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  1. thats true, i was told to let the iop put me in contact with outpatient dr
  2. i actually did that as well they were about 4-6 months of accepting patients
  3. my insurance companies provider list is 17 pages long and outdated. but yes i called them i also called a list from www.healthgrades.com i also called the psych hospital zilch
  4. problem is i have called around! i can't find anyone, no one even calls back
  5. well 5 weeks ago they told me 1 week. and a week ago they told me 2-3 more weeks at least so i have no idea .
  6. no doctore
  7. since they changed my diagnosis to bipola, i hve tried nothing! seroquel to 200mg i was on lamictal up to 350mg but it didn't do much a while back i had a genesight test though and i hyper metabolize lamictal and it was messing with my kidneys so we never really saw if it worked or not
  8. i'm very afraid of ect and would like to attempt some meds first
  9. i'm sorry it took you that long. discouraging at best ect that helped?
  10. i'm sorry @jt07 i'm just so down, so beat up, and so sick of trying, can't even get help going to the hospital........ and i know the meds r a process , which is even more depressing knowing that once i actually get help it may be a long while, i get it, i just give up
  11. been doing that for years..... guess it's easier to say when ur stable and actually can hve someone help u, btw i've been to two seperate er's
  12. you guys aren't getting it. im not stable. im not on meds that are working. i hve no one who will adjust or manage them. pcp agreed to s what i had and increase the seroquel 100mg to 200mg. which has effectively done nothing but lessen the sedation.
  13. the 200 seroquel is doing nothing. the 1mg klonopin can't keep me calm i'm spiraling
  14. mehh
  15. k