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  1. Hey I noticed you take the 10mg of dexedrine tablets, do you know of Zenzedi, which is dextroamphetamine, and it comes in doses up to 30mg. If your insurance covers it, it might be worth asking your doc about switching to Zenzedi 20mg, since there is no dexedrine or generic dextroamphetamine above 15mg.
  2. I know this is what >4 years old, but I have low sex drive on Seroquel at 200mg daily, but I do take other meds (Lyrica, Dextroamphetamine, just restarted Straterra at 25mg, and Valium) yet none of these other meds have ever caused me sexual problems in the past. Maybe I am just depressed, don't know it, and low libido is one of my symptoms..just one theory I have other than it being due to Seroquel
  3. For me about 5 hours it lasts I can feel xanax, longer than valium lasts/works for me despite the huge difference in half lives
  4. Best Non-benzo anxiety med?

    Right now my dr has me on Lyrica for anxiety. I can't take SSRI or antidepressants because they trigger mania, I can't take xanax or klonopin or ativan because my dr wants them "out of my system", haven't tried buspar, but yea I can't take mostly all of the medications dr's usually prescribed for anxiety due to my commodities and past substance use disorder (legit though my substance abuse of benzos and alcohol a result of paxil induced mania, which lasted 5 and a half months) The Lyrica is good, side effects are intoxicating at first, but you will get used to them within a few days of dosing. I am on 300mg twice a day by the way
  5. Back on Straterra because I have been really thinking that the lack of norepinephrine reuptake inhibition is why I have been feeling less organized, motivated, desire to learn about new things, I haven't been involved in my college coursework like I was when I was on Straterra and I don't have an optimistic outlook in overcoming my ADHD symptoms, I just feel defeated and tell myself I can just use stimulants forever and ever Straterra 25mg a day, for this week, then I am going to bump up to 50mg for 2 weeks before going to 100mg. I need me some norepinephrine reuptake inhibition!! Doral 15mg prn insomnia, the pharmacy messed up and filled my script for 100 tablets instead of 15 like my doctor wrote for, but I didn't complain Seroquel XR 200mg bipolar I, hypo/mania, insomnia Lyrica 300mg twice a day for anxiety, generalized and social Zenzedi 30mg three times a day ADHD Diazepam 10mg, 4 tablets a day benzodiazepine taper, somewhat for anxiety but not as great as I feel it should be considering 40mg daily is a lot, I tried asking for a switch to clonazepam but Doc wasn't going for it due to half-life reasons. I will still push for clonazepam next appointment because diazepam does work, when it works, and its effects last a short period of time, like 3-4 hours, eve though it is in my system Other include: robinul 2mg twice daily for hyperhidrosis (can't wait until Qbrexxa, a cloth/wipe form of robinul, comes out in October so I pop 2 fewer pills a day) and cyproheptadine 4mg twice a day for appetite stimulation, still pushing for a marinol script because the cypro isn't that effective
  6. I mix seroquel in with my Vraylar everynight and things have been fine so far. im dosing around 200mg usually.
  7. She will not rx alprazolam in general anymore to me at all because I abused it in the past
  8. @Cerberus @San I was trying to convey that yes I broke the rule(s) but there was reasoning for it. I wonder how many people read the user agreement in its entirety, I must have missed the part about 1st person etc.. I was coming down from a mixed episode this past weekend, when I posted that and I do apologize. Now that we switched my Vraylar out back to Rexulti 3mg, I feel great and my mood has stabilized. There is no depression or anxiety, I feel really good
  9. Im currently on 30mg Valium a day but it doesn't do much of anything for my anxiety or sleep. I don't want to rely on Xanax daily because I have been there before, but am thinking of asking my doctor if we can convert the Valium dosage to Klonopin and I could just take that instead. I'm hoping this isn't hard to get from my dr and she gives me at least 1mg Klonopin twice a day, I wouldn't even mind Ativan 1mg three times a day. This Valium just sucks it I want off of it and on a different benzo. 2mg Xanax XR would be ideal, because the XR form isn't abusable and doesn't make me crave them, but my dr doesn't and won't prescribe that, to me at least.
