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  1. Disclaimer: Gender identity isn't really a topic that has been a significant part of my life, but I just wanted to respond and offer what I could I think when a certain issue finally starts to be acknowledged and discussed a lot, it frees so many people into opening up or exploring themselves more deeply. But then there's also the backlash from people who are indifferent/ignorant and removed from the whole topic, and so just assume that's it's a non-issue across the board. Obviously I'm not suggesting your husband is like that, but I think if you explain what it means to you, and search out some articles from a source he trusts, he may well be more receptive. You may have been making changes to your appearance or pursuing different interests that you had previously felt prevented from doing in some way, but you're still you. Well -- even more you! So, in a way, it's possibly more semantics that is jarring him? Maybe he just needs to look at it in a different light. Or maybe he's just afraid of you both feeling alienated from other people as a result of their lack of knowledge? Again, I'm always interested in people's experiences and the topic of self-identity, but this is not MY topic. So hopefully someone more knowledgeable can help you. Best wishes
  2. Fine. Not depressed, so much better than yesterday when I just felt paralysed. Could get quite a lot done.
  3. I want a cat so badly -- I know it would help me. But I'm actually living in my landlord's home whilst she goes to London to teach, so... I don't think I'm going to have much luck pushing the whole thing.
  4. Don't be sorry! I just wanted to clarify. I've tried pretty much all of the medications offered to me, including things prescribed off-label such as quetiapine. I seem to have a really strong reaction to pretty much all medications, either that, or I note absolutely no difference after 2-3 months. I've never noticed anything positive, and trust me I've wanted them to help more than anything. It only seems to make getting out the house even harder and my brain even more zombie-like to the point where I don't fee like a person at all, sleep 16 hours a day and feel even more like a prisoner in my mind. :/ And give me urinary incontinence Etc etc etc. And then family and MH professionals just tell me I'm probably making up the side effects or blame all these new symptoms on my mental health -- which is just a mess!!! I hope you're doing okay yourself.
  5. Low, nothing-y, apathetic, self loathing-y... cheery, I know.
  6. I've just heard about the British Intelligence specifically employing people with autism, dyslexia and other conditions in order to benefit from rare skills that can be associated with the conditions in some way. I thought this is really really cool. The fact that The Times news site, is a pain to fully access... not so much! But just the fact that this is happening makes me happy.
  7. Really good day, all in all. I hope today has been better for you, and that tomorrow is better still, as I always do for anyone having a hard time here.
  8. Really interesting! Also, Howard Devoto from The Buzzcocks formed Magazine after The Buzzcocks split up. I agree. I think Devo was a band that really didn't get the acclaim they deserved. They're sometimes even seen as a one-hit-wonder band -- with Whip It... they're amazing and have done all kind of things. They were a really skilled techy/experimental punk/new wave band before they got that more cheesy 80s sound.
  9. Hi thank you both for your replies. Iceberg, could you clarify why you ask? I can't really think that clearly atm, and don't exactly know what you're asking. Looking for answers: No, unfortunately, I'm not seen as suitable for inpatient stay in a general psychiatric hospital because i have 'anxiety'. I have a constant distortion of reality that inhibits my life in a simliar-ish way to psychosis but my local mental health team don't really understand dissocatiion that well, it seems like. Some of what I deal with can be put down to panic disorder but I still get the sense they just think I'm exaggerating or something and they have no idea what's it's actually like for me. I went out all day today with a friend and he's so supportive but I honestly feel like I'm in hell. Thanks again x
  10. Feeling out of it, but I'm alone... so who cares? Reading through my module books for my uni module that starts in October. Earlier I was doing some training related stuff for volunteer work, and also just finished a work assignment.