pill per day. Idk what will happen when im off the benzos (except triazolam hopefully, i love it for sleep) because SSRIs dont go well with my bipolar. Shes more comfortable with klonopin, and might let me stay on valium 10mg/day once completely off xanax, but klonopin more or less feels weak for my anxiety and valium, for me, does nothing except prevent seizures. i love my psychiatrist and dont want to get a new one so i am trying to work something out so I can stay on the Xanax, and honestly take the XR version responsibly, with the possibility of having a script of 3-5 xanax 1mg per month for panic attacks.
  4. Switching benzos

    I wish. Now my doc has me coming off them completely. Sioghhhh
  5. Will I get Alzheimer's

    I read an article about benzos and Alzheimers too, and ever since then I've been worried that I'm definitely going to get it one day.
  6. Xanax XR

    I like the Xanax XR because I believe it is much harder to abuse and take recreationally, but honestly provides the same anxiety relief at the right dosage. You may not feel the punch that instant release Xanax gives you, but I have abused it in the past and would prefer not to again, therefore I am siding with Xanax XR. If I take regular Xanax I get the euphoria and high feeling and just want to keep taking more. For those of you who do have trouble taking more than prescribed Xanax, I think you should seriously consider Xanax XR as an option, and maybe have a script for 5 regular tablets for breakthrough panic attacks.
  7. Halcion is my hero too, knocks me right out with no hangover. I take it maybe 3 times a week and I've never really had rebound insomnia. As for the Valium, 40mg doesn't even sedate me the slightest, it takes at least 150mg-200mg of Valium to feel sedated, which is not normal... As far as my taper process is going, I begged for an increase of Xanax today to 1.5mg but she insisted we're not going up, our goal is to go down. I just wanted an instant release 1mg Xanax for panic situations. Anyhow, I walked out with scripts for 7 tablets of 1mg Xanax XR and 120 tablets of 10mg Valium. Next week I am going to ask again if I can stay on the 1mg Xanax XR, 40mg Valium, and then get a script for just like two or three 1mg Xanax for panic attacks, because the 0.5mg tablets are a joke. I don't know how anyone gets relief from a freaking 0.25mg Xanax.
  8. Benzo withdrawal

    I started coming off 4mg Xanax/day in January and I have had barely any withdrawal symptoms that everyone says are hell. I went from 4mg Xanax to 3mg Xanax and 10mg Valium. Then maybe 2 weeks after that I went to 2mg Xanax and 20mg Valium a day. About 2-3 weeks after that I went down to 1.5mg Xanax and stayed at 20mg Valium. After 2 more weeks I went down to 1mg Xanax and increased the Valium to 40mg daily. I just met with my psychiatrist last week and we're sticking with the 1mg Xanax for now but I asked to be changed to the XR version. So I am currently ay 1mg Xanax XR and 40mg Valium daily. I think the main reason I am not suffering the terrible Xanax withdrawals is because I am on so much Valium at the same time. I am scared for when we get me completely off the Xanax and then begin tapering down on the Valium. I can't take SSRIs for anxiety or I will go into mania, or else I would just take Paxil since it works wonderful for all my anxiety disorders. I feel like I am going to be an anxious train wreck without having a benzodiazepine in my cocktail
  9. Time to 'up' my dose?

    Well hell... I am scripted 40mg Valium a day and 1mg Xanax XR
  10. I am on the same cocktail. I dont find Vraylar to be activating at all though and I am at 3mg. Latuda as prescribed to me previously at 40mg and I was told to take at bedtime because it would help with sleep. Well it did not and also made me very depressed for a week so i got off that pretty damn quick. The difference lies in the pharmacology of the 2 drugs. Vraylar can be considered a 3rd generation antipsychotic because it is a partial agonist, while Latuda is just an atypical antipsychotic with no partial agonism activity. Vraylar also is not sedating, or activating, in my experience. It is pretty neutral, oh and it works super fast for acute mania, like within 3-4 days, its amazing. I prefer it over Rexulti, which was amazing for bipolar depression as well, not so much mania. Latuda is more for bipolar depression as well, whereas Vraylar is indicated for acute mania, but it does have substantial antidepressant effects.
  11. Seems like this is the trend with Vraylar. I was reading Stahl's pharmacologythat Vraylar has higher affinity for D3 receptors than for D2 receptors, which may theoretically be responsibile for improvement in cognition and memory, as it acts as an antagonist and partial agonist at the D3 receptor. I also finally feel like I am living again after being debilitated by other psyc drugs. Im happy for you that its working well!! I think Vraylar is going to be highly regarded in psychiatry once is become more established and known my psychiatrists over the years.
  12. Weird that Xanax withdrawal would persist since youre still on 3mg Klonopin a day, it shouldnt be contributing too much to what you are experiencing. Maybe the change needs to be to Geodon, I mean has this ever been a discussion between you and your doc? So many other AAPs out there, Lauda is pretty similar to Geodon, only taken once a day, and might not have the side effects as Latuda. There are newer antipsychotics out "third generation" that have much fewer side effects, minus Abilify, but you could give Rexulti or Vraylar a try. Both are great for MDD, Bipolar depression, and Vraylar is especially helpful for acute mania.
  13. Help me sleep

    Did anyone mention mirtazapine? Super sedating. Also, what about Saphris, it is sedating as well and is sublingual so it kicks in quicker. Dont know if anyone mentioned doxepin either or trazodone, might be Haldol would definitely help you sleep! Other options are Elavil. You might have to use a combination of two sedating medications if you really aren't responding to monotherapy for insomnia, but that should be a last resort. I also agree with a previous post about Halcion. I love it. I take it 5 minutes before getting in bed, and once in bed I drift into sleep within 5 minutes, 10 max. Wake up feeling amazingly refreshed and ready to begin my day.
  14. Changing benzos

    Lyrica is really good as an adjunctive therapy for people on anxiolytics already, even thought it is not FDA approved indication. I had good experience with it and will possibly go on it monotherapy for anxiety after I taper off my benzodiazepines. Unlike gabapentin, you dont have to take such large doses, and I dont get as many side effects from Lyrica compared to gabapentin. Pdocs haven't really come around yet to using Lyrica for anxiety that often, but will use gabapentin in patients often. I switched between benzos a couple times. Xanax to Klonopin, which wasnt great because the Klonopin didnt feel like it was doing anything. Another time I was on Valium at bedtime and switched to Ativan 2mg and it did help for sleep, but I wanted a longer acting benzo such as Valium so it would stay in my system longer and help prevent seizures. Ativan also didnt produce any effect except a 'loopy' feeling and made it easier to fall asleep but near the end of treatment I was having to take more than 2mg. Ultimately I switched back to Xanax but currently am tapering off of it using Valium alongside to prevent withdrawal and any other complications, such as seizures. Valium 40mg at bedtime honestly doesnt even make me a bit tired, I guess due to my prior high dosage prescription for Xanax, or maybe Valium just doesnt have the propensity to sedate me, but it is definitely helping this journey of getting off Xanax a lot smoother. I am functioning well and fell pretty good, thankfully! Have you asked or ever tried switching over to the equivalent dose of Klonopin to Xanax? Or possibly Xanax XR with a regular Xanax dose in the evening? Could be beneficial in your case. Hope you find something that works for you!
  15. i started at 1.5 mg and after 2 days increased to 3mg. The lower wasn't bringing any relief from my acute mania. so I read about the idea of increasing the next day or the second day so I gave it a try and buy day 3 or 4 had brought me down from my manic episode and I was stable, not stable blah. Nowhere near depressed, and lately I have noticed I am getting better with daily functioning, getting to class on time, it at all. My sleep schedule has been very normal, my sleep schedule has been very normal, when it is usually bedtime at 5 or 6 AM. I feel like my motivation has somewhat increased as well. I feel more capable of dealing with stress and I wake up every day not feeling super high or super low, just perfectly in the middle and ready to get my day started on a positive note. Vraylar has not been activation on either dosage for me. It reminds me of Valium, because I feel like I'm taking nothing or a sugar pill but the therapeutic effects have been spectacular for me so far. Unlike stimulants where I can mentally and physically feel the effects as well as the therapeutic effects, or xanax which does give you a high at higher doses. I personally give thumbs up to Vraylar. I loved Rexulti but I've got to say I timk Vraylar wins and provides more relief, especially for mania and acute mania. Rexulti much better for bipolar depression, in my experience. I am so thankful my health insurance covers it $0 co-pay as I hate to give it up given all the positive changes so far. Seems though that Vraylar acts very fast for acute mania, i was able to get off Lithum. Lowering my Lamotrigine and Xanax using conservative taper schedule. Also started Straterra 3 weeks ago at 25mg now at 50mg the past few days. Maybe the Straterra is the medication helping improved my symptoms or the combination. I read in an academic journal in pharmacology books and they state that Vraylar has shown potential improved cogition in patients in the drug trials. Tolerability is also very mild. Not lying I have has 0 side effects since being on it. These 3rd generation antipsychotics (Abilify, Rexulti, Vraylar) are going to be highlynmore effective, more so than others generations and have less side effects. Thers are pationla agonists drugs work different than let's say Thorazorine or even Seroquel and Risperdal and also act on dopamine 3 receptors, which is what they hypothesize to behind possible improved cognition. Im so satisfied about my progress and improvement since taking Vraylar. I really am beginning to feel how I have felt before any meds lately. I'm enjoying work and amazed at how I have been time otiented, aware of due dates and doing my daily responsibilities. It sure does feel good when you are just a in away from getting the meds right, take out what's not necessary because it literally does nothing for me. I'm much more manic then I am depressed so why is a mood stabilizer indicates and given for bipolar depression being pushed on me. I want off Lamictal then eventually Xanax after my taper schedule allows me to. Keep taking my ADHD meds and a mild sleeping pill, but perhaps I won't need them because Vraylar might really effective for my mania and sleep cycle/deprivation maintenance. Trying to stay away from any benzo's just because I am currently tapering off of them and don't want to start taking them again, even on a PRN basis. Vraylar has been the 3rd most effective medication and tolerable out if all ever medications I have tried for my for acute bipolar episodes, and I'm looking forward to continued relief and hopefully be decrease my medication regimen.