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  1. Thank you notloki, WinterRosie... yes BP has an interesting spin on it now. Still dealing with the details or I'd describe my experience, soon I hope.
  2. I've been dealing with bi-polar disorder and depression for years, unfortunately late in life is discovered methamphetamines and rode a high for a couple years which resulted in hearing voices in the sounds around me, especially machinery. Durring the delusional phase of the addiction I was living near a freeway and became convinced voices were coming from the sound of the cars, it got worse and I eventually started hearing them in music, television, running water and even the ringing in my ears. I've been clean for almost four months now and I'm still hearing voices in cars and machinery. Durring my using I also heard actual human voices but those quickly subsided after coming off meth. I'm also hearing my own thoughts in this and have been able to think, or talk over the voices to drown them out. If anyone has any help or can share medication experiences I would appreciate it. I'll keep it short and provide more details in the thread that follows, thank you. I'm currently taking 2mg of Abilify.