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  1. Thanks, It seems to be easing down the last 48 hours. Feeling a good 60% better today. Hopefully its starting to work properly now.
  2. Thanks a lot for your help, my anxiety tends to get worse in the evening . The thing is I'm not quite sure I have bipolar or just irritability from severe anxiety but I haven't been right since I came off lexapro in 2009 . I decide to go with Lamitical because it got a low side effect profile ect . I'll visit my doctor tomorrow anyway.
  3. Ok thanks, at what dose did it settle down at , Did you experience alot of anxiety when starting?
  4. Simply put I started Lamitical about 3 weeks ago , the first/ week at 25 mg was working ok felt more relaxed although a bit groggy. during the second week I started to plummet . I moved up to 50 mg after 2 weeks as per doctor instructions. The last 4 or 5 days on this dose I feel like Im going crazy . I can be fine for hours and then go into severe anxiety/irritability and a feeling or not worth living. Ive had this bipolar/anxiety for 8 years now. But this is the worst ive felt in a long time. I will see my doctor tomorrow and get benzos ect. My question is it worth digging in and going up to say 100mg. Or is this feeling a bad sign and I should stop the medication .
  5. Thanks, the headache is now mostly gone. But my anxiety has returned with a bang which is very annoying. I'm still only on 25 mg perhaps I need to move to a high dosage. Getting really sick of this.
  6. Update , scraped the gabapentin horrible medication . Sticking it out with the lamitical , it's beginning to work feel happier and calmer. Slight effects easing apart from slight headache hungover feeling going to increase water intake. Anyone have any tips on the headaches?
  7. Update , saw a new doctor today was having moderate gastro problems from the Lamictal , so changed me to gabapentin. Has anyone taken this? Severe anxiety is my main symptom currently ,hoping this works ...
  8. He doesn't care really . I will try the morning and see how it goes thanks.
  9. I started back on the Lamitical today, 25 mg . I took it midday, what is the best time to take medication to reduce side effects when starting up? Also to add weight was 93.0kg before starting.
  10. Thanks for the support , I've lost 7 years of my life so tbh, my appearance is not going ahead of my mental heath anymore I guess my anxiety makes me freak out at every little change. With the Lamitical i didn't gain and fat because weight increased by 3 pounds in two days and actually dropped after that just felt bloated and fat, was clearly just water retention .
  11. Hi guy's I'm going to cut a long story short here and get to the point and ask the questions I need help with tackling this disease ! Age 30 6 2" (have worked as male model before , so high aesthetics ?) Caucasian. Some depression on both sides of the family although hard working and successful. IQ - 120-125 Highly musical , regarded as gifted by top music teachers in the country won major competitions as a child. Onset probably about 14 , hyper behavior in school . Behavioral problems at home above normally adolescent type. First depressive event aged 15 post first state examination. approx 4-5 days in duration Second depressive event aged 18 duration 1 month third and forth bout aged 20, final happy(no anxiety) hypo manic period. 3-4 months pre depression . aged 21 beginning to get messy , break up with first GF and end up in hospital for one night . began lexpro 5 mg . Lexpro for 2 years , worked but have a feeling was hypomanic during the duration . Engaged in crazy amounts of sex despite less libido ?! Racked up over 10 road traffic offences and got into a number of crazy bar fights. Including getting split open with a bottle . post lex no fight no tickets ... ?? Depression returned slight and dose increased . 10 then little depressed 3 months later 15 mg then 20 up to 25 mg . Started seeing a girl libido was poor. decided a quick taper was needed. Lost the girl(she thought I was taking drugs, mania eh?) and developed pure dysphoric hypo/mania , music sounded like the best mdma high ever. tears flowed. but also felt like shit and burned out, impulsive af \partying constantly even though i didn't want to?! the next 6 years of my life have basically been a mix of bad to terrible . Constant severe anxiety , mood changing rapidly is this hypermanic ?-music and thoughts racing in my head high anxiety feeling but like I can take on the world, very high libido lots of causal sex but also mixed deep depressive spells. CBT did nothing . Impulsive buying , horrible sexual fantasy's ect. Seriously messed up , Suicidal a lot of the time! Due to my intelligence I have manged to get by 2 years of collage . But in running at 20% of what I could do . At my wits end earlier this year I tried lamitical at 25 mg . I had some dry month at night ,and bloating . took it for 2 weeks and yes it was working slightly even at just 25mg . But the sides were starting to bug me ,so stupidly I believed that the calming effects were placebo I stopped taking it . The horror show that is my mind returned within 2 weeks. I blamed it on stress.I blame everything on some external event in my life. Anyway had to defer one of my exams until next year. There is no hope in hell I will get through next year in collage, Unless i get this medicated properly I have finally excepted I have a chemical imbalance and its not going to go away. Questions: I'm hoping to start up the Lamitical again as I noted an improvement in my mood for sure in that brief two weeks. Should I ask my doctor for some benzo's while I titrate up .Do the side effects decease after time?. The bloating was really annoying as I am quite vain about my appearance . Severe anxiety is the main symptom I have currently does lamitcal work on this for most people or should I add something else for this? Are ssri's a no no ? The lexapro had an effect on my anxiety but always scared me to start it up again as a mono treatment. Slightly hpyomanic writing this but maybe it's of some use lol. All help greatly appreciated,