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  1. they decided i needed seroquel and lithium..........but it wasnt a bad med one of my more favorite AD's
  2. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    then see yourself out
  3. How are you?

    Thank you for the kind words. I feel awful. Maybe it’s the season/weather??
  4. How are you?

    When u feel like ur slipping backwards with no reason...... or slipping period u call pdoc I feel like I never even started the iop the last two days, intrusive bad bad thoughts
  5. Benzo tolerance

    appreciate the comments, and all the help, as always everyone
  6. Benzo tolerance

    how so assuming you know what a doctor is thinking, or throwing around things like your talking about to persons in acute pain is rather wreckless as well
  7. Benzo tolerance

    I I’ve been on 2mg klonopin and seroquel and lithium.......
  8. Benzo tolerance

    CBt, irrational thoughts, self image no straight anxiety I asked for inderal
  9. Benzo tolerance

    Straight group
  10. Benzo tolerance

    Unfortunately Beenin Unfortunately it’s group based
  11. Benzo tolerance

    Been in therapy 7?weeks iop
  12. Benzo tolerance

    1mg 2 x day
  13. God Do I Need Help

    Ugh started the lithium that was going great. Huge set back. I feel awful, crazy anxiety, crying etc. refused to add or change benzos added 150 seroquel, told me I have to suffer. Kinda back to that passive wish
  14. Benzo tolerance

    They wouldn’t up or change it. They just upped my seroquel
  15. Benzo tolerance

    Xanax or Xanax xr