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  1. New here, but I am in a slightly different boat, meds don't stick for me, so I wind up 'weaning myself off them' within days of starting a course. I work in high pressure situations all day every day and wonder if I can do this for the rest of my life. Prison, compensation and the long sleep are preferable to work but I find one thing keeps me going; I made a promise to my Mother, that I won't take the easy way out. Ever. Although that has left me wishing I would be hit by a bus, accidentally ofcourse. Something non medical that helps me is mild calisthenics, aka bodyweight exercises, they deal with my physical pain issues and give me energy, I also have started taking time to learn the stuff I gave up on at school, like basic algebra. Funny how it gives me some kind of bleak purpose, but maybe it will lead to something worthwhile. I guess what I am saying is try and gain some focus, and practice making that your 'be all' aside from every day life for a while. Can't hurt...
  2. Sup

    Have issues. Need stuff, help I guess. My back hurts, not as much as my cerebral cortex dealing with neanderthals all day... Call me what you want, don't care. Glad to be here.