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    Trying to survive.
  1. I have lots of experience with feeling lonely and not having friends and actually having friends but feeling like I don't have them. It became clear to me recently that what I am looking for is connection. That may be obvious to everyone else but it wasn't to me. I have found that instead of "looking for friends" I can just try to be around people and try to generally connect with the human race. If friendship should occur then that's good too. I go to a regular exercise class and that is one opportunity to make connections. I also like the idea of volunteering. The lgbt group could also be good if you could make the time.
  2. @Bueler I am familiar with those symptoms (also lasting for years). My suggestion would be to talk to your doctor about a med. adjustment and to continue with therapy. Do you exercise? That was one thing that I believe helped me begin to enjoy life again. Regular, intensive exercise. ( I was able to make it a habit when I spent 2 1/2 months in a clinic, a luxury that I realize everyone does not have). I'm sorry that you are struggling. You are definitely not alone!
  3. We didn't "Choose" to be like this!

    I agree with @WinterRosie. I did not choose depression. I did not choose the victim role. It was a combination of genetics and some confusung early life experiences. But here I am. The choice is: give up and stay this way or get help in whatever form there is. (And let me be clear that I don't think it's easy to change but I have seen that it's possible).
  4. I'm not diagnosed with a dissociative disorder (I have depression ) but I also have a "voice of reason" and I am always happy when it kicks in to combat the negative voice that I also have (which pretty much ruled my life up until recently ).
  5. Well,I don't really know what to do. I think I am going to get through Christmas with Duloxetine supplemented with alprazolam if I can't tolerate the anxiety. Then I will see...
  6. @xanathos!Hey!I am sorry you are suffering. I don't know you but I do care about you. I don't have schizophrenia,I have depression. But I know how it feels when I believe that nobody cares about me and what it feels like to feel utterly alone. So I am empathetic. Take care of yourself!
  7. Man...I really am not feeling very confident about this doctor. Can anyone think of ANY good reason to prescribe this combination?
  8. The doctor prescribed a very small dose of venlafaxine to go with my duloxetine. Any thoughts about that?
  9. I'll look into Lamictal. Thanks for all the ideas everyone!
  10. Okay. Thanks everyone! So...the summary is: 1)Ritalin (pretty sure he won't be willing to try it ) 2)Abilify (which scares me bc it's an antipsychotic which just sounds scary to me) 3)Remeron (i don't know anything about it )
  11. @Blahblah how are the doctors in France about prescribing Ritalin off label? @mikl_pls If you see this would you be willing to comment? You are very knowledgeable about meds. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist on Thursday and I want to suggest something to him. I live in Germany and they tend to prescribe meds very conservatively so it may be an uphill battle.
  12. Just the usual...feeling like life has no meaning, like people don't like me,anxiety about my kids...low energy, lack of motivation.
  13. Hi everybody. I am taking Duloxetine and am in a mood slump right now combined with increased anxiety. I don't want to up the dose bc that makes me sleepy and lethargic. Can anyone give me ideas of meds that could work with duloxetine? Maybe only temporarily until winter's over? I'dappreciate any ideas! Thanks!