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  1. Okay. Let me start my saying I feel AWFUL about even typing this subject and my feelings about it...but I'm losing it. I'm 54 years old and I have two amazing biological children, ages 25 and 21. I'm extremely proud of them. Their father and I divorced when they were young and I worked hard to continue a good relationship with him, for their sake...which wasn't easy. I turned down 3 marriage proposals when they were young because I wanted to focus on them. Not sure if that was a good or bad move. Anyway...I remarried nearly four years ago. My husband had been married before; once to "Sarah" (with whom he had a daughter), then to "Samantha" (with whom he had two daughters), then remarried and subsequently divorced "Sarah." He doesn't have a relationship with the daughter from his first marriage. Whatever. Life happens...I guess. When we first started dating and got married, he saw his two kids from his second marriage on Sundays only. that quickly changed. Fast forward...his youngest...13 years old next month...was abused by her mother's boyfriend and we took full custody abut 8 months ago. This is horrible and of course a "good" person would do everything possible to help...and I feel like I have gone overboard trying to do so. Taking to school, dealing with her first period, doctor's appointments, therapy, cleaning room, washing clothes, buying treats...my husband works a lot and doesn't do much of the heavy-lifting. Her mother is an immature mess and isn't doing a thing to win back custody. She (step-daughter) LOVES living with us and says she wouldn't go back to living with her mom, regardless. The selfish, awful part: I feel like this is the part of my life when I should be focusing on my kids and MYSELF. I'd like to travel. I don't want to hear about teenage drama at this point. I know I should have thought about the consequences/possibilities of marrying a man with baggage FIRST (DUH!) but I really never thought it would come to this. I guess I am a total idiot...but seriously...I am just too TIRED to plan sleepovers and deal with middle school at this point. I'm putting up a good front...faking it...what other choice do I have?? Please help me!!!