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  1. I’ll ask the pharmacy did not say anything about it though
  2. just asking, do u have a high protein diet, and or supplement creatine
  3. So much for vyvanse and BED...

    yeah, experiment a bit
  4. So much for vyvanse and BED...

    understandable...........a whole apple is like 80-90 calories, cut it up into pieces
  5. So much for vyvanse and BED...

    maybe find some lower calorie high volume foods to snack on apples, strawberries, carrots, broccoli, fruits and veggies
  6. So much for vyvanse and BED...

    plus uve been doing really well, not every day is a great day........see what happens
  7. So much for vyvanse and BED...

    its one bad day, relax could be alot of things
  8. no when i was on lamictal i was on that , trinellix klonopin, also tried adding a stim to that combo that didnt help.... lithium came down the line
  9. valium takes much longer to kick in xanax kicks in quicker
  10. Few days and a bit better
  11. Hey take the dreams for now! I’m glad your we’re able to sleep some there’s some hope there. I’m sorry for the short reply I’m on my phone
  12. well lemme know how it goes, i work tommorow so i wont be up as long so well see how tonight goes!
  13. makes total sense, well its new to you as well, perhaps the side effects calm down