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  1. I'll look into Lamictal. Thanks for all the ideas everyone!
  2. Okay. Thanks everyone! So...the summary is: 1)Ritalin (pretty sure he won't be willing to try it ) 2)Abilify (which scares me bc it's an antipsychotic which just sounds scary to me) 3)Remeron (i don't know anything about it )
  3. @Blahblah how are the doctors in France about prescribing Ritalin off label? @mikl_pls If you see this would you be willing to comment? You are very knowledgeable about meds. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist on Thursday and I want to suggest something to him. I live in Germany and they tend to prescribe meds very conservatively so it may be an uphill battle.
  4. Just the usual...feeling like life has no meaning, like people don't like me,anxiety about my kids...low energy, lack of motivation.
  5. Hi everybody. I am taking Duloxetine and am in a mood slump right now combined with increased anxiety. I don't want to up the dose bc that makes me sleepy and lethargic. Can anyone give me ideas of meds that could work with duloxetine? Maybe only temporarily until winter's over? I'dappreciate any ideas! Thanks!
  6. I don't have mania, just depression, but I just want to chime in here and say that it's not really anyone's place on this board to recommend to someone a religious (moral) solution to their mental illness.
  7. I've actually been pretty stable for about a year. No recent med changes. This is a typically hard time of year for me sothat could be leaving me feeling vulnerable and then it is easy to slip back into old thoughts and patterns. Plus,my birthday is on Monday and I guess I am trying to block it out...
  8. I'm not sure what 's going on with my brain. I keep going back and forth between feeling pretty good and then, a few minutes later, feeling really anxious and insecure. Like I am teetering back and forth between feeling stable and then really unstable.
  9. I am struggling right now with old thinking patterns. I'm just not feeling stable and strong. I'm reliving feelings from my childhood when I was vulnerable and was in the role of a victim,which is what I identified as for most of my life. This morning on the radio there was a report about a train wreck. Everybody survived and most were only mildly injured but a few had to be taken to the hospital. My immediate reaction was to think that they were lucky to "get" to go to the hospital and be taken care of. I don'tknow if anyone will understand this. I just want to be taken care of.
  10. Hi @Brain zaps. Yes, being an expat brings its own set of issues. That's true. I did actually call a new therapist so I am beginning the process of setting up a few trial appointments with her. Meanwhile I made another appointment with my current therapist. Thanks for asking.
  11. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

  12. I second that. It sounds like going to the hospital may be helpful. Take good care of yourself! 💚
  13. I am sorry that you are struggling! Is there a crisis line that you can call or text?
  14. Hi. Did you send this to your doctor? That sounds like a good step to have taken! You are in a terrible place right now but you don't have to stay stuck there. You are reaching out and that is good! I care about you.