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  1. A few pictures of stuff I've made recently because I love sharing this stuff but unsurprisingly it usually bores people... Veggie and chicken faijitas (obviously not wrapped when I took this photo, me and my brother do this weird cooking thing where we share progress via email haha), apple crumble and custard cupcakes, choc chip cookies, more cupcakes, falafel burger, couscous and salad, and veggie 'paella'
  2. Hi, I like a bisexual man as well, who I'm pretty sure would also be interested in the same thing, so I'm in a similar place to you. I guess it's all about knowing where you are in your relationship, working out what both of you are happy with and what could potentially go wrong/where jealousy could arise. I'm sure you'll get a proper reply soon x
  3. I will do. I've been trying to read up on it as much as I can atm... I think it's possible that even with the non-DID types of dissociative disorders, it sort of comes from shutting off parts of yourself and trying to move on without them? Maybe... Reintegration is definitely possible, it's just slow and unremarkable at first, according to what I've read. I know when you're essentially so disabled and there is so little understanding and help it feels like a nightmare and things like grounding exercises feel like sticking plasters at best, but apparently that's the way to go. And to not hide from yourself, or from shame, grief and other emotions that are said to fuel the dissociation. I'm just trying to keep as busy as I possibly can without overloading myself. At the moment it means I have to avoid people a lot of the time, but I'm trying to dip my toe in the water bit by bit, even when I feel like I'm operating without a motive (or brain). Best wishes again everyone. Remember that we weren't always in this mindset.
  4. Yep, I have severe anxiety disorders and also struggle with this. Because I'm not in a good way I do actually seem to freak people out when I do answer the door, just by my demeanour and the fact that I look as petrified as I feel and can barely even form sentences, so that doesn't really help. I don't feel any better for doing it, ever. I have this terrible habit of ordering stuff online when I can't go outside to shop, but then having a complete freak out when the courier knocks on the door to get a signature or whatever, and just not feeling able to answer it. So then I end up with a load of missed delivery slips and having to go out to collect it. Duh! The Royal Mail must hate me, but I don't know how to stop doing it, haha :/
  5. Me too -- and it is hell! Best wishes with finding a way to get rid of it. It's also like I've completely lost sight of who I was/want to be/I've lost all my identity and nothing seems achievable because I feel like I've been lobotomised or something. TiredG, it definitely sounds like derealisation. I really hope you're not still experiencing this. It is usually viewed as a 'coping mechanism' related to trauma, but I have heard of people developing it in response to various medications. I think for me it's more of an add-on to extreme anxiety/panic attacks.
  6. Thanks so much for the warm welcome.
  7. Hello I don't want to say too much right now but just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 27 and female, and live in the UK. I work from home and am studying for a degree with The Open University. I have a dissociative disorder, alongside panic attacks, severe social anxiety etc (all connected), which means I'm very isolated in my everyday life. I have a couple of amazing friends I initially met online, but really have no support network in my day-to-day-life outside of outpatient treatment. So yes, am looking forward to chatting with people and hopefully making some connections. Take care everyone