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  1. give it a chance https://www.psycom.net/depression.central.topiramate.html
  2. Do you often lie to your pdoc?

    i try to be honest so they know whats going on, and can fix me
  3. Latuda didn’t work for me either and had sleep issues but vraylar is great hope it works
  4. Anxiety vs paranoia?

    to me anxiety can turn into paranois
  5. i really liked trintellix, someone else on here did too, i believe @browri obv YMMV
  6. I’m back

    im gonna be honest i didnt reaad it all because it makes my head hurt but welcome back to the community, its wonderful here
  7. Paxil start up

    this paxil is making a difference, big time
  8. And the final diagnosis is...

    I’m getting there. Better but not where I wanna be, vraylar and Paxil were the game changers . I love vraylar. But it’s activating. Seroquel is great for my sleep. Obviously being undermedicated was hell. I felt like i wass in torture 24 hours a day, just wanted to not exist, but not suicidial.I know the feeling of not wanting to add more to the cocktail hell look at mine now its a bunch, but eventually u gotta trust ur doc and keep going until u get where u wanna be then worry about peeling back meds. I wish u the best of luck and will be thinking about u. all your without meds symptoms were what i was feeling when iwas undermedicated
  9. And the final diagnosis is...

    try vraylar, its new, but i love it and know others do too, lithium as well
  10. And the final diagnosis is...

    perhapsn someothing else for anxiety=--paxil or buspiar the zoloft is a low dose, can you go higheR? IF bipolar is questioned maynbe a mood stabilizer