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  1. how did hydroxizine cause brain damage? why not sit down with your psych and show him some of your posts on here
  2. How Do You Know The Real You?

    Perhaps a blip on the radar? Has it happened in the past
  3. How Do You Know The Real You?

    what makes you think you are bipoar. I hit severe downward spiral about i dunno 3 years ago. Ivve tried many med combinations, and an IOP. Just now am i starting to feel better..........not to discourage you, but to give you hope. sometimes it takes time, meds, and a change of attitude and mindset. SOme of it will happen when you are ready
  4. The cost of being mentally ill, my options.

    hey @Wonderful.Cheese im sorry you are going through this. i am however glad you are weighing your options. When I went IOP i did the same, I had really 3 options for IOP and 2 options for partial hospitalization. I did the following 1)called my insurance to ensure coverage and cost rates 2) called the facilities to see what they charged. Just because your insurance pays 15% the facilities charges may be different...........in my case, and this may not be yours. I went IOP. The IOP I chose was significantly cheaper than my other options by about 300-500 dollars per week! i was there for 6 or 7 weeks! I suggest calling them and asking what the costs are per dr visit, how often you will see the dr, and how much the therapy sessions are. it will not hurt to ask if IOP is the route you decide to go HANG IN THERE
  5. Who am i gonna call? Ghost Busters?

    when i went i called the insurance company
  6. curious how belsomra works for you
  7. this is me @Rabbit37, sore, tired, fatigued..............all i can say is push through things,even thought they are hard
  8. if your doc will prescribe, worth a try, i know others love ritalin, it didnt do much for me, adderall was very good but didnt last long enough.......even the XR..........vyvanse has been good
  9. Im going to force myself to turn a corner

    haha you can do it, your're gonna be just fine
  10. Im going to force myself to turn a corner

    you can do it! and thank you! Youve said lately you think you may have a new light on things as well, i hope your're still feeling that way. today was a battle but it got done
  11. Im going to force myself to turn a corner

    thank you @Blahblah. We've all been through alot. Im pulling for you as well! We can all do this
  12. Im going to force myself to turn a corner

  13. Im going to force myself to turn a corner

    Thanks buddy I’m trying, I like it too seems more effective
  14. Im going to force myself to turn a corner

    Here’s a day I’m struggling and just keep deflecting things