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  1. All lawyers are licensed as generalists, I can practice whatever type of law I want. My partner and I are opening a pro-bono firm and representing people of all types on a sliding scale based on income. Until I become fluent in ASL, I'm employing an ASL translator to ensure I can serve individuals in the hard of hearing and deaf community as well.
  2. Gearhead's dog, Joe, for President, 2017!!! Seriously, though... I'm so tired of having Asperger's and trying to navigate the world of law school. There is such a competitive environment there with the forced curve that accommodations are seen as an unfair advantage. They automatically offer time and a half and a separate room for testing. I declined the time and a half, I just take the separate room to avoid the sensory distractions...but they're "confidential" accommodations, so nobody knows I am not getting time and a half. I'm tired of the bullying and crap because I'm towards the top of the class. I'm there by my own merit. I just take my exams in a separate room. On top of that, I have multiple concussions every semester from seizures, which the professors won't accommodate at all due to the "materially alter" exception to the ADA accommodation rules. GAHHHH. I couldn't even take Disability Law at law school...the disability law professor wouldn't accommodate my need for absences due to epilepsy. Gotta love the irony of that one!
  3. At this point, can we trade the dog for the current president?