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  1. I'm going to make an appointment to have an intake next week...
  2. It's been a while since I brought up this topic... I mentioned I would have an intake appointment... That however never happened... Eight months ago my girlfriend broke up with me... One can't always help himself... Now I want to make an intake appointment again it's however not cheap and I'm worried I would get attached to the sex worker...
  3. I'm feeling sorry for you. No I don't have any strange symptoms (anymore)
  4. Working in the information and communication technology industry is common for people with autism spectrum disorder. I'm having an engineering degree and working in the machinery industry working with embedded software. Should I pursue a career in the information and communication technology industry?
  5. It's not completely blank. It's / was a lack of thoughts. I feel a lot better now, I guess the serlain is, finally, kicking in. I know I'm lucky to be working. Are you disabled from the AP or from (having) a psychosis? Have you discussed with your p-doc?
  6. The symptoms you described remind me of a depression. Are you having positive symptoms of psychosis? Are you seeing professional help?
  7. In my country autism is recognized as a disability. For me it's an euphemism to say it isn't one. If I need to talk about it at work I wouldn't call it a disability in other places I would...
  8. I quit seroxat because of sexual side effects. After quitting seroxat I had problems concentrating at work. After discussing with my p-doc she subscribed Serlain (=Zoloft). If you need the meds you need them. I would prefer a life without them but it's just not possible (at the moment?). Sometimes I feel rested
  9. That's an option :-) yesterday and today were good days: mood is better. Lack of concentration less. Lets hope it stays this way. Apparantly, considering 200 mg is max. and I'm on 150mg serlain, I need quite a lot of antidepressant. Considering I dont feel depressed this is strange to me. However I read in a research paper that dosage for dysthymia are the same as for depression.
  10. Nine days ago we upped the serlain to 150 mg. Work isn't getting better however I care less about it
  11. Have you been tested for autism spectrum disorder?
  12. Talked to my p doc today... she upped my serlain to 100 mg. I hope it works. Have to give it another 2 to 3 weeks :-(
  13. I've had one near psychosis and one psychosis/mania. I'm also diagnosed with autism. I'm on abilify, serlain, rilatine and sometimes etumine. I'm a full time white collar worker. Since a couple of months I've problems with working. It's like the work doesn't seem to get to my brain. I've a lack of thoughts. Working on it with my p doc. She described serlain for it. I'm on it for a couple of months now but the problem remains. Anyone advice?