  10. I've now stopped taking mt Vraylar the past month and the last 8 days I have been experiencing manic symptoms and not sleeping unless I increased my dosage of Seroquel to 400mg or 500mg. I am, tomorrow, restarting Vraylar at 1.5 mg. I have many samples and different dosages so I planning to take 1.5mg for the first 2 days, then up it to 3mg and if symptoms don't improve withing 2-3 weeks I'll see ask my p.doc if we should increase or switch to something else. But I have hope for Vraylar and the next weeks I will post an update of how I am doing, how the Vryalar is working and if my mania symptoms have subsided.
  11. I only did so because another member asked if I had known anyone who had ECT. I was simply replying to the question with the best information I could provide. I don't care if this is a first person forum, I had information about ECT that gave @Carrie26a insight on ECT and I am sure my response helped them make an informed decision. It really doesn't matter if I am the one who experienced it or witnessed it, either way I was sharing information that was requested by another member. I never had ECT but that doesn't mean I am never going to post a comment about what I have observed the effects and consequences of ECT, in this case. I would rather give information and advice about a medication and its effects on my aunt than say nothing about her experience and withhold information just because I DIDN'T GO THROUGH ECT PERSONALLY. Like it or not, I will always share any information I have that I think could benefit other members. The 1st person rule is ridiculous, sorry to break it to you, but it's absolutely absurd for users not to be able to post anything besides their FIRST PERSON EXPERIENCES. Now if you had a good reason for this I would understand this restriction, but I don't see any acceptable reasoning for prohibiting another's experiences when it can help other members immensely. Thanks for basically ending this thread by imposing arbitrary site and comment regulations. I'm sorry, but I cannot commit to not giving "the opinion of someone elses experience" when I know ultimately posting a 3rd person comment will benefit others. Sorry to strongly disagree with you, but if you are taking this matter more seriously than it should be, I will just have "aunt sharon" create her own account and post comments about her ect experiences. Regardless, im going to share any information that will benefit or answer another members question or inquiry. Thanks for intervening and pretty much ruining this thread and the conversations. What a spectacular and caring staff member.
  12. Lost a couple 90 day supply bottles of medications, I essentially lost diazepam, Vraylar, starttera and since then I’ve been been only on Doral 15mg insomnia Seroquel 100-300mg when I don’t use Doral for insomnia Lyrica 300mg bedtime Zenzedi 30mg 3x daily
  13. The past 2 weeks I have really been struggling with feeling soo so tired as well. My sleep study results came back with a diagnosis of hypersomnolence, which basically means I am prone to sleeping long periods of time and have trouble waking up and experience excessive daytime sleepiness. I have been using seroquel 50mg to get to sleep at night and was waking up feeling like crap. Yea I had slept 8-10 hours but I was so groggy, I fell asleep at my desk at work 3 times this week and HR saw and gave me a verbal warning. I had to do something so I cut the seroquel out last night completely. The only reason I take it is to force myself to sleep because I have to wake up at 7am. So last night I decided to take nothing besides my Lyrica, and used medical marijuana in a vaporizer. I didn't fall asleep in 5 minutes like I do with seroquel, it took maybe 30 minutes to 45, but when I woke up today I felt great, no sedation or severe tiredness. What I am trying to say is that in my situation, it seems that Seroquel was the culprit for making my hypersomnolence and daytime sleepiness much worse, and I was only taking 25-50mg. I was on Paxil 20 and 30mg for almost a year and it honestly wasn't a sedating medication for me. It made me yawn a lot, not as much as lexapro did, but I didn't feel tired, drained, or lack energy when I was on Paxil. Yes Paxil is the most sedating SSRI but I am leaning towards thinking seroquel is responsible for your excessive tiredness. I haven't read this entire thread, but do you take seroquel for insomnia or something else? What about the Vraylar 1.5mg? I experimented with Vraylar and found that when I was manic and didn't sleep for consecutive days, taking 6mg of Vraylar took care of my mania and brought me down without the terrible feeling that you experience with seroquel's sedation. I'm not advising you try and do this, I just found it interesting because Vraylar is not sedating to me at 1.5-3mg. I was just exhausted and wanted to not be manic anymore (my family gets really upset and angry with me when I am manic and do not sleep) so I decided to pop 6mg of Vraylar because what the hell. An hour later I was on my cousin's couch and began feeling very relaxed, but not in a heavy sedated way. Btw I don't take Vraylar on a daily basis, I only use it as needed when I am having a manic or hypomanic episode. Try adding a small dose stimulant to get you out of the fog or maybe Provigil, Nuvigil?
  14. Best Non-benzo anxiety med?

    Lyrica actually is not an antidepressant