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  1. yikes the private one sounds odd as can be. is that in the usa? what do u mean by pseudo pdoc. those clinics with associated therapists r what scare me. when i say private i mean a doctors in private practice they accept insurance and such but run their own clinic or aren't associated with a group of therapists or run by a hospital
  2. odd i have had better success with the private . guess it shows just matters whether u click or not with ur docp
  3. maybe not the right board then
  4. thank you. i will stop posting rapidly. not going to annoy people, although that post is gone.
  5. i will look elsewhere for help
  6. wow pardon me u know when ppl have mental illnesses they r looking for help and support. not scolding for a bump. just a thought yes , i'm in a world of hurt and scraping for any answer i can
  7. does anyone know if it can be done by blood im scraping for answers and had to beg for thsi test
  8. crap i had that before but it wasn't included in that. but there is a blood test availavle
  9. i asked my pcp to order this test. he said he knew of it but not to detect folate deficiencies or mutations. said he would order it via blood. is he ordering the right test? how are the results interpreted? or do i need a different test for MTHFR???? if so what one? do i need a geneticist?
  10. i'm going through some similar things right now. pdoc 1 says she's maxed out and i need to find someone who can help me. i'm scared to. problem is i can't find anyone who can see more fire like 8 weeks
  11. anyone also have this. sorrry i ask tons of questions. but my tdoc and pdoc believe me, but question things because i function, and don't seem an anxious , depressed, dark mess. i've learned to push on. but this is no way to live. also i work with very ill ppl i need to be good for them. but i'm dark inside and my skin is crawling from anxiety. when swutch dics im afraid they won't believe as